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Saturday, 24 April 2010 15:34

Dear Friends,

    Today I did another important step in the release of my book,

    Please note that the "New" in New Age is that the words does not belong to the Author or the Messenger.

    Therefore that book will be available from several places, including directly from us and in several formats.

     So, I Giovanni, want to offer today the words of Master Jesus, just translated from Spanish to English, as they will appear in the coming book.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


I will be very short because Master Jesus wants to speak to you.

On the day September 19th 2009, Lord Meru (Mer), Master El Morya and Master Jesus, comes to Colombia to speak trough Raul Yepez.

This is the material. You can hear this, in Spanish material at:


El Morya and Jesus speaks

This is their speech.

Good Evening (Audience: Good Evening) ... Sirs of the Earth. I AM Lord El Morya, and want to bring my regard from my world, IA, in the Sirius star.

Is very necessary to arrive you your world, to bring to our Beloved Lord Jesus, caring and love.

I bring with me, one thousand angels that let the law be fulfilled. I place them in front of you, so my sacred Brother be fulfilled with  Love, in your world.

I AM from YA. I AM the King of IA. My beings from YA are looking all you. They are YA-NS, like I AM YAN. I AM Lord El Morya, greetings from YA.

The Mayor Archangel Gabriel sent to you him regards, as well Lord Michael. We all are here to take care of Jesus, the Lord King.

Take him.

(Little pause while Jesus is entering in Raul )

Praised, Praised.  (Welcome)

I have arrived at you to bring my love.

Call me, Call me.

Chorus with Women singing to Jesus.  

I am looking for the light and I am looking for the way that takes… to be like your. My love. Looking to you. You are the star. You are the star that illuminates my being. Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna. 

Come to me.Come to me. Look at me. I arrive to you again. (Thanks Jesus).

Live at my side. Live to your side the tenderness.

If the love happens bring to all the saints, so that by them you are pardoned.

Call me "Jesus ". Don’t call me sacred heart. Call me "Jesus". And I will say, "Come".

Take my sacred Love and bring with you, so one day may happen the love in your soul.(Thanks for come. Bless my home). (Blessed Wisdom)

Look, Look the Love that I give to you so you can be. Come. Come. 

Ignite your flames where dwells the heart and let like in the times where the olive trees, the communion happens. It’s great. Live it and is beautiful that you feel it in your soul and your life.

Let that the wine get drinked and take for you, madam, without anguish, and let the love to live everyday better.

I accompany to you, as it is the life. Accompany this proper life that is yours, so that you can live a little but more free and touches beautiful purposes.

Te acompaño, como es la vida. Acompaña esa vida propria, vuestra, para que podais vivir un poco mas libre y alcanseis tus bellos propositos.

I never will let that for them, suffer.

I will spill my drops of wine in your house. And hold the bread.

I bless this sacred bowl of wine loves, so that you can live of the blood of the Holy Spirit, a taste of him, and let we initiate the communion.

Take it ... bring to the others. Eat a little bread. I bless you, I bless you. Take it.

Take and eat. Take and drink and always wait without the bad illusion that the Love of the Lord, that is my Lord, Gabriel, arrive to you, forever, heal your sorrow so you can become great.

Come. (Thanks you, Jesus to give me so much, so much. Thanks.) I always will do, Sir.

Live on the love on which there is no question.

Live on the life where dwells your spirit.

I will let that you be happy forever.

To thee I bring the sacred blessings, of life. Take it, so you can be happy.

Lady of your world. I back to meet you. Be Very frank.

When you live your being, each day. Think on me.

When you have laziness, Think on me. That me will be on you to animate your soul, so you can be, in your path … the Best One.. Take it.

Come, lend the waters to me, that I will you bless them. And the seas.

Come, Come, Come.

Lend the loaves and the wines. I bless them. Take it, Take it, Take it.

Health and Beauty. Health and Love.

Lend some bread. Take for thee. Take for you, Madam. I give you a sacred communion.

That the Holy Spirit, Bless you. My father, Gabriel. This is a communion to everyone. Take it. To Raul I give like to him.

Bring me more bread. Take it, I give you a communion in the name of my Father, that is your Father. I AM him son, your Brother.

Take this ceremony. Take my Love, Madam. Live the Grace, Sir. Take it. Return.

Bring me more bread...Take it.

Come, I give you the communion.

Take from the ceremony. Take a piece of bread, in him name.

Take it. Hold for you.

Bring me bread, light and fresh. Take it in the name of my Father and in my name.

Bring with thee. I want you pray the ceremony of the communion. Take my Love.

Take and bring to your homes like a great remedy, the water.  Take it, take it.

I bring you from the World of Dreams, to this place.

Do, Do a ceremony. The Ceremonial of the supper. Not the last one.

Live it, after I leave you.

Divide the bread, just as I divide in that place where you were with me. Take it, the sacred wine, like the last remained.

Do it like it was the last that remains in your world, and let the bread be divided ... trough it, I bring you the loves of the Sky, My Father through it, He will give you so that this Supper does not be the Last, but the First.

Take it. Come, I bless you, in my loves all you need.

When I walked between Bethlehem and Bethany many beings come to me and I saw them, so similar that they are today, that I come to give, again my love, my happiness and the beauty fatherhood that you Be great in your business.


Your Earth is not going to be exterminate, because I will arrive three years forward again. I will be Eli when will be March 9th, in your year 2012 and I will be observing. And I will bring from where I AM many ships commanded by the Lords Michael and Gabriel. I am an alive man who lives in another place. 


It is not that you have the insecurity that you must die, is that I have the responsibility to save you.

Claim yourself on the love of the confession before you. Claim yourself that you need to forgive yourself.. Claim that you let to be The Best One.

So that my arrival like Elias, it can observe to you, and then on the December 12th in the year 2012, you acclaim yourself in my arrival.

It will arrive at many worlds of your earth. It will arrive again like who arrived before, and before of what you say in the writings The Final Judgment. I want to save your.

I AM Jesus. Feed yourself from the ceremony where dwells the communion, so that you can eat bread of wheat and of flour, so you can drink from the wine all that my Father some time bring to you. So is it.

I AM your friend, Jesus. Your embassador.

Come. Do the communion. I leave you, my mandates.

Take it. Take it. Take it.

Come, Come.

Bring me more bread, bread that is fresh. Bread that is fresh.

Divide. Take for you, and from this bread that is sense of life. Take of this bread that is happiness for the spirit, my spirit.

Take from my Love, Madam. Open me a path.

Come to me, I help you, to burn your sorrows, so you cannot live anymore those anguish.

Take a piece of bread and take another piece of bread.

Live the happiness to stay in your earth for this man, and rejoice the happiness to stay with you.

Don’t have never sadness when doing it, Hold happiness because what arrives will be but great.

Accompany your Mother, that I will accompany you and she.

I am Jesus.

Come. I give you some very special mandates. Live with me. Live the happiness. Call me when the starts salute to you, that I will be there, telling you my mandates.

Madam, I am the One that always has accompany you and served you. Do not vociferate so much, your voice, so you can live better.

I am called Jesus . You see me different from that I am, but I am always the same, the one who love you so much, that I will help you.

Take the bread, food. Take the wine, too. And do the ceremony of communion like said that man.

I am going away but soon it will return to visit you.


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