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Sunday, 20 June 2010 12:42


The Beauty Erykah Badu has been chosen by me to represent African Brothers of Light ...

Greetings Dear Ones,

     I consider this very Sun-day a great opportunity to speak and Introduce to your mind, Ascended Masters from Africa.

     Elizabeth Clare Prophet who is my favorite reference ... because she wrote over +200 books about New Age and Religious studies, only comment about Ascended Master, Afra, and she publish her teachings in the book, Afra, brother of light: spiritual teachings from an ascended master (If this link does not work ... try at books.google.com)

    Before to introduce new Masters and Goddess from Heaven and speaks about Heaven, I prefer to complete the explanation about Ascended Master, Afra.

    Elizabeth Clare, comments that the name "Afra", like "Africa" for the continent means "One Brother" or "A Brother". In fact, Brother in latin is Frater. Therefore, Afra leads to A-frater. He, Ascended Master Afra in him blessing Love decide to offer him service to the entire continent, and so the continent, takes his name, "Africa".

    After this fundamental and necessary explanation I will now include my comments about Ascended Masters from Africa, but before I will point out some questions.

   How many importance had you reserved to African brothers? ... I cannot hear you very well, can you please repeat and speak loud.

   I know, you had reserved ZERO and almost nothing to African and black brothers because you (in your short understanding), suppose that only you are sacred. Don't you? ...

   I was lucky in my first contact with the Masters from the Heavens. First arrive Lord Lanto, and introduce himself declaring to belong to the "Yon Kan", that is the Commission or little confederation inside the Great Brotherhood of Light. After he speaks to us (me and my family, my mother and father), another Feminine Master appears who declare to belong to the African Commission ... in plain terms.

  She, also speaks unto me, about me ... and I had remembered her words along thirty years, because I was only sixteen years old, in that very wonderful day. That day was the Tuesday after Easter Holiday in the very year 1997.

  According to the words of Lord Lanto, I choose to study Mathematics, because he declare my attraction for the numbers.

  All this happens over 30 years ago, but for me was like yesterday.

  It is very important to comment that any sacred person that speaks with the Master will speak with African deities, like: "Yemaya", "Babalu Aye" or "Chango". Thus, now the number moves up to five, but there are thousands.

    If you want to hear Celia Cruz singing: Baila Yemaya (hit on the link).

   You can also hit the image and hear all her songs,

   The difference between Black Magic are not the Deities or God, envolved. Any God bless and help in any situation.

   The difference between Black and White magic regards the "forcement" tailored by the Black Magic while the White Magic regards United the World and the Universe.

    Lord Meru waits for long time, from about 15,000 years from the arrival of the Black Magicians, on Earth from Maldek planet, today destroyed and visible like the asteroid belt. He was wait because their arrival was in Lemuria times and was in South America, in the Andes. The coming Second edition of my book, "Secret of Andes" will explain in full this matter, as well others very important.

  I will not speak very much more about this, but just to draw in your mind that Heavens is organized in Compartments where Masters dwells. There are a place for the African brothers, another place for the Chinese Brothers ... who belong to the Yellow Ray of Illumination and Master Kuthumi and Lord Jesus, hold the office of "Masters of the World", together with Lord Lanto, the Chohan of the Yellow Ray, as well with Confucius who will take him office. Lord Gautama who was the Buddha and Lord Maitreya, who was the "one" who Lord Jesus call "Father" also support this Yellow Ray.

   Of course there are thousands of Ascended Masters from Africa. It is important to make a distinction with African religious or Black Magic, like Voodoo or Santeria, who had nothing to do, with Ascended Masters.

I say Thanks to you, this very day,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I got a still previous contact, 40 years ago, in Italy, when I was seven years old. The Mother told me, in her Church about the relation between "Italy and me" and because her words I delay my transfer to Italy. She comment however, some years ago, that the "relation with Italy" has been changed and I can stay. Saint Germain told me after that about my responsibility for Italy awake. Lightworkers are Lightworkers ... people must ask and change. Lightworkers are generally always ready. I prefer comment no more about my responsabilities. Thanks!

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