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Sunday, 26 April 2015 14:32

Greetings again ... in the Sun-day ...

     And I want to address a new Lesson ... this time from Master Koot Hoomi, about ... Consciousness.

     In my research of the Holy or Sacred Mathematics ... I have mastered some concepts and examples. Much I need to study ... but like Professor say, and say nothing ... It is relative.

     After you see ... Your Past Lives ... Well, from that day ... You believe in Past Lives.

     ... and soon or later you understand why you arrive to the World ... what need to do ... and the Why of the Things.

     Now, The Universe is not ... but Spiritual and there are Minds, Ideas ...

     Helena Blavatsky comment that Spirit and Consciousness are Synonymous. 

     And if Lord Jesus ... say,

    God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

       -- John 4:24.

     Now if God is Spirit ... What is Lord Jesus, his Son? ... Also a Spirit! ... What is Koot Hoomi? ... Also a Spirit. What is EL Moria? ... Also a Spirit.

     What are you, and me ... the cat, the dog ... the Tiger and the Lion? ... The Beauty, the Old and the baby ... ? ... Well, All are Spirits.

     And all are Consciousness.

     The World, People ... have no idea what Consciousness ... is ... and how changes ... and evolve ... also in the Heavens, because there are no body, and the body is ... the Vessel, the Crucible of the Being ... made in Flesh and Blood, in Matter. Again Matter is not a concept conquered ...

      ... But let us begin today with Consciousness.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.



Corona Class Lesson 21



"As a Man Thinketh in His Heart. . . "


To the Dear Seeker

after the Thread of Consciousness—

The consciousness of every man is keenly linked to memory, and it is the memory process which files an orderly sequence of events in the storehouse of being and ties together the past and the present (and even the future) into a rationally self-realized whole. The stream of consciousness flows into the mold of memory, and it is the resulting image which, when formed with the proper intensity of thought and feeling, becomes preserved as a record.

We shall now show the relationship be­tween consciousness and conscience. Using thought and feeling processes, man individually and collectively has evolved so-called behav­ioral norms which he regards as good or evil Al­though the formula may change over the years, man persistently holds many basic concepts about what is and what is not acceptable.

These evolve into social mores which, when reinforced by racial and religious habit pat­terns, become tradition. Tradition itself stems from both right and wrong attitudes of thinking and feeling, and is the result of human logic wrapped in emotional overtones which shape the emerging pattern. The results are never final and often lack both objectivity and equity. Sel­dom do they show forth the luster of either real humanity or divinity.

Apart from these pressures of thought and feeling, there is a still stronger influence at work. This is the eternal voice of each one's own God Self. The God Presence of each lifestream ever strives to make its righteousness known by seeking to penetrate every human density and to correct every wrong idea.

Bear in mind, blessed ones, that the perfec­tion of the eternal spheres surrounds the mate­rial creation and is always amplified without limit by the wonderful angelic host, the devas and cosmic beings, including the entire hier­archy of heaven.

This benign influence affecting all planes of being is marvelous to behold at inner levels, whether or not people are outwardly aware of it. (Of course, if they are, it makes cooperation easier Hence, our explanations are forthcoming for all who require this instruction in order to make the most of Life's seen and unseen oppor­tunities and blessings).

I am certain you are aware that in various ages, including the present, a number of these wonderful beings have appeared to the few and sometimes to the many in order to encour­age them and to create in them a more resolute faith.

Dear ones, divine conscience is the precep­tor of each lifestream; it is activated in a special compartment of consciousness linked with the memory of inner-level experiences. Its function is to record within the soul and the outer self guiding reins from divine levels. These con­straints emanate from the Holy Christ Flame-even the golden-yellow plume of illumination distilled by the 'hidden man of the heart' — assisting all who intuit its gentle but firm lead­ings to better fulfill their divine plan.

The true divine conscience is sensitive to the intimations of the Christ Self, but sometimes (and quite often in many lifestreams) the human conscience responds to the pressures of the mass mind. Humanly accepted norms—those thought to be socially correct or religiously righ­teous—have a marked influence on many, which accounts for the differing levels of tolerance in various peoples and cultures.

Thus, amplified and standardized through the human media, the mass mind has built up a set of values all its own. Though often mecha­nistic, these send forceful influences through the radiating power of the human aura which impinge upon that God-directed guidance ever-present within each one's true conscience, whether readily apparent or beneath the thresh­old of awareness.

     Because this admixture of the humanly acquired and the divinely endowed conscience is to be found in the majority of souls presently embodied, it is important in the face of pressures from all quarters for each disciple to understand the action of conscience, memory, and con­sciousness in his own being. If he will rightly understand this teaching and apply its knowl­edge, it will help much to eliminate a senseless round of personal criticism, condemnation, sin, and self-judgment.

Dear students, realize that your God Self has given you the power of free will so that you will lovingly, joyously choose to meditate on your own life plan—to think about it, to invoke it, to pursue it, and to will it into manifestation. This process is intended to stimulate your own realization of and respect for divine values and enable you to more effectively establish in con­sciousness that conscience which is a truly sen­sitive instrument. This inner voice does not Induce self-torture and anguish but offers guid­ance and comfort that enables you to decipher the true will of the Father and the Son always with you in your own 1 AM Presence and Holy Christ Self.

Out of consciousness attuned to Divinity arises the right idea which transmutes the wrong idea. supplanting erring thought and emotions with the eternal banner of Truth, Light and Right. This triple reinforcement of your Christ Sell frees the soul from all past mistakes based on ignorance, dogma, doctrinal controversy, ecclesiasticism, 'situation ethics', the woeful misunderstanding of the life and mis­sion of beloved Jesus, and all so-called evil vi­brations. Then there is quickened within the heart the holy image of God revealed in each one's purified and true conscience as that re­flected radiance, the divine gift to all who listen to God's voice of loving intelligence within.

     Foremost among the erroneous concepts of mankind is the ever-present memory of wrong­doing which causes them to equate that wrong with sin and then to suffer self-damnation from their conclusion. Beloved Jesus knew that on earth only the few are intentional wrongdoers. He taught that if men really understood the Law and the far-reaching consequences of their mis­deeds, they would not persist in their gross violations of conscience. His prayer "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34) embodies his merciful understanding toward the misguided multitudes.

In the centuries since his blessed ascension through his cosmic service to the earth, the Master has evolved many spiritually sound approaches to manifold human problems. With the objective of giving greater freedom to th children of the Sun of Righteousness, the offspring of the Most High, the World Teachers a desirous of communicating these solutions to who will read and run with the good news, both hearing and doing His word. One of our grand solutions is to correct, one by one, every idea of sin held in mind.

Perceive: As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he; (Prov 23:7) therefore, one's thought, as the thinking process, held in mind and memory is ever a powerful part of one's consciousness as pertains to individual identity. This thought which so molds and limits the human personality in­cludes all opinions, faulty premises and con­clusions blindly held, as well as outright lies, fabrication and fantasy stubbornly adhered to regardless of all reason or evidence to the contrary.

Consider the intense feelings of scorn held In the desire body which coalesce around many nonsensical notions concerning people, politics, mores, and religion! Inasmuch as all warping of reality exists only in human thought and feel­ing, it is from these areas of the conscious and subconscious mind that sin and the sense of sin must be cast out.

Beloved, the correct thought about God is not always enthroned in the conscience of man. For example: God is eternal, Life is eternal: therefore God is Life and Life is God. By a like reasoning one can see that God is Mind and Mind is God and, as such, He is not only con­scious, but He is also Consciousness itself.

This Mind who is universal Consciousness embodies the Law and the Truth of being for every manifestation of Himself—made in his image and likeness. As the center of all Self-awareness, including that of his offspring, this Mind, then, is also the Divine Conscience—the discriminating  intelligence of good and evil, right and wrong. Himself exercising (and en­abling man to exercise) free will.

     Now, these thoughts are the correct thoughts about God. Going one step further, we see that the correct thought of God in man (i.e., the thoughts God thinks in and through man) is, then, man's only true or necessary conscience. And this Divine Conscience is God! With this understanding which thou shalt surely gain through oneness with the universal Mind, the first and only commandment the disciple would ever need is "Thou shalt have no other Con­science before me!" (Exod 20:3).

God is all-powerful, all-wise, wholly pure. Sin can never be a part of this God who is your life, your spirit, your being. It can only be a part of you if you make it so by indulging the sense of sin, revolving states of error long forsaken and forgiven, or engaging in acts forbidden by the Great Law. Sin has only as much reality as your own mind or the mass mind gives it.

A false conscience is a tinderbox piled high with theological, psychological, and illogical illusions. Many of the erroneous Judeo-Christian teachings are centered on the idea of sin. punishment, and propitiation by human or ani­mal sacrifice. In the absolute Love of God for arid in man, sin is entirely nonexistent. From the standpoint of the immaculate image held in the universal Mind, sin is not real! regardless of how many scriptural verses refer to it.

Sin exists in the dead past, in pagan and superstitious ideas colored to lock real— often distorted, mark you, by well-meaning and sin­cere people who, though acting in good faith, are full of misplaced loyalty. All of this unholy error must be transmuted by holy Truth.

If the energy people have given to the wrong concept of sin, binding forever and forever bind­ing the Father's beloved children to hellfire and damnation (think of this dreadful, truly sinful, doctrine!), had been used to reinforce the true metaphysical concepts of the soul's innate vir­tue, the earth would long ago have been free from the stain of repetitious sin—dyed in the wool, believed in, and therefore committed over and over again.

Outworn traditions handed down from par­ents to children have for too long deceived the very elect. (Matt 5:18) Even those well grounded in the spiritual truths, who ought to know better, will through force of habit start the condemnation process all over again in their silent scorn — erupting now and again with vituperation and contumely,

Frequently, such as these become depressed by their own self-condemnation periodically heaped upon others and they begin to believe that their lives are falling short of the mark. A moment's reflection on the thought that God is all around them and that in reality they can­not Live life solely unto themselves (except it be in a delusory, vapory, human-miasma-type existence! will soon evaporate their self-deceit— sown in the bitterness of constant criticism — -without a trace. So be it!

Until the doctrine of sin is removed from the world, and especially from the world of the disciple, how can he successfully hold an im­maculate concept of himself and of those to whom he would teach the way of forgiveness through noncondemnation? So long as one thinks that vile people exist anywhere in the realms of God's perfection, how can one's thought be immaculate?

The false belief that sin or evil has a life of its own perpetuated by God must be cast into the sacred fires of Truth. Once you have fully and finally transmuted by the violet flame of purity the karmic debris and residual effects of this damnable concept, you will be ready to take the next step on the path of the ministering servant. As an act of grace, the God-magnificence of Life will come to the fore in your consciousness and, by the power of the Holy Spirit and your own joyousness, express itself through you to all who yearn for the sunshine of liberating Truth.

Beloved, God is the high standard and the best rule by whom the creation and selfhood come into being. One who does not express the highest that he is capable of often permits him­self to indulge a care-less attitude. Through the misuse of free will people remain entrenched in the lesser, or prodigal, role. The Golden Rule establishes the standard through your own Holy-Christ Self that every motive and act be one of love by each part of Life toward every ether part of Life.

Sin, then, is never real. It is a laggard idea dealing in the blacks, whites, and grays of human consciousness, whereas God's con­sciousness, which is your Life, is all Light!

    Sin is never real, and therefore in obtaining freedom from it, men must identify it as nothing and God as all. There is a karmic ledger that must be balanced, and by karmic law human error must be adjusted and adjudicated before the Lords of Karma.

Serving to set free every part of Life that has suffered by one's mistakes, healing old hurts, mending fences, and displacing human conduct by divine conduct is in accord with the justice of God meted out at human levels, and none shall escape so much as a jot or a tittle of the Law or his responsibility for each and every ungodly act toward any part of Life. (Matt 5:18) Mercy's flames give freedom to all through the diligent application of the violet fire and through hearts burning with eternal love which imputes not sin to any who truly love God and care for his flock, as did Abraham of old. (Gen 15:6)

Build, then, in consciousness the celestial Christ-concept of all Good, and secure your vic­tory. Such thinking will not lower your stan­dards or carry you into byways of delusion; for by simple, direct contact with your own God Presence, you will unloose the limitless power to achieve the goal of sinlessness—without spot or blemish.(1 Pet 1:19) marring the garment of the soul. The divergent angle between the human and God is best closed by realizing that with God all things are, in truth, possible.  (Matt 19:26)

True self-preservation is to keep active the divine Principle which animates the temple of being with the eternal heart flame of God. The perfection of God will become a sacred Eucharist on the heart's altar, where the sacred fire imbues each one with the tender truth of a loving Father dwelling in the loving heart of his obedient son.

This is the revolutionary idea that makes of mortals immortals; of men, gods—and casts all, in Mercy's love and name, upon the Life of the eternal plan and the Wisdom of the eternal Good.

I AM loving you free from all sin.

 In Wisdom's holy name,



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