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Greetings in the Sun-day ... the day of the Sun, the day of the Lord ...

    And is important to give the exact value to each portion of Wisdom ... Of Course God hold the Highest ... and Science today have not God. Men looks for Wealth following an incoherent Math ... divided and suffering.

    I, Giovanni consider important people get back to the Path of the Lord ... I am simply copying some lessons from some books, and from Time to Time publish in Our Company Website ... because in Holy Bible as well in the Words of Lord Jesus ... or Koot Hoomi (who was Saint Francis, and Pythagoras) ... I have found and continue to find ... impressive wisdom.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.


Corona Class Lesson 20



"Thy Sins Be Forgiven Thee!"

To the Blessed

Who Have Suffered Guilt Too Long--

The power men have given, inadvisedly, to the whole idea of sin must be broken ere the full perfection of God can be fully known. Humanity through force of habit continually re-creates feelings of guilt which mar the soul, shading the brilliant stream of divine illumination passing through, as it were, a pane of glass and depriv­ing the 'lightstream' (Lifestream) of the wondrous luminescence of God.

      I am determined to assist the beloved chelas and every sincere student of earth's schoolroom in bettering their understanding of the transcendent laws of Life by which the universe operates. For far too Long the race has continued in a round of ceaseless condem­nation of themselves and others, resulting in a habitual misqualification of energy. This has caused a false conscience to be created within the subconscious, inculcating feelings of guilt and unworthiness in self and others. These feel­ings reinforce in turn the false conscience which then overrides the inner voice of the Divine One, who is the only true and reliable conscience.

      My parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11) portrays God's true relationship with his beloved chil­dren. It makes clear that our Father never intended his sons and daughters to eat the husks of sin or to dwell in the limitations of sin as presently measured by human thought and feeling.

     Surely our Father never intended to see his son waste his energy in riotous living; yet by making wrong choices, the son did in fact enter into karmic conditions of servitude and bondage. This is not to say that whenever the erring one determines to arise and shake off his carnal shackles, the powers of Light will not immediately blaze forth the required assistance to welcome that beloved one Home, where forgiveness is complete. Indeed, it is so.

      Through the whirlpool of human conscious­ness, the downward pull of the senses, and the oft-repeated failure of the human to look up, mankind completely overlook this divine intent; and God's love, our love—which is a precious ointment —is often spilled in wasteful self-pity and selfish self-love. And more's the tragedy when one considers the loss of entire segments of a life-span and the misappropriation of energy which should rather have been used to fulfill the sacred mission of a life.

The solution is simple: the misdirected attention must be refocused upon the Great God Source and kept there. By placing it on their problems, mankind have only multiplied them instead of diminishing them by the universal love and care which heaven is constantly pour­ing forth. This they have frequently failed to see simply because they were looking in the wrong direction—down, not up!

While feelings of guilt may spur men to seek confession and penance, these feelings are never the means of setting them free. Do not be deceived by human foolishness! If guilt were from God who is all Good, the end result of this feeling would itself be good; but if it stem from human error, no matter how real seeming, it cannot produce any permanent good whatso­ever in your world.

Guilt is a vibration which is related to con­demnation of self and others; and when you accept it or entertain it in any form, you be­come disturbed unless the thought be swiftly changed

Now, there is a voice of conscience and I certainly do not mean to discourage its use. I am, however, interested that the true chela understand the difference between that which alternately self-condemns and self-justifies and that which correctly instructs, inspires, and guides into all Truth, all Love, all Righteous­ness, and the fulfillment of God's divineplan for earth precious life in accord with the Law of Love.

       You see, codification of the Law has been a human requirement. Moses' labor of love in communing with his own Mighty I AM Presence brought forth the Ten Commandments from the heart of the Ancient of Days. These have been and continue to be a mighty assistance in the development of human law and order, constrict­ing human behavior so as to cause less destruc­tive (and more constructive) world karma.

Today the Law requires that individuals develop for themselves the inner sense of the Law of Love and then outpicture it in living for Truth. This I advocated during the final embodi­ment of my earthly mission and I remain constant in stimulating its emphasis in every­one's affairs. Now the Ten Commandments and much more are read from the inward parts of man where God has written the Tablets of the Law of personal Christhood built on the ten.

      Humanity's incorrect assimilation and prac­tice of the divine plan may be compared to a misuse of the photographic process. First, in clicking the shutter they do not admit enough light. Second, in developing the divine image they adulterate the process so that the fin­ished proof is altered to resemble laggard quali­ties more than the righteous expressions of the Divine One.

Even today many people live in a primitive state of consciousness insofar as the Law of Love is concerned. Neither riches nor education can guarantee men's spiritual integrity. By sin­cere attunement with the law of harm any and the education of the heart through a mighty demonstration off the real love of God, the disciple is relieved of the severity of the dos and don'ts of the Law. Thus, by personal application the great warmth of the Law of Love acts to expand the spirituality of each lifestream.

Endued with the fullness of the Spirit, the soul will naturally obey the Ten Command­ments in an attitude of joy and freedom. Through the spiritual exercise of the Law, the security and protection of the Law is guaranteed to all who obey it. Beyond this, the grace and mercy of the Law also extend the blessings of higher octaves to the gracious and the merciful servants of the Law.

The spiritual senses are best quickened by a pure spirit free from feelings of condemnation and guilt. To all sincere chelas of the Great Law, I AM therefore saying, Thy sins be forgiven thee!

Greater peace in the feeling world and an intense desire to be in attunement with the omnipresence of God will be the first signs fol­lowing your acceptance of this intercession of my grace. From the center of Christ-forgiveness, there blazes forth a delightful inner confidence that God's abundance is all around you—a feel­ing that God's love in you is so magnificent that sin and the record of sin are completely swal­lowed up by it! Thus are death arid the 'wages of sin" swallowed up In total victory (Isa 25:8).

While the world debates the politics of the day and hopes to obtain salvation in the social order, the power of the kingdom of heaven con­tinues to express divine justice individually to each person on earth. America's spiritual des­tiny in the "inner world government" is to be the cupbearer of Light (of the Christ consciousness) to the world, the fount of Divine Liberty for the earth. By rightly understanding his divine Son-ship, akin to my own, each disciple will help to make this universally possible for all nations and peoples. Thus, each life mission is impor­tant to the Father.

It must be realized that distortions in con­nection with my mission have been almost overwhelming. The divine doctrine of the remis­sion of sins, taught by John the Baptist before me,(Matt 3:1-12) is little understood. My words uttered both before and after my crucifixion conferring upon my apostles the power to remit or to retain sin (Matt 3:16-19) —to thus exercise the law of forgiveness as well as the law of the judgment—would indicate that even at that time blood sacrifice was not the necessary ingredient in this process. Quite the contrary, forgiveness is an alchemy of love, of repentance, of cleansing by the Word and of the healing of the desire to sin again.

I spoke to many, saying, "Thy sins be for­given thee," (Matt 9:2,5) and again, "Go and sin no more" (John 5:14)—yet the world's religious delusion to which countless millions pay unfortunate alle­giance (believing they do my will and the will of the Father) centers around this false idea that propitiation in the form of a painful punishment is required by a vengeful Deity. These see my crucifixion as sacrificial, my mission as unique, and my Sonship as greater than all, whereas to God every son is already one with the Father.

You see, whenever error is accepted as though it were real, it becomes by the pressure of its acceptance a flaw in the foundation of the temple which each one is building. Such a flaw can throw the entire structure off plumb for a lifetime (and succeeding lifetimes) unless and until it is corrected. Let me begin, then, this correction on behalf of Truth.

The "way of the cross" pertains to the meet­ing of God and man. It depicts the manifestation of God in man who is in the process of obtaining the perfection of his own ascension in the Light, even as I did. Eventually this "outer man" will be completely absorbed into his perfect Selfhood, but were he to merge prematurely with his God Self, which is an all-consuming fire, (Deu 4:24) it would destroy the very fabric of his soul-identity.

Therefore, it is the mercy of the Great Law, which never lowers its standards or fails in its compassion, to create a wide spiral in the eter­nal cycles of time and space where the becoming God-likeness of man is nurtured by the wisdom-love of God. Hence, in the cruciform of life man finds an avenue leading to permanent victory, and the reality of the Father becomes known and understood as an act of complete, enduring love.

If any sacrifice be required for man to return to his natural, spiritual Sonship. It is the sacrifice of wayward and willful human quali­ties. As beloved Kuthumi and I have stated before, the path to God is never so much a sacrifice as it is a sacrament, never so much sacrificial as sacramental.

      Go, then, and sin no more—to the best of your ability. But do not be tense about it, blessed ones. You see, your increasing spiritual strength and understanding ought never to be sapped by condemnation of self or others. If you abide in loving forgiveness, it will be much easier for you to find your complete freedom in the way of the Christ, through right understanding and the fullness of God which surrounds you now and forever. As the Psalms declare, "Whither shall I flee from thy presence?" (Ps 139:7)

Therefore, in truth ye do know the Way: for I AM the Way, I AM the Truth, and I AM the Life. No man cometh to the Father (his God Presence) except through me (the Holy Christ Self of each one), (John 14:6) and this is the universal plan—the same for all.

Face and overcome sin, condemnation, false conscience, and fear. To all these declare fervently and know that:

I AM the fullness of God/Good!
I AM walking into daily oneness with the Father.
I AM made ever new in God's image, the similitude and likeness of all that is Good.
I AM the justice of the divine Law which reaches out to fulfill the true spirit of both human and divine Law.
I AM the manifestation of that sacred Law, and in the joy of the ascended Jesus Christ consciousness,
I AM illumined to know that this liv­ing, inner Law is the Golden Rule!
May peace and power attend thee always.


I AM in Truth thy elder brother,


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