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Wednesday, 28 April 2010 09:05

Yes! ... In Heaven Everyone wins ... no One lose.

If someone have more light than another this does not means, envy or anger. But happiness and Joy for the result of the friend, the other.

Of course this is very far ... and show us a measure, in our Hamlet, County, Region and Country about the differences between in Heaven and Earth.

If you see discussion, wars, disappoints ... there are no Heaven expressions.

If in an Olympic game there are First Place, Second Place, Third Place ... There is no Heaven.

You see the mistake in Competition? ... Do you see the unhappy and how daemons enjoy when there are discussion because the Manchester United and Chelsea? Or Bayern and Milan? or Juventus and Napoli? or Rome and Real Madrid? ...

Each one have its own level, its own light, its own Light accumulation, and honestly everyone must feel happiness for this, because this lead to a better city, a better world, a better Universe ...

Soon will be the 2010 FIFA World Cup ... and you will see the World challenging the other. Sports is not bad, Exercises is not bad, Sex is not bad ... What is bad is to generate bad feelings about this, like "You are better than me", "I AM superior than you, or you are lower than me", etc.

The same is valid when most of you kill a bug, a fly or a cat or a dog, because you suppose that they are lower expression of Life, and you because suppose is a higher expression, kill them ... No. You are wrong ...

... Of course my words may be used only like a mere Introduction to the words of the Masters of Light.

So, from the book, Mark L. Prophet (Beloved Ascended Lanello) and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Beloved Clare), in the book, "The Masters and the Spiritual Path", we got,


No Competition between Ascended Masters


In serving under the Ascended Masters, men have had extended to them the greatest assistance possible on the home­ward path. The Ascended Master Jesus and the Ascended Master Saint Germain are both well known to many.

Let it be clear that, since Ascended Masters have become wholly one with God through the ritual of the ascension, there is and can be absolutely no competition between them. Tor they are truly all one, all one in God. Therefore, no struggle on the part of one Master to subvert the students of another is conceivable. Neither would the Ascended Masters at any time create a feeling of disrespect for one another.

Therefore, those individuals or organizations that attempt to malign or discredit the service of one or more of the Masters can easily be identified as mouthpieces of the false hierarchy. Those who pay allegiance to only one Ascended Master and fail to acknowledge the panoply of Ascended Beings who rep­resent the consciousness of God in its many jewel-like facets are only cutting themselves off from the universal magnification of the Body of God that fulfills the promise of Jesus: "Verily, ver­ily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father."49

Each lifestream who wins his victory embellishes the entire universe. By cutting himself off from any one of the Ascended Masters or by speaking disparagingly of him, an individual denies to himself the blessing of the Master's personal momen­tum of God-victory and its manifestation in his own world.

Universality is universality; it is all-inclusive. The harmony of all the Masters of Wisdom, both ascended and unascended, is beautiful to behold. This harmony is a symphony of unity that comprises the total outreach upon this planet of the representatives of God who make up the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

The existence of these Sons and Daughters of God can never be refuted by human logic. Those who deny the plan of God only deny themselves and their own opportunity to become illustrious servant Sons and Daughters. As the rays of the sun mellow the essence of the solar fires that would con­sume mere mortals, so do the Sons and Daughters of God tem­per the light that no man can touch except he too become that light.

Let all feel free to open the doorway of the heart to the eternal God as he expresses himself in the victorious service to life of every Ascended Master. The Ascended Masters are the safest guides anyone can have. They know every step of the way. They have mastered life, and they long to assist the aspir­ing disciple in finding his own freedom. They have no axes of a personal nature to grind; they serve only the cause of heaven, and the infinite love that they express is freely given to every part of the Body of God on earth and in heaven.

Fortunate is the man who can open his heart to his own destiny, to his own reality, and learn to abide therein by sitting at the feet of the Ascended Masters. By using the great flames of freedom, by obeying Cosmic Law and by giving strict atten­tion to the guidance of the Ascended Masters, he will more quickly come under the dominion of his own I AVI Presence, his great winged God Self, the magnet of pure love. This love will lift him out of the socket of mortal thought and feeling into the deathless, birthless realms of infinite adoration to the one universal God.

Yet an adoration that is not practical, that does not enhance one's service to one's fellowman, is in no way worthy of one's energy. The energies of God are not only for the exal­tation of God in man but also for the implementation of his most practical cosmic service to life.

By following in the footsteps of the great Masters who have walked the earth bearing the torch of divine illumination, each one can add the momentum of his life's victory to the uni­verse—as all move onward in the grand halls of the cosmic galaxies toward that perfection which originally came forth as the Divine Image.

The I AM Presence of each one is the Master Instructor who will show the budding consciousness how to manifest the perfection of his divine identity, just as Jesus did. It is the plan of the Creator that each one shall outpicture within himself all that God is. Thus there is established in the life of every soul that order which is heaven's first law.

Saint Germain leaves us with this closing word: "We have sought here to clarify some of the differences existing between Eastern and Western schools of thought. We have sought to alleviate human distress stemming from those who felt that a great dichotomy existed between the practices of embodied masters and the practices of Ascended Beings. In our desire to clarify, our love has been expressed—yet the infinite way that looms ahead contains numerous floral offerings of spiritual thought and beauty that await your discovery. This pathway leads to your own mighty I AM Presence and to your eventual ascension in the light, even as we have experienced it."50



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