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Angelic Pleiadian Angel Ptah

Greetings in this very Green-Mercury-day of Healing and Abundance,

       Angels are around ... walking between us and whispering to us, great news, great messages and great happiness.

       This short lesson comes to explain how born the Law, called "Instant Karma".

       This law is nothing but the law that allow a rapid replay of Karma. Do you heard about Lord Jesus when he comment, "Those who kill with the sword, will perish with the Sword?".

        That is the Law. But of course if you send blessings ... you will got back blessings ... and in any case ... with interests higher than those offered by your local or favorite bank.

         Like in the last Lesson about Human Evolution, this new short lesson regards when "We" Angels spent some years evolving on Mars.

         This lesson speak about when Twelve Light Beings (12) ...

         Three (3) Golden RA Beings,

A Goldn RA Being

            Three (3) Blue Ptah Being ...

A Blue Ptah Beign

              Three (3) Red Ma-at Being

A Red Ma-at Being

         And Three (3) Green An-Ra, (These feedback with me today)

A Green An-Ra.

arrive to admonish both bands in war, create a new Law ... still available today and after a test time ... fix new rules.

The story described below explain the first Strong intervention of Pleiadian Beings because a war and assassination of Homosexuals and also how Homosexuality born.

I prefer you need on your own words. For a full book (not originally proposed by me) you can check:

You like me will need several days to slowly awake and then heal these memories.


Giovanni A. Orlando.



Ra continues to unveil the history of the planets in our solar ring.

Establishment of Martian Culture-Year 0  

When Venus was cleared of its population, the Venusians were put into protective cocoons and sent to Sirius for healing and preparation for their next evolutionary choice. By that time, Mars had been inhabited for five thousand years. At first, the new Martian colony consisted exclusively of the outcast rebels from the Venusian city of the mutants.

The original Martian colonists were very adamant about their desire to prove themselves better than those who had brought about their removal from Venus. They were extremely angry at what they perceived as gross injustice and unfairness on the home planet, and they took no responsibility at all for contributing to their own demise. Their focus was on never allowing anyone else to tell them what to do, and on proving that they could create a better world than the one from whence they had come.

Mars was a virtual Garden of Eden when the colonists first arrived—lush with vegetation and artesian springs. There were also lakes filled with strange water that seemed to resist penetration instead of clinging to and soaking the bodies of those who entered. These lakes were mercury-like in their consistency and obviously not for drinking or bathing, so the Martians stayed away from the strange-liquid pools and utilized only the artesian springs, which were more than adequate.

From the beginning, the need to work together was clear, and so the first colonists went about creating shelters, sleeping places, simple furniture, and food-storage areas. There was always a certain amount of bickering among them about such things as: which type of structure should be built for what purpose; who had eaten more of the food; or which man had sexual rights to the woman of his choice. Women were second-class citizens from the beginning since brute strength and intimidation were more valued by these people than the gentler arts. The men did the “important” work—that which required skill and thinking—while the women performed “menial” tasks such as gathering and preparation of food, making clothing and blankets, and being sexually available to the men upon demand.

When the women began to add artistic touches to their homes and crafts, they were punished and chastised. Subconsciously, anything that reminded the men of the Venusian artistic way of life brought up resentment and anger, although the men justified their feelings by insisting that the artistic touches were a waste of time. None of the Martians were conscious of the fact that their oppression of women was creating a society based on “better than and less than,” just like the one they had left behind on Venus. The women were simply considered less valuable, and to exist for the men’s convenience; it was that simple.

Bitterness, shame, resentment, and revenge grew in the women. When alone, they were scornful of the fact that the men even existed, and spoke with loathing of them. They talked of how stupid and crude the men were, and of how women could do everything much better if given a chance. Of course, this attitude of proving themselves better than each other was common to all the Martians, regardless of gender, due to their history on Venus.

The men laughed at the women’s weakness and subservience the way a child might cruelly laugh at an insect that cannot fly because the child has pulled off its wings. Competitive male games were created to test which men were the strongest, or had the largest penises, or could have sex the longest without ejaculating. All of these were public games. There were also wrestling matches, and contests to see who could break the leg bones of others with their bare hands, or carry the heaviest loads for the longest distance. Deeply buried in the men’s subconscious minds, however, was a deep sense of shame and inadequacy due to their lack of creativity, beauty, and grace—all feminine characteristics. Therefore, they continued to deny their shame and inadequacy by oppressing and belittling all that was feminine, artistic, and gentle, while creating new standards only they could live up to.

New Venusians Reincarnate on Mars-Year 250  

This basic life style and mindset continued with little protest until children began to be born who were gentler and more effeminate. The Venusians who had chosen to cycle out of lifetimes on Venus at Venusian year 38,200 began to arrive as new babies on Mars at around 250 years of Martian colonization. By then the Martians were a hardened race, patriarchal, unrefined, and extremely willful. These new gentler beings were quite a shock to them.

As children, these boys and girls alike preferred to draw or pick flowers rather than compete or fight. They were more affectionate with their mothers beyond the time of nursing than their ancestors had been. The women were leery and a little afraid for these new children at first, and thus would spank them or punish them in other ways—such as when the young boys became clingy or refused to go with the men for early male training. However, the women were so starved for affection and attention by that time that they soon softened and began to stand up for themselves and their children more. At first, this took place in subtle ways: adding flowers the children had picked to the table; or sewing designs the children liked into their clothes. The men protested in the beginning, but soon let these small changes pass as they had “more important” things with which to concern themselves.

As these small victories continued, some of the women began to refuse to have sex with the men. They had never experienced loving sexuality, so they considered sex, in general, a brutish, violent act with no redeeming virtues. About the same time, many of the young boys began to experiment sexually with one another. The sexual role-modeling of their parents was so horrid that the children were searching for new and more humane ways of relating to one another. The young boys and girls also began to “fall in love” and teach themselves how to “make love” instead of following in their parents’ footsteps.

Early on, some of these gentler boys were slain for refusing to learn the male games and ways of treating women. The young girls who screamed in frantic protest against rape by their fathers, or against being used in the sexual contests, were also beaten and/or killed unless they submitted. Women were beaten and often raped when they refused to yield to the men sexually. Yet, the new trends continued. As the new Martians who survived reached adulthood, many of them questioned authority and refused the old ways. They questioned their mothers about why the women had allowed the men to treat them and their children so badly. The women were both ashamed and frightened, and yet found new courage and hope through their rebellious offspring.

As the young adults married and created families, many of them were more loving and sharing with one another. Of course, they were genetically infested with the negative build-up of the original Martians, but their souls and spirits were new and determined. Within three generations of the arrival of these new ones, the sexual aspects of the male competitions were ended. It was still common for many of the men to oppress and even beat their wives, and yet the influx of gentler consciousness was obviously having a steady impact on Martian culture.

Art and music were beginning to be accepted into the Martian way of life, though minimally and without encouragement. Females were beginning to get the idea that they could say “no” to men if they did not wish to marry or have sex with them. Rape and force were not eliminated, but they diminished enough to introduce the first measure of safety Martian women had ever known.

As some of the people began to marry for love, the women got stronger and more confident. Soon rape of another man’s wife was punishable by brutal beating or even death, affording at least the married women more freedom. Because of the long history of oppression, hate, resentment, and revenge carried in the DNA, trust was slow in coming. There were many battles of the wills between men and women, with the women accusing the men of being controlling and insensitive. Those men who were genuinely trying to change resented these accusations and yet carried their own repressed ancestral shame and feelings of inadequacy. The rest of the men continued to keep the women under control through intimidation and violence.

As the genetic inheritance was being healed and cleared due to the influx of new souls, repressed feelings began to come to the surface for clearing. Some of the Martians were sensitive enough to realize that these feelings were based on the past and not to be believed in, but most did not understand this. Hurt feelings arose continually due to seemingly unresolvable conflicts, and yet somehow love and sexual magnetism would always draw couples back together. Gay and lesbian couples began to appear, though they found it necessary to remain secretive for several generations.

Pleiadian Emissaries of Light Born-Year 5100

Near the end of the first 5200-year cycle, the Martians were an evolving race with problems and prejudices to work out, but they were slowly doing so. When the first group of Venusian criminals had come to Mars, they had been promised complete noninterference unless assistance from the hierarchies was requested by consensus. The Martians had been very angry because a majority request had succeeded in ousting them from Venus, and they had intended, by adapting consensus rule, to insure that this could never happen to them again. They had been told that at the end of the first 5200-year cycle, the planetary agreements would be reviewed, with the opportunity to make changes in the existing order then. Smaller contingents, in addition to the voice of consensus, would also be heard at that time. The only requirement the guardians from the Pleiades had made of the Martians was that they must show evolution by the end of this time cycle in order to maintain the option for noninterference.

Though the Martians did not consciously remember these agreements after 5200 years had passed, the agreements were part of their collective unconscious. Therefore, it did not seem so strange to them when the changes began. With less than 100 years left of the time cycle, Pleiadian Emissaries of Light began to enter the Martian culture by way of physical birth. Since there were only about 200 Martians at that time, a dozen Pleiadian Masters, three from each of the four Pleiadian Archangelic Tribes of the Light, were enough. Generally, they chose the most evolved and genetically pure couples among the Martian colonists to be their parents. However, two of the Pleiadians chose parents of the original rebel bloodlines. These choices were made for the purpose of creating a new genetic strain, which would include Pleiadian soul- and spirit-encoding for the first time.

These new Pleiadian/Martian/Venusian children were different from the very beginning. They were much more present and “behind their eyes,” even as babies. When they began to speak fluently, they spoke of places they remembered from “before they came here.” They spoke of great schools where people could go while asleep to learn about the stars, and God consciousness, and about where their own spirits came from originally. They told stories about tall beings made of light who traveled through space as well as time. They talked about how much these Light Beings loved the Martians, and how they wanted them to be joyful and feel good about themselves.

As the Pleiadian children grew older, their stories and teachings became more sophisticated and evolution-based. They even began to tell vaguely about Venus and what had happened there, and the people wept when they heard these stories. The only ones who were not moved were a group of men who had never let go of the old ways when “men were men” and the women “knew their place.” This group of men met secretly and planned cunning strategies for regaining control. Many of the Martians, however, received these new teachers openly and began to let their teachings make a difference in their lives.

The incarnate Pleiadians were able to teach the people simple meditation practices like watching their breath, or feeling the energy in the center of their chests, or imagining the sun shining through their bodies. As the Martians did these meditations, they realized they had known very little about themselves. They noticed that when they meditated, thoughts and feelings they had not even been aware of came to the surface and that they could choose to let them go. The meditators felt excited about sharing their experiences and what it would mean in their lives to be more aware of themselves and each other.

At this stage, the gay and lesbian Martians “came out of the closet” and announced their desire to be open about their sexual choices, to not have to hide any more out of fear. The Pleiadian teachers were very supportive of this opportunity to create more openness and honesty among the people and alleviate prejudices. In fact, the twelve Martian-born Pleiadians called a meeting of all the Martians who wanted to attend and announced their full purpose for being on Mars. The Pleiadians explained to the people that in the past, male/female sexual practices of the group had become extremely distorted from the original intention. Therefore, when the males and females lost respect and trust in one another, the natural outpouring was for both men and women to heal themselves through sexual relationships with the same gender.

The Pleiadian teachers further explained that when a person deeply needs sexual healing and wants to rediscover sexual innocence, pleasure, and sacredness, his or her natural tendency is often toward homosexuality. The person has become too damaged to heal sexually with the opposite gender because trust and safety have been destroyed. When the person chooses a same-sex partner, two wonderful things can happen. First, in the atmosphere of sameness, the qualities of trust, respect, and safety can be restored. Secondly, as the person receives and gives love to the same gender, he or she begins to appreciate peoples’ unique qualities that are gender-specific. As a result, the individual comes to the realization that he or she has those same unique qualities. From there, self-love, self-respect, and self-trust are developed, or reborn, and the person starts to let go of guilt, shame, anger, low self-worth, and victim/victimizer scenarios. The individual realizes, “I am as lovable and tender and wonderful as my partner is, and I deserve respect, too. I won’t ever settle for less than that again. Now I know the value of what I have to offer because I have been receiving it from my partner.” At that stage of healing, whether the person continues in homosexual relationships or switches to heterosexual ones is simply a matter of choice based on preference, without the consideration of healing as the main motivation.

Violence Against Homosexuals-Year 5125

Many of the Martians were startled by these new sexual revelations. Some were a little frightened, some curious, others relieved. The angry men who were meeting secretly saw this new perspective as the greatest threat to their control and male supremacy and began to plan a rebellion. Basically, the old patriarchs wanted to intimidate the others back into submission. They participated in a night raid during which they captured a lesbian couple and a gay male couple. The men were dismembered and hung in the central courtyard area, along with the women, whose breasts were cut off. Blood was smeared on the doorways of the two slain couples’ homes, and a sign was put in the courtyard saying, “We will destroy all deviates. Martian law will be restored.”

The three dozen men involved in this massacre and attempted intimidation thought the rest of the people would come to their senses and be easy marks for re-indoctrination with the tried-and-true-Martian patriarchal way. They were greatly surprised when the opposite happened.

The rest of the Martian people, except for about four women and two men, saw the violent display as an atrocity and proof that the Pleiadians were right. They formed a plan of passive resistance that included people traveling the streets in groups and staying in each other’s homes. All of the remaining homosexual couples were taken into the homes of their neighbors and protected. Those who would not allow this to take place were singled out as the obvious violators. Soon the colony was distinctly divided into two parts: the angry patriarchal contingent and the rest of the people who wanted change.

Hierarchical Intervention and the Law of Instant Karma-Year 5125

When it looked like the only outcome would be civil war, the Martian-born Pleiadians called for help from the etheric realms. In broad daylight, a lightship precipitated in the central square area above the colony, and a dozen Light Beings filed out: three golden Ra Beings, three red Ma-at Beings, three blue Ptah Beings, and three green An-Ra Beings. The delegation members first greeted those of their colleagues in Martian bodies and then addressed the people as follows:

“Before your people came to this planet, we agreed to allow you to develop your own way of living together and to remain neutral and non-interfering unless you called on us by consensus. The exception was to take place at the end of your first 5200-year solar cycle, at which time you would have to show evolution in order to remain in total sovereignty. That time cycle is nearing an end, and some of you still confuse sovereignty with the right to control others and take away their free will. All parts of your society now have a right to speak their truth to us and to one another, the right to be heard without harm. From now until the end of this solar cycle, we will assist you in determining the guidelines for the next time cycle, which begins in seventy-five years. We will allow no violence or harm to come to any of you during this time of review and decision making. We will return in fifty years to meet with all of you at the same time, and together we will determine the future agreements. Those who would take away the free will of others or destroy them, come forward now.”

In an altered state, brought on by the high-frequency light bodies and merkabah lightship before them, the patriarchs filed out from behind doors and buildings and came to the front of the crowd. The Pleiadian spokesperson said to them, “You have violated the sovereignty and free will of your brothers and sisters here among you. You have killed for power, prejudice, and greed. Yet because this planet is still under consensus rule, you cannot be removed, and we would not punish you even if we could. You have a right to learn and grow here.

“You must evolve. That is what you agreed to do before you, in the bodies of your most ancient ancestors, came here. At this time, the rest of the inhabitants of this planet are evolving and learning from the past. Unless you evolve and learn from the past within the remaining seventy-five years, you will be subject to the decisions made by those who are evolving. These are the terms you chose, and we are here to see that these terms are carried out.

“Until we return fifty years from now, you yourselves will immediately experience whatever you would inflict upon another. If you raise your hand to strike another, the force of your own hand will knock you down. If you seek to kill someone, your own hand will turn on you and kill your body instead. In turn, if you are kind and generous, you will be responded to with kindness and generosity. By these terms, you may remain here as part of the colony.

“You have another option. You may leave the colony altogether and start your own colony elsewhere on the planet. All those who willingly go may go. None may be forced. If you choose this option, you must return in fifty years for the planet-wide meeting with us. You will know the timing when a giant red comet moves across the sky, lighting the planet like a red sun for about five minutes. We will arrive again within one full cycle of each of your two moons after the appearance of the comet. What do you choose?”

Without exception, the patriarchal group chose to leave. Although they might not have been able to put it into words, they did not trust their self-control enough to withstand the instant-karma alternative. They knew they must digest all of this and have time to understand and choose—away from the pressure to be non-harmful. The group was told of an area approximately a two-week walk from the colony, and they departed for it at once.

The remaining colonists were deeply relieved and grateful for their first experience of true safety. For the next fifty years, the members of the original colony worked with the Pleiadian-Martians, and they learned and grew rapidly. They were taught how to heal with signature plants, not only physically but em6-tionally and psychologically. They learned how certain flowers have the ability to impart sublime emotional states to people. This led them to revere plants more than they had ever imagined.

The main teaching was about their divine purpose and right use of sexual energy. The Martians were taken beyond the experience of passion and orgasm by learning about connecting with each other’s souls when making love. By learning the most basic tantra, the people opened to experiences of new, more blissful, and ecstatic states. They shared eye contact with one another, allowing soul blending to take place, and then made love from that place of connection, tenderness, and deep caring. At times, deep emotional pain would release during or after these tantric experiences, bringing the people to more inner peace.

Conscious spiritual birthing of children was introduced, and this new practice accelerated the genetic healing even more. By the end of the fifty years, the Martians remaining in the original colony were eager for more spiritual understanding and practice. They wanted to understand soul and spirit and to experience the sacred purpose of all things. Sexual exploration was still the major avenue of growth, healing, and pleasure, as it needed to be at that time.

In the meantime, the patriarchal group had left feeling confused, frightened, ashamed, and yet still very self-righteous and angry. They were still wallowing in the old ideas of unfairness and of their need for control. These men deeply wanted to take out their hostilities and resentment on others. However, attempts were made to curb these tendencies since the patriarchs believed they had no choice.

When they first arrived at their new homes, the patriarchs created makeshift shelters. Food was plentiful, though with only four women among them, the men soon had to begin sharing in the “menial tasks.” The women agreed to each have two husbands, but only two, which left many of the men unmated. Everyone agreed, however.

The men found that hard physical work helped move their emotionally violent energies better than anything else. Much of their time was therefore occupied with improving housing and building furniture, and with such activities as wrestling, weight lifting, and distance weight-carrying. They really did not know what they wanted that was still possible for them to have, and when they had idle time the men tended to feel at a loss with themselves. The women were happier because at least the physical violence had stopped. The men and women still did not open to one another intimately, however. Feelings were hidden from each other, and sulking was done privately; the men disappeared for hours, even days at a time. When they returned, all that was ever said was that they had needed time to think.

At the end of the fifty years, all that could be agreed upon was that they needed to understand what was expected of them and how to achieve it. The patriarchs contained a confused mixture of feelings—ignorance, anger, vulnerability, fear, and shame—but hid these feelings under gruff exteriors, always using injustice as the reason for their gruffness and anger. Their basic attitudes were: “How can these space people expect us to change when we don’t know what they are talking about? It is unfair of them. Those space people talk about free will, but we aren’t being allowed to be how we want to be, which is the old way. What is all this double-talk anyway?” And with those attitudes masking their vulnerability and fear, the small band returned to the original colony for the fifty-year meeting.

Clean, comfortable quarters and wonderful foods awaited the patriarchs when they arrived at the colony for the meeting with the Pleiadians. The colonists were friendly, curious, and gracious with the returning ones, and yet the patriarchs did not know how to receive such treatment. They were as polite as they awkwardly knew how to be, but also distant by virtue of their cultural and spiritual differences.

When the Pleiadian lightship returned, the gathering began. Everyone, even individuals with personal questions or concerns, was heard. All were given equal respect and attention. Even the patriarchs, as they huffed out their complaints and confusion about free will and justice, were honored and appreciated for their presence and candidness.

At the end of the ten-day gathering, the meetings were adjourned for one day while the Pleiadians and the higher collective consciousness, which was forming, conferred. The unanimous, or mostly unanimous, conclusions were: (1) the Martians wanted some kind of guidance system or rulership that would teach them how to be sovereign without taking away the rights of others; (2) all of the inhabitants wanted forgiveness and release from the past, a rebirth of sorts; (3) violence for the sake of control was not okay, but for self-defense it was acceptable; (4) women had the right to leave violent husbands and be sheltered by the community, and the community had a right by consensus to extradite any violent person; (5) consensus by all but one person was acceptable; (6) all Venusians who wanted to come to Mars to reunite with their ancestors were welcome; (7) their greatest karma on Mars, and before on Venus, was a result of prejudice; therefore, their need to evolve in that area was a priority.

There were other concerns that the Pleiadians and higher collective consciousness also agreed must be addressed. These were: (1) the need for spiritual focus and sacredness without dogma; (2) the need to learn appreciation for other people, plants, water, and all of creation beyond how they serve the individuals’ needs; (3) the need to understand right from wrong for reasons other than fear of punishment or being without choice; (4) the need for people to be able to measure their own evolution by how they feel about themselves—by having a conscience; (5) the need for individuals and groups to connect with higher beings for spiritual attunement

and communion without interfering with the growth of others. These changes that made to the Martian culture as a result of these meetings:

1. Spiritual temples with priests and priestesses—the original twelve Pleiadians and their offspring—were established. Attendance and study at these temples was strictly voluntary.

2. These priests and priestesses would settle all social disputes and make rulings on individual cases of conflict as they arose. They would be available for consultations on spiritual and social matters upon request. This was the extent of rulership at that time.

3. Nonviolence was made the first absolute law, with violence being punishable by extradition.

4. “Consensus minus one” became the guideline for decision making and calling on divine intervention from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.

5. Evolution was an agreed-upon individual and group responsibility.

6. Deep healing was needed. A great fire ceremony was held for the purpose of purification and forgiveness, with all Martians in attendance. The Pleiadians facilitated the ritual.

7. The priests and priestesses could, by consensus, call upon the Pleiadians for intervention if things ever got out of hand.

8. The Pleiadians would send delegates at the end of the next 5200-year cycle to monitor progress and make any agreed-upon changes at that time.

As far as the rest of the conclusions were concerned, the Pleiadians simply spoke to the people, explaining each area of concern, whether it was the need to eliminate prejudice or the development of conscience. All remaining areas were discussed, and the Martians were told that they could individually or collectively seek guidance and assistance with these issues at any time from the priests and priestesses and through their own higher consciousnesses as they began to develop that communication.

After a few days of further planning and working with the Martian-born Pleiadians, the Pleiadian ships and Light Beings left, with the advisory that pole shifts would be occurring near the end of the twenty-five years remaining of the cycle. This always happened then and still happens at the end of a cycle due to repositioning of the planet in its orbit around the Sun. The pole shifts happened in three stages, and were experienced on Mars as quakes, tremors, and changes in the day/night cycles. Longer periods of daylight and shorter nights were the major long-lasting changes. Of course, these shifts created temperature increases, less rain, and changes in the water tables, though minor at first.



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