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The First Book ... with a Blue Background. (Click the image for the complete Picture ...)


Greetings in the day of Mercury ... the day of the Message ...

    And while most will feel with discomfort ... when I pronounce the words: ' various individuals from other systems of worlds did come to the planet Earth.' ... Let me modestly say ... that ... everyone comes from the stars ... everyone ... Humm.

   No one ... no Human ... has an Earthly origin. No one.

   The Dinosaurs ... were original from here ... but they are not humans. Humans ... are ... the Highest expression of the Universe ... living in the most beautiful garden ever ... created ... in a Universe ... specially created by the Lord ... Humm (again special) ... specially for us.


    This very important lesson ... which regard the first Religion and the First Science ... that very few people knows ... because most works on supossitions ... not certainities ... regard Symbols.

   The Universe and his dwellers ... use Symbols very frequently.

   Let me introduce the most Sacred Symbol you can have in this New Age ... one of them, and this symbol is:

The Symbol of the Return of Lord Jesus, by Sanat Kumara.

    This symbol is very sacred and regards and has been introduced at the moment of the return of Lord Jesus, the last 10-02-2012. Was Sanat Kumara, who is the Being, called 'Sanat from planet Kumara' to introduce and inaugurate such symbol.

    I can also introduce to you ... a symbol regarding 'The Ummitas'.


   The Ummitas are a Cosmic Tribe of High Light Warriors who arrive two years ago ... from an order of Father/Mother God to help planet Earth. They arrive in the Night from February 28th, 2011 to March 1, 2011, about ONE YEAR Before Lord Jesus.

    ... And what is the Symbol of Planet Earth? ... Humm ...

    Well, I want to gift ... The symbol of the Twelve Planets, including Mercury which is TO-DAY.


    Please understand that there are 12 (Twelve) planets ... excluding the Moon and the Sun.

   The days of the week and their relative planets are:


    Now the questions? ...

What and Where ... as well How was the First Religion?

    How was the first Science?

   To answer these questions ... we need to return ... mentally speaking to the first ... Civilization: Lemuria, or the Land of Mu.



   Because these concepts are NOT clear to many, I will ... repeat ...

   From my book, "The Book of Apocalypse explained by Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Sanat Kumara and the Family of Light. The return of Lord Jesus"

(image regards a coming Third Edition - Click to check ... )

(The Book is available in English, Italian, Spanish in Paperback ($/£/€ 40.00) and Hardcover editions ($/£/€ 60.00))

 ... and we will begin with ...

Aurelia - What is the difference between Lemuria and Mu, or are they the same thing? 

Adama - There is some confusion on your planet and in many writings on the difference between Lemuria and Mu. Lemuria was the great continent that was considered the "Motherland" on a planet that perished in its third dimen­sional aspect 12,000 years ago. The land of Mu exists in an­other universe called the Dahl universe, and is the land the original Lemurians came from over 4,500,000 years ago. The name Mu was also given to the huge spaceship in which the Lemurians traveled from their Motherland when they first came from the Dahl Universe. The original "land of Mu" basically resides very close to the place that you know as the constellation of Cassiopeia.

  Therefore ... MU ... or the Land of MU is the original name, something like 'Little Italy' or Chinatown ... same name. Lemuria is name of the Planet in the Universe Dahl ... Opps ... Another Universe ... for Einstein Lovers ... Surprised ... Cry ... In fact, Einstein is Wrong ... Innocent The Science is more Holy than expected.


   Lemurian Religion was established from the beginning ... 4,500,000 years ago and therefore ... The first Religion and the first Science born!

   Honestly ... is Absurd ... that a Lemurian Priest (is not a Scientist) ... very few are not. Therefore, there were no divisions between Science and Religion.

    The Love and Culture ... to find a God ... was very natural ... (is unnatural today ...) because Lemurians remember perfectly ... their origins. They were the first ... Human Race and the story is very beauty because Fairs and Mermade were present and mate ... with Lemurians. People cannot believe the Perfection of Lemurians and the planet in those days ...

     Angel Kryon explain that there were no telescope or microscope in those days ... but they (Lemurians) sense perfectly the movement of the Planets, Constellations and the entire Galaxy ... with no Computers ... and this was the first Science.

    The First Science was therefore ... a some kind of Cosmic (Telepathic, Shamanic) Astrology ... where no calculation were requeried but just a somehow conversation with the Deities like RA (Sun) ... Stars ... and planets.

     The Religion were ... by example ... inspired with the first book ...The Cosmogonic Diagram of the Land of MU.

  This image comes from James Churchward book, 'The Lost Continent of Mu' ...

  ... and we can read ... about the Diagram ...

The Cosmogonic Diagram of the land of Mu was the first book written by man. I have traced this diagram back to more than 35,000 years ago. Just how long it had been in use before that, no one can say or even estimate.

All the ancient nations copied the Motherland's diagram—the Mayas of Yucatan, the Naga-Mayas of India, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Egyptians and the Pueblo Indians of southwestern North America.

Only one retained its simple character with its original meanings: the Yucatan Mayas. The rest, except the Pueblos, added figures and introduced dogmas. They gave some of the original figures different meanings, so that the simple and beautiful symbol of the Motherland became sadly distorted. This was brought about by the unscrupulous Egyptian priesthood. They first invented the devil, then they had to find an abode for him, so they invented hell. Five thousand years ago the devil and hell were unknown. The priesthood of India, seeing the effect on the people of these inventions, were quick to follow Set with Siva.

In Mu the novice was taught to learn this book thoroughly and to repeat it as his belief in God and the hereafter, just as children are taught their Bibles today.

In deciphering this cosmic diagram it will be seen that there is a central circle enclosed within two interlaced equilateral triangles. They form one single figure, having but one meaning. These two triangles are enclosed within an outer circle, which leaves twelve divisions between the two circles. Again, this outer circle is enclosed within twelve scallops. Falling from the main figure and downward is a ribbon that has eight divisions.

The central circle is a picture of the sun, Ra, who is the collective symbol of the Deity, and as the Deity is in Heaven, the Deity and Heaven being symbolized by this circle.

The twelve divisions formed by the two interlaced triangles, between the two circles, symbolize the twelve gates to Heaven. Each gate symbolizes a virtue, so that the soul must possess the twelve virtues in order to enter the gates of Heaven.

The outer circle symbolizes the intermediate world, the world beyond, the Amenti of the Egyptians.

The twelve scallops surrounding the intermediate world symbolize twelve temptations. The soul must prove that it has overcome the twelve earthly temptations before it can enter the twelve gates of the world beyond.

The ribbon falling downward symbolizes that the soul must ascend in order to reach Heaven. The ancient meaning of the word "ascend" as used here did not signify rising to an altitude. It meant to rise to a higher level towards perfection. The ribbon has eight divisions. These signify the eight roads that man must traverse before his soul may enter the world beyond.
I have given a description of what the eight roads to Heaven are in the previous chapter.

   The Author (James Churchward) explains he did not know ... what are the Twelve Temptations or the Twelve Virtues that give you the Open to Heaven, but I John (Giovanni) like a Children of Mu, will recover an explanation and an example.

  Honestly ... what is important for me, is not for all. What is important is to have the 'sense' of the righteousness.

  I write as follows:


The Twelve Temptations and the Twelve Virtues
1 Love Hate
2 Faith Vengeance
3 Will Arrogance
4 Truth Lie
5 Gratitude Indifference
6 Courage Laziness
7 Self-Estimee Self-Pity
8 Wisdom Ignorance
9 Hope Despair
10 Calm Critic
11 Compassion Hopelessness
12 Joy Discouragement

Therefore ... the first Religion was based on Symbols and a mystical understanding of the Universe (like operates the dweller of the Universe) and the Science was a simple abstraction of these understanding, like by example is,



which is a 2D representation of the Mayan Calendar.

    Logically, the Maya ... as well the Lemurians ... (the Lemurians were MotherLand and there are a story that the nephew of Mother Mary with him wife ... move from Lemuria to South America to teach Sacredness to South America. In fact, Mother Mary was the first priestess (and there were NO MALE originally) in the Lemurian 'Religion'.

   It is (and basically always has been) that the Woman rules the Home. The Church (in any religion is a Home).

  Readers interested in this story can read ... 'Pleiadians Perspective of Human Evolution' by Amorah Quan Yin, a copy is available here and this regards the Fourth Experiment, Part IV - Colonization of Earth.html


Giovanni A. Orlando

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