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Wednesday, 14 April 2010 18:46


      I come this hour to speak about the Christ Love, from the words of Ascended Master Saint Germain.


      The Angelic Host and the Great White Brotherhood and the congregation of the Heavens is like a Family or a company that you start to visit and after a small while, you become a member.

      Let me tell you, that neither today the figure of the Christ gas been understood. Christ is like most had commented a so great figure that incarnate on the Earth Plane. But, he is Consciousness. When he arrive on Earth was that consciousness that incarnate and become a boy and then a man.

      The way Christ speak to us in those days is the way of very calm man. A man that Love and understand.And him Love was for Love.

       Some, like Saint Francis incarnate that level of Love and Compassion.

       The following words expect some previous understanding like Maha Cohan, who is the Holy Spirit and who actually is the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian.

        The following words also explain that Jesus the Christ hold the office of "World Teacher" with Master Kuthumi, who was Saint Francis, and which figure has been so present with me in the last days.

        Now, let me leave you to the words of Master Saint Germain, but before I will make you a promise. And the promise is that I will release the entire book of "Saint Germain on Alchemy" in full, as well translated in Italian and Spanish. Another promise is that I will fulfill the given promises before make new ones.

       Let the Love dwell your Heart and let the Heart rule your brain.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


F. Christ Love


The great and awesome Power of creativity that floods forth myriad and wondrous forms in nature and in man, that creates cosmic beings and angel messengers of fire, holds in cosmic Mind the Truth that a love not wholly integrated with the allness of the cosmos in the oneness thereof would not be God, would not be Good.


Inasmuch as Goodness requires some objec­tive manifestation of itself in order to love, the great creative will of God was and is to create many Self-expressions in form: the wondrous de­sign of twin flames descending from the Sun to unveil in flesh the faces of Alpha and Omega in so many ways—sons and daughters of the Most High, children of the One basking in the Love play of angels and elementals, guarded by nature spirits, luminous presences and mighty beings of the Elo0himic spheres, all in one grand hierarchical order, that each one, from an electron to a star, might, in receiving his Love, return that Love not only to the Central Sun and the Creator but also to all creatures he has made, dwelling now in the pe­ripheral worlds of time and space.


Few have reached the level of Saint Francis of Assisi in their comprehension of this concept concerning the multifaceted parts of the one individed Whole. I would, therefore, call to your attention the great depth of compassion and the true scientific understanding of the psychology of the soul, far in advance of his time, which your blessed Kuthumi externalized in his embodiment as dear Francis and which remain to the present hour in his ascended state the outstanding quali­ties of his service with beloved Jesus in the office of World Teacher.


Truly his life was a message of God's Love borne in the chalice of the fiery heart of the saint for all Life's expressions:


Dear Francis' love for creatures great and small

Compassed the sea, the sky, and all.

His love the outbreathed universe did frame

As stars ensoul compassion's flame

On path where every open heart did sing

And hopes did rise like bird on wing.

O Love, thy flame shall bear one yet on high!

O Love that lives and cannot die,

To cross the bar and then become a part

Of God's own fiery beating heart!

For where I AM in shining knowing free,

I feel the power of Truth fill me.

What thrills me most as cup runs over now

Is this great truth: That I AM Thou!


How great was his example! Yet, the great example need not be anyone with whom you are familiar, or it may be anyone with whom you are familiar. In the history of Christendom the great example finds its purest form and expression in the figure and divinely human personality of Jesus. And yet I do not blaspheme when I say that many men and women in embodiment today have, through their devotion to Jesus and to the great God Self, received the same sacred love tokens from God's heart that the Almighty im­parted unto Jesus.


The dove of the Holy Spirit has rested upon their heads and its snow-white radiance of purity has flowed from their hearts. Though not always well known, the divine gifts of healing, of miracles and of teaching and preaching the Word of God have been given unto them also.29


Some have founded no new religion, all have supported holy endeavors and sought to be exam­ples of God's purity. Over the centuries mature sons and daughters of God of considerable accom­plishment in many fields—prophets, teachers, reformers and not a few great lights—have bright­ened the planetary corner with their Presence. And by their balanced expression and generous sharing of their developed threefold flame—to which the Saviour by his grace has added his mo­mentum—they have been wayshowers of the path of individual Christhood ordained by God not for one son alone but for all heirs of His Light.


For unto all who believe in the reality of the Christ-flame in Jesus, the Master has the Power to make them—by Love's enkindling Power, by the engrafting of the Word—to make them, I say, more the Son of God. Thus it is written (John 1:12) and thus the Ascended Master Jesus Christ initiates his disciples today by the heart-to-heart impartation of his flame unto those who work his Works and embody his Word.


I would, therefore, offer this plaudit on their behalf, this acknowledgment in Freedom's name that the world is not so poor as it sometimes con­siders itself to be in the manifestation of this great God-essence of Love but that it already possesses a great wealth of divine Love—a Love all too often unrecognized even when seen!—a Love that commemorates Jesus' devotion to his fold and upholds the standard he set for those who would follow him in deed.


To them he also paid tribute with the words: A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another as I have loved you. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.30 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.11

This Love, as Life's essential ingredient, flows not only from God on high to the hearts of known and unknown manifestations of himself below, but also from holy men and women in embodiment, whose Love as devotion and service to every part of God's Life becomes day by day more like unto the Father and the Son in their mutual adoration.


Man's penetration of the holy substance of God's essential Love provides him, through the power of the Maha Chohan, with an infusion of that élan which makes the world go round. That it does not spin faster, that it does not more swiftly throw off its discord, can be attributed to the impediments to divine Love sustained by the masses who yet know not what they do."


Those hearts—and many of them yearn to know the Truth and to be free"—who pursue a dyed-in-the-wool path of their own misguided wills and spew out hatred against men of goodwill whom they do not understand, do indeed place their feet in ruts of stumbling upon the mountain of attainment.


And although the great connecting link, the lifeline from on high, as a giant skein of Light and Life dropped down to earth, continually pulls man forward, the traction created by the pulling back of these people (the recalcitrance of a stiff-necked generation), compounded by the sheer weight of their numbers exercising free will in opposition to (as the antithesis of) the Divine, does in effect prevent the universal manifestation of God's kingdom upon earth!




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