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Greetings in the Mercury-day ... the Silver day of Balance ... the day of Healing ... the day of the Divine Math ...

     And yesterday I quote a chapter about Light ... today about Illumination. Yesterday spoke Lord Jesus, today spoke Lord Koot Hoomi, who was Saint Francis and Pythagoras.

Enjoy the Teachings,


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.


PS. What have to do this with Technologies? ... In fact, your actual understanding of Nature, Electricity and Magnetism, need a review.


Corona Class Lesson 31

"Great Is Your Reward in Heaven"

Pioneers of the Universal Intelligence of God—
Thought, in all its wonder, must be governed—just as men harness the tide and the winds. First, it must be recognized that man is not thought but that the power to think is ever a faculty of mind. Man is not mind, but solely a manifestation of God.

The frailty of human reason is ever in its identification with the finite self. A sense of being entangled in the processes of identification with objects and experiences hinders the revelation of man's true spiritual nature.

The idea of God as the creator of the universe easily evolves to the idea of equating God with the universe, but this is ever a mistake known as pantheism." For the universe could not contain Him; neither is He limited by the finite borders of material substance.

However, it is definitely true, beloved ones, that God is in substance and in form and that the life-elements which compose them emanate from the Godhead. Nevertheless, it simply cannot be said that the identity of God is circumscribed or confined by that substance which composes the universal body of creation called the cosmos.

God is not the matter universe, neither is the universe God. It is, however, the vessel into which he pours his Life; and the only Life there is in matter is God. Furthermore, without the Divine Being extending a portion of Himself into substance—spiritual or material—the inner structure of that substance would collapse. Likewise, should Elohim withdraw their God consciousness from the embrace and the vision of the physical universes—these, too, and all therein would cease to be.

Beloved, God is not the mind that comprehends and knows in part (I Cor 13:9, 12). But the mind of man that potentially senses the things of the Spirit is connected with and utilizes the one universal intelligence of God. This spiritual intelligence whispers to life, and life obeys the impetus of Love's mandates, hastening joyously to observe the ritual of Life's (God's) perfect plan, amplifying the divine intent to the fullness of its power.

The mind is a tool of wonderful flexibility. When it is set free by the power of imagination (operating through the 'third eye"—the spiritual center located at the brow of the forehead). It can envision a multitude of glorious concepts which range from mere fancy to creative sublimity.

Chief among the attributes of Divinity as expressed by an illumined mind is the power to govern itself. An ungoverned intellect, like unbridled emotion, can result only in disgrace for the erring manifestation. Error cannot affect the pure and holy purposes of universal Love, which are in complete unity with the perfect Mind of God and cannot be divided by the chicanery of the carnal mind.

The forthright statement of the Christ, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do," indicates that ignorance is the first sin upon which the Babylonian tower of error, reaching for the skies, is constructed. (Gen 11:1-9) If, then, it be ignorance which is the first habit to conquer, it can be recognized that by the golden flame of Christ-illumination the realm of shadow is pushed back.

Upon the hearth fires of expanding illumination, the horizons of men expand to pioneer a new frontier of spiritual knowledge and experience. And the rocky abyss of ignorance is transformed thereby into a universal highway of light whose roads, like ribbons of glory, lead to the city of God-happiness and peace (Shamballa).

Ignorance is a habit based on sluggishness of mind and an unwillingness to sharpen and use the tool of thought. Lack of knowledge must be countered by joyful seeking after the glory of God, both below among the learnings of men and above in the lofty hills of sacred knowledge and spiritual experience.

When the process whereby habits are formed is understood in its entirety, a most useful faculty is forged. In order to understand how habits are formed, it is helpful to observe the cycles of life operational in daily experience.

The cycle of the hours, as "day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge," (Ps 19:2) is derived from the diurnal rotation of the earth on its axis as the hemispheres are alternately exposed to and concealed from the solar radiance. The cycles of the years occur by reason of the revolution of the earth in its elliptic orbit around the sun.

The cycles of civilization respond to the cosmic tides of stellar influence outplayed in the configurations of the hierarchies of the zodiac as these interact upon the bodies of the solar system. So many solar systems comprising a galaxy, so many galaxies in procession around the Great Central Sun present a staggering eye view of what, for want of another word, we call The Immensity. Yet this is not all.

Concentric rings (elongated as ellipses) are the best way of graphically illustrating eternity as distinguished from time and space, which are depicted as a straight line or a geometric angle segmenting the inner sections of the circle of Life into separate parts.

Now, this we consider in order to understand that the same law of energy-in-motion operative in planetary bodies governs the orderly process which occurs each time you create (i.e., set in motion, launch into orbit) a habit in your world. Whether or not men are conscious of this, the law follows its cycle of completion and establishes a habit as a duly recognized result of the law of the circle in action.

Electricity and magnetism play their part in establishing and sustaining the action of habit and the power of habit. Using the example of an electromagnet, I am desirous of imparting to the students an awareness of the circles used in winding wire into a magnetic coil; these are indicative of a repetition of the law of the circle— which circle, in this case, becomes a spiral gathering momentum with each turn, even as a habit is strengthened by its recurrence. The more turns of wire about the magnetic core, the greater the induction and accompanying magnetism that is created in the electromagnet as the electricity flows through the coil.

As we compare the natural laws of physics to the metaphysics of human psychology, we ask the student to pause for a moment to equate for himself this reinforcement of desired or un-desired action (as though each act, a thing in itself, gathered unto itself a momentum of energy forming a spiral around the spinal altar) and to consider how this magnetizing of the core of self (one's energy and consciousness) happens each time he mentally or physically goes over (repeats) such repetitious cycles (turns of the wire) as he habitually releases his energy (electricity) into the same habit pattern, or coil. It will be seen that the power of any habit, good or bad—or a collection of habits—is actually a dominant (electromagnetic, if you will) force, a veritable momentum attracting Good or Evil in both the human and the divine personality of man.

These facts are not intended to frighten but to free by soul illumination all who would take control of their daily lives. However, the average student will require more than the armor of this beginning knowledge to bind the power of old and entrenched habits unwanted, unfruitful. Like the barren fig tree, (Matt 21:18-22) these habits—though they lock a great deal of man's energy in a magnetic coil of repetitive desires and deeds— bear no fruit of Higher Consciousness (much less, positive human achievement for social good, which is to be anticipated of every chela on the Path). Therefore, they must be "cursed" (judged) by the Christ, "withered" by the withdrawal of all energy invested therein—their spirals arrested by a fiat of the will, and their consciousness and momentum cast into the sacred fires of transmutation invoked steadfastly in dynamic violet flame decrees.

We have provided this foundation to our study of the law of habit and habit formation in this first discourse on our subject in order that you, our blessed disciples, might, in the spirit and tradition of Jeremiah, "root out and pull down and destroy"' all negative spirals and self-destructive habit and "build and plant" all positive spirals and constructive habit necessary for your self-realisation In God.s

We shall follow with an ordered outline of study whereby the formation of habits will be seen to be tied to the setting in motion of temporal cycles governed by the law of the spiral which each one sometime, somewhere has established for himself. The law of habit dictates that the one who has created a habit is the only one who can uncreate it—simply because it is his energy, his free will, and his self-creation on the path of self-mastery that are involved. If one does decide to uncreate a habit, that one must then adjust the cycles of the energy thereby freed so as to divert it into constructive channels.

It ought to be understood that when good habits are established and erroneous ones transmuted, a more Godlike nature is evolved whereby the living Christ once again appears and is honored "in the flesh." The cause of heaven is served best by making man the master of his own household (his four lower bodies as well as the members of his immediate family), thus enabling him to take his rightful God-intended dominion over the citadels of his domain, as ever-widening spirals (good habits) of responsibility make him the logical steward of the Good on behalf of communities and nations.

It is the right of every spiritual teacher to understand how to give practical advice to those lesser-illumined seekers who may from time to time come to him for knowledge. Bearing in mind that these seekers are God-sent and belong to Him alone, the teacher should show his pupils how they may combat the elements of materiality, the grossness of mortal concepts, and the density of human thought patterns. The teacher must carefully illustrate how human thought patterns radiate into the world, creating and sustaining centers (vortices) of a negative influence which are destructive and unhealthy to the evolving spiritual bodies (and souls!) of the children of Light.

The veil of Kashmir, woven by ethereal hands of loveliness, conceals the intense beauty of Christ-radiance which shines forth from the Holy of Holies within man, passing through calcified matter concepts and irradiating all with the penetrating Mind of God. As decadent habits are dismantled or done away with entirely, there is a gradual parting of the veil and a tangible manifestation of the Holy Grail is revealed before the errant eyes of the knight-seeker for the nobility of heaven.

I AM lovingly enfolding all in a mantle of God-illumination, a garment from out the sun of splendor shining unto a more perfect day.

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