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Monday, 19 April 2010 09:48


    I come this Moon-day to speak about "The Mandate of Heaven" originally introduced by "The Yellow Emperor" or "Duke of Chou".

    But before I will lead you this lesson, please repeat after me: "Thanks, God. Thanks Family. Thanks, Mother God", (3X). This is in reply to give thanks for the volcuno Eyjafjallajokull eruption.

Say thanks ... because honestly nothing happens.

    Now, what means this volcano eruption? What is the mandate of Heaven?

    Lord Mencius, or Mengzi, or Hemeterius was the main Confucius follower. However, he was also the "Yellow Emperor" also called the Duke of Chou.

     He was who annotated the 64 hexagrams in the "I Ching" and also know as "Fu Manchu".

     He is also Lord Lanto, the Chohan of the Sun-Yellow Ray, the Ray of Illumination.

     He was my Master from the spheres from the age of sixteen until the age of forty six, and so for thirty years.

     He wants, I call your attention on "The Mandate of Heaven", who is a First Ray activity, full equivalent to the "Will of God".

     Lord Lanto was a chela (student) of Lord Himalaya. He stressed the expansion of the light in his heart during his development and intensified it to a point to where it was visible through his flesh, He then insisted that  it would never recede but would ever increase in intensity and forever be visible through his body. He accomplished that which no other Master on Earth has and in this respect He is unique among the Ascended Masters.

     Like Mencius he said: "Heaven does not speak. It simply showed its will by his personal conduct and his conduct of affairs."

     What means the Volcano eruption? ... the volcano eruption like other previous natural disasters and others that will follows means "The Revocation of the Mandate".

     The Heavens are revocating the mandate to the Lords of the Earth ...

      Today, most people is interested in the Mayan Calendar. They like it and love it.

      However, this is not a New Science ... In past times in China, a new Emperor go in power according to "The Heaven Mandate".

       Professors David Pankenier,Zhentao Xu,Yaotiao Jiang explain this in the book:

  • Archaeoastronomy in East Asia: Historical Observational Records of Comets and Meteor Showers from China, Japan, and Korea by David Pankenier, Zhentao Xu, Yaotiao Jiang.

  • East Asian archaeoastronomy: historical records of astronomical observations ...Di Zhentao Xu,David W. Pankenier,Yaotiao Jiang

  • The first book explains ... at page 15. 

    BC 238      [China]      (Ho 20)

    (a) 9th year of the First Emperor of Qin of the Warring States: a broom star appeared, at limes, stretching across the sky: in the 4th month...the broom star appeared in the west and again in the north, (extending] southward from Dou for 80 days.

    [Shiji: Qin Shihitang benji] ch. 6

    (b) 9th year of the First Emperor of Qin of the Warring States period: a broom star' appeared stretching across the sky. Lao Ai fomented rebel­lion: his retainers were exiled to Shu. The broom star reappeared. [Shiji: liu guo nian buio] ch. 15

    The second book, explains that comets, stars and their movement in the sky reflects in perfect mode ... what is going on Earth.

    To-day we have that Astronomy and Astrology are separated Sciences, and still incomplete.

    There are some scientist that instead to study and understand ... deny the second like a "fake" science.

    You would me apologize, but I will stop here ... with a question ...

    What is the balance of your account ... in the Heavens?

    Giovanni A. Orlando.


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