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Wednesday, 13 July 2016 09:16


Greetings in the Green ... Silver day of Balance ... the day  of Mercury ... the day of ... "As Above, so Below" ...

    Humm ... The Balance ...

    This World is ... The Schoolroom of the Galaxy ... Someone say ... "The School of Gods".

    Now ... Many Books told many Stories ... about ... How Evil arrive here and Why ...

    ... We have the Gnostic ... A Good Book is ...

    ... We have this Great Book ...

   Of Course I have my book ...


  Now ... let me help to unlock this concept.

  Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith had a Male Son ... called Micah.

  Because its Power and expertise ... he was attracted to Low Worlds for a Mission of Love (not Destruction) ...

  He was (Good, like Micah) ... and was sent to ... Planet Maldek ... The Planet Vibration decay ... and he was Lost. He lose the control ... and become a somehow Dark Vader.

  Read this Story here ...


   Then he become Lucifer ... and he return ... like a Tester (about 39,000 years ago to engine a process that provoke the War and Fall of Atlantis, 13,000 years ago) ... again Humanity falls.

   We humans are very ... fearful ... there are any kind of Test ... every sacred day.

  There are a Story of Previous Evil before ... at most High Levels ...

   In fact, Lucifer ... was attracted by the Evil in the Heart of Men ... He was not the Bad ... and so ... He sacrifice himself ... to clean all Evil in the World.

   He ... Lucifer (as is today) is member of the Galactic Council. A Member ... You can read ...


   The Previous Story of ... "Let these Worlds ... Many Worlds ... Many Pleiadian Worlds ... remain in Shadow ... and we control their Light ... begin Eons ago".

   There are many names for this Chief ... not Lucifer ... but other ... This is ... another Archangel ... called ... Ialdabaoth in the Gnostic ... and we can say ... "Samael" ... or "Satanel".

    This Story begin In Orion Constellation where a Great Lord give Orders to Satanael ... The Book ... The Book of Enoch ... (This is the really Bad One ...)


  Well ... now ... I prefer to stop to speak about Evil and Talk about ... The Cathars ...

Cathar Cross

 The Cathar arrive to the World ... and claim to be "The Pure Ones".

 The explained in the Medieval Environment ... exactly what the previous books said:

  • First was Light ... then
  • Arrived Evil and ... many Catholic Rites like Baptism ... were Satanic.

  You can visit ... http://www.cathar.info/ if you want additional Information about.

   The Roman Church call these Cathars Heretics and evidently were Combats and Wars (Religious War) for a God they do not see ... Not very intelligent. While God is Love, and Only Light.

   I prefer now ... do not enter in this Past ... and move to a characteristic of Cathar ... related to Vegetarianism.


  I announce a Book time ago ... In English of Course ... with some important concepts.

  There are many Levels of Vegetarianism.

  Cathars were "Strict" ... I, Giovanni AM not Strict ... I adopt for now the:

  • Ovo-lacto: who does not eat any meat, fish, or poultry, but who also eats more than just vegetables. A typical ovo-lacto vegetarian diet can include fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, flowers, herbs, fungi, milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir and eggs.

  Others are ... more or less strict.

    Some includes Eggs ... others don't. Some Includes Fish ... Others don't.

    My Diet do not includes ... absolutely any meat, fish, poultry.

   Let me list the Procedure ... I choose:

  1. Remove Cow Meat ... Cows are quadrupeds. Therefore they have muscles with Great Quantity of Blood (Animal Blood) ... to avoid. Accept 3 years with this.
  2. In the period without Cow and Pig Meat ... consume ONLY ... Meat from Fish and Poultry. Fix a date ... and try to keep your date.

    I want ... with your Permission share with you this experience ... with 'Soul Animals'.

    Heavenly Lords invite me ... to consume only for 3 years ... Fishes and Poultry. I choose January 2012 ... to use and begin to consume only Vegetable.

    I do not keep my Word ... with Animals.

    Now ... You will not believe what happens.

    I need to quote another book ... Charles Leabeater ... Vegetarianism and Occultism.

    Charles saw the Soul of Animals ... around people that consume ... Rabbit Meat ... or other meat.

    ... To me ... In May 2012 ... I got a 'somehow' message ... and was strong ... 'Or you keep your Word ... and stop to consume Animal Meat ... or you will stop. One or One'.

    Well ... I stop to consume Poultry and Salmon ... from that day ...

    Charles Leadbeater was a Clairvoyant ... he was able to see the energy in the Body ... I AM interested to acquire this Gift ...

    He ... Charles saw ... all the Energy inside the Body ... He draw this ... in colors and publish a book: The Chakras.


   Now ... The very Words from Saint Germain from the Book ...

(Click to read the Full Book ...)

  Here is the message from Chapter ... The Great Command

"This loaf," Saint Germain explained, "contains a combination of substance not yet known upon Earth. You see, there is a definite reason why We never eat meat, and why human beings should not eat it either. This is because the atoms of which it is composed are the condensation into the substance of this world of mankind's own vicious thoughts and feelings of the past.

"Animals were not in existence upon this planet during the first two Golden Ages. They only began to appear after humanity had generated the discord that followed those first two periods. The First Creation, described in Genesis, referred to these two Golden Ages, and they were described as 'very good.' Then the mist arose, and the so-called fall of man came about by the attention of the intellect becoming focused upon the appetites of the body, through the feeling.

"Thus the outer mind became more and more enmeshed in the world of things, and hence forgot the Source and Powerhouse of its Being, which is the 'Mighty I AM Presence.' The Plan of Completeness, or Divine Way of Life, was lost sight of, and more and more discord has continued to creep into the feeling of humanity ever since.

"As long as human beings insist on killing animals, they will never be able to break the vicious habits within their own feeling by which they have bound themselves; for they are constantly destroying their own bodies and shutting out the finer mental impulses. The Love of mankind for domestic animals is raising and purifying some of that past creation and releasing that stream of Life into a more harmonious phase of existence. As humanity becomes more harmonious and pure, all animals will disappear from the Earth. Even the weeds and blight upon plant life will be removed, and the Earth once again return to her Pristine Purity described as the Garden of Eden—meaning obedience to the Divine Wisdom.

"The great harm of meat-eating is that the flesh of the animal records the feeling of fear it experiences when killed. The animal has an emotional body, and the vibration of fear recorded previous to and at the moment of death qualifies the flesh—and that quality is absorbed by the emotional body of the human being who eats it. It also causes a certain substance to condense into the brain which dulls the  intellect  and  prevents  the  finer  impulses from flowing into it from the 'Mighty I AM Presence'.

"This substance even an Ascended Master will not interfere with because the individual does these things of his own free will. Fear, in its many subtle phases, is the predominant feeling within mankind today, and it is the wide-open door through which the sinister force holds its control in the personality and does its destructive work. The teaching that it is necessary to eat meat in order to obtain strength is vicious and entirely untrue; for the elephant, one of the strongest creatures on our Earth, is a non-meat-eating animal.

"The idea that serums made from animals can produce health and perfection or protection against disease in a clean child's body or that of an adult is another consciously directed activity of the sinister force in this world. It breaks down the health and resistance in the race, that the destructive feeling may hold sway and destroy the ideals of mankind. The medical profession has been unknowingly made a cat's-paw for this destruction, under the guise of science. It is only because of the persistent stubbornness in the sense appetites, which are feeling in the human body, that the race keeps using its marvelous mental capacity and the wonderful Pure Energy from the 'Mighty I AM Presence' to create more and more destruction.

"When  human  beings  will  spend  the  same amount of time and energy studying Perfection and the wonderful Miracles of Creation that face us everywhere as they now do in gratifying the physical appetites and whims of the personal self, they too will produce the same Miracles the Ascended Masters are able to do. However, before fifty years are past, mankind will look back upon the meat-eating habit of today as we now look upon cannibalism.

"There are several things that leave a substance in the brain which must be cleared away if the Full Perfection from the 'Mighty I AM Presence' is to be released through the personal consciousness. These are, in the order of their importance: narcotics, alcohol, meat, tobacco, excess sugar, salt, and strong coffee.

"Now we come to the remedy for these things, for I will never point your attention to any consideration of imperfection without showing you the Way to transcend it and replace it by Perfection brought about harmoniously. I want you to realize always that whatever needs to be changed in the physical experience—if you will call your 'Mighty I AM Presence' into action through your mind and body, the result will always be produced without suffering or discord of any kind.

"The Way of Perfection, which is the Activity of the 'I AM Presence,' never demands of the personal self anything but the letting go of its chains, its discords, its limitations and its sufferings; and this change is always brought about harmoniously and through Divine Love.

"The way to purify the brain and body structure, if the personality has been putting these substances into the physical body in the past, is to call to your 'Mighty I AM Presence' to pour through your mind and body Its Violet Consuming Flame, using the following Affirmation:

'Mighty I AM Presence'! Blaze through me Thy Consuming Flame of Divine Love.
Take this desire out of me; annihilate its cause and effect, past, present and future,
and replace it by the Fullness of Yourself,
Your Perfect Satisfaction, and hold Your Full Dominion here forever!

"This same Affirmation can be used for another with the same miraculous and permanent accomplishment. Then spend a few moments at least three times a day visualizing yourself standing within a pillar of Violet Flame—rushing from the feet to some distance above the head and extending for at least three feet on each side around the body. Hold this picture as long as you can comfortably do so, and feel the Flame, which is the Purifying Power of Divine Love, penetrating every cell of your body. This dissolves all impure and unnecessary substances in  the  cells  of the  body,  thus  clearing  and illumining the consciousness. This is part of the Knowledge of the Sacred Fire which has only been taught in the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood throughout the centuries. It is the way the Ascended Masters purify, heal, and harmonize man-kind and the very Earth itself. It is the Power by which so-called miracles are performed. It can never have any other effect in either the brain, body or affairs but great ease, comfort, peace, and eternal good.

"In my reference to the animal creation of this world, I wish you to understand that the birds were originally created by the Ascended Masters as messengers for the use of humanity. What destructive qualities they sometimes express are due to the radiation of discord from human beings. As the New Age comes in, these qualities will disappear. Nature, and by that I mean the plant and mineral life of this Earth, is created and brought forth by the Great Cosmic Masters who design and direct the Creation of a planet at Cosmic Levels.

"Nature within herself is forever pure, and if humanity did not impose its own discord and impurity upon the very atmosphere in which plant life grows, there could not be poisonous weeds or plants in existence. There was a time upon this Earth when everything in Nature affected the minds and bodies of human beings harmoniously.

"Within Nature is a Self-purifying, Self-protecting Immortal Activity which tolerates only for a time man's vicious genius for destruction. Cataclysmic disaster is Her method of Self-defense, in returning to man that which he has imposed upon Her in the centuries past. Thus, through Life after Life, man continually meets his own creation turned upon himself, until he builds his Universe according to the Pattern of Divine Perfection which is the True Expression of his own Divinity.

"Age after age Nature is continually throwing back upon man, through cataclysmic action, his own iniquity; and She is stronger than any opponent because She is the Direct Creation and Outpouring of the Ascended Masters. In this way, man's own discord destroys and buries himself, and Nature in Her Pristine Purity goes on serenely expressing Her Immortality. Notice the many civilizations that have been built upon this Earth, and the fact that Nature has so completely obliterated all traces of man's work in them—until only in tradition and myth is there the faintest record of some of these activities.

"Man, if he has attained Wisdom, which is the constructive use of all knowledge, may have the perfect cooperation of Nature's gigantic forces, and through them make his accomplishments Immortal also. He must stop the stupendous slaughter of animals for food and the business of raising them to kill."

A few moments after we began our dinner, a tiny loaf of bread appeared in front of each one—Nada's and Bob's coming together, and Pearl's and Rex's also. This was followed by a delicious vegetable salad, entirely different from anything we had ever tasted. For dessert, there was a most wonderful fruit-whip made of a combination of peaches, plums, and other fruits unknown to us. Blended into this was something resembling whipped cream, but sparkling like frost, just deliciously cool—another unfamiliar delicacy.



We are Perfect Beign ... Just to say ... "Everyone is a God in Embryo" ... can become ...

Now ... Wise people ... simply dedicate more Time and Study ... to clean and learn ... Just to say ... "To remove the Dust on the Mirror" ... and when we remove the Dust ... The Mirror shines.

Until the Mirror have Dust ... Shining will delay ... But everyone is a Mirror and a Pearl of God.

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.
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