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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 13:37


Greeting on Mercury-day ... the Green-day according to Piscean Old-Age and Silver-day according to Aquarian-New-Age ... the Age of Water.

       Now ... I will begin with my Facebook statement ...

If Christians suppose ... everyone Christian ... they wrong.
If Muslim suppose ... everyone Muslim ... they wrong.
If Buddhist suppose ... everyone Buddhist ... they wrong.
I AM sure Hindu understand ... not all can be Hindu.
If Taoist suppose Taoism can be adopted worldwide in most cases is not possible ... So what.

"The Truth triumph alone".


   I Giovanni (John) am a forerunner of the Edenic Life-style. What means ...? ... This means the return to ... Atlantean Garden ... of Eden ... the Edenic Science, the Edenic Religion, the Edenic Brotherhood which can be resumed in simple terms ... with the following statement, I include like quote on my book, 'The Book of Apocalypse explained ...' and is the following:

They must live pure and clean lives
Understanding the Law of God,
The law of sex,
And their duties to each other
in a civilization founded upon principles of
the Fatherhood of God,
the Motherhood of Nature,
and the Brotherhood of Man,
all this to be executed upon the Earth plane
of life according to the measure of a man (See Rev: 21:17)
  -- Phylos.

 Like you see ... pure and clean lives ... The Law of Sex (not Orgies or Public Sex which is not clean) ... Fatherhood of God (One Religion to honor the Father) ... Motherhood of Nature to use Nature to live clean lives ... and Brotherhood of Man ... respecting duties to each other. Right? ...

    To-day ... far from the Edenic state of Mind ... or the coming Brotherhood of Man ... we have many religions ... and the Word (is not full respected) ...

    If we spoke about Science ... one of my key Subjects on my ... FTHumanEvolutionCourse Project ... where I label ... Science with 'Xioqua' (Atlantean name) and Religion with Incala (Atlantean name) ... in Science ... we have not ... all the variables to describe 'God', the Holy Father.

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  In fact,

The Infinite Cannot be explained by the finite,
nor will less explain greater.
Fire is energy; electricity is energy; God is energy. But fire will not solve the query,
``What is electricity?" Nor will electricity answer the question,
``What is God?" But God will explain both the others,
for the sum of the parts is equal to the whole.
As man does not know the full number of the parts,
the partial sum he does know will not explain God.' .
  -- Phylos.

  Now my friends the Religion and Science ... which were simple two faces of the same coin ... everyone known in Atlantean/Lemuria/Garden of Eden days ... offered a proven God to be used ... like a lovely and efficient friend ... as well a scientific-spiritual partner of fuel ... Energy ... for daily use.

    The Atlantean Priests that then decay in Moral like the Scientific (Xioqueni) adopt a Dark-Side love in their affairs which necessarily lead Society to be slave of Fear and low emotions.

     We are living the Post-Atlantean days ...Post Flood-days ...

     In these 13,000 years ... two Walkers ... between others create what some have coined like the term 'Religions' ... in different locations ... are 'World's Religions'..

     These two Brothers are:

Maitreya today is Maitreya-Jesus and Beloved Master is 'OJesus'. (The Twins)

    Without difference ... because the were One and are One ... We can say ... They were Krisna, they were Moses, they were Mohammad, they were the Buddha.

     There are no Physical Sex in the Heavens ... there are no Free Will in the Heavens ...

     Therefore the concept of Brother and/or Mother and/or Father are only in the sense to respect the Hierarchical Order.

    Beloved Jesus was and is ... the Missionary ... while Maitreya support him (and support many Saints in Western and Eastern Religions) like Zoroaster, Lao Tsu, Saint Francis, Saint Alban.

    Now we will consider Religion by Religion to support ... a ... 'time seed' to the Incala or One-World-Religion.

  • Catholic or Christian Religions.

There are many, many ... Religions that have roots in the Words and efforts of Beloved today, OJesus (or OhJesus).

We have Catholic, Anglican, Mormon, Protestant, Ortodoux ... there are dozen may be hundred of flavors. Now ... if you ask ... to Lord Jesus ... What is him Religion ... he will say ... there are No Religion in Heaven ... He invent no Religion ... Religions were invented by Rich to control the Mind of the Poor, mentally speaking as well financial.

    There are also an Agreement between Romans and Hebrew ... and Jesus was an Hebrew Priest ... that marry Lady Mary of Magdelen ... and have like first daughter, Sarah.

   We can say ... that Catholic-like Religions have a key error and is: Reincarnation.

   Saint Germain who was Saint Alban and Saint Joseph, Mentor of Jesus say:

The greatest of rockets, ancient and modern, have a platform or launching pad from which they thrust
off into the heavens. So it is with men and women in their search for cosmic Truth.
From the platform of present existence they must seek and find the threads of cosmic light
that will lead them through the golden door and beyond to etheric realms where blazes illumination's flame.

Thus, from Wisdom's fount as well as inner study, the seeking, striving ones must learn to see
God in action in themselves and summon him to take command of their affairs on earth.
How great is the suffering that Christians have endured through the elimination of this one point of spiritual Truth!

By denying reembodiment they have denied their souls the keystone in the arch of being.

You see, there are certain fine points of cosmic law that in a relative sense are not as important as this one.
Man can deny some specifics without suffering too much damage, but to deny the Truth of the continuity
of his own being its span of previous existence and its future glorious destiny is to cut himself off from the basic premise of Life!

  -- Wisdom :71-86.

Therefore Christianity cannot continue to deny this Truth ... as well Christ marriage as well Bloodline.

Because this is a Hindu, Buddhist tradition they can also adopt ... Muslim ... Fasting.

  • Lord Jesus was also Mohammad in Arabia.

   In Older days ... he was the Prophet of the Word ... He offer miracles ... and prove his word ... He lives in a Cavern ... He was Perfect still to say War is necessary is they do not believe ... but this was the Past ...

    Here I Giovanni touch ... belief of many Billion people ... therefore I prefer to offer a New Second Part ... tomorrow and speak about Karma/Time/Justice.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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