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Saturday, 01 June 2013 14:05

The 'Madonna col Bambino' by Giovanni Pisano


Greetings in the day of the Queen ... the day of the Mother ... like is Mother Mary ... the day of Sabbath ... when Mercury and Saturn welcome she ... the Great Abbot of the Acquarian Age ...

     And today I will speak about the ...

Spirals of Selflessness for the Madonna and Child

     You cannot my friends ... Have two Masters.

24No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
   -- Matthew 6:24.

   In the day of the Queen ... in the day of Mother Mary ... I address ... Spirals of Selflessness for the Madonna and Child



Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I hope you know what are the cult of Baal ... or who is him.


Spirals of Selflessness for the Madonna and Child
Part 1


And these are the spirals of selflessness For the Madonna and the Child. Upon the altar of the living God I place my flame. And within that flame of violet light A thousand million billion flames do glow-Violet, pink, and purple hue. The light of God through and through Is the will to win, to cast out sin, And to defend the Woman and her seed (Rev 12:17) — I come in the hour of greatest need!

I come as Saint Germain, the world to claim
For Mary and her diamond heart
And for all who sing the song of the Lamb. (Rev 15:3)

I come to claim the ark of Noah and the ark of the covenant. (Num 10:33)
I come to claim a flame that burns so bright,
Illumines that darkest night,
Dispels all ignorance, and calls them Home —
The sheep, the steadfast,
The ones who know their master's voice. (John 10:4)

Now hear, hear a rhapsody, hear a symphony,
Hear the chords, the chords of the flame from my very own soul.
Hear the precision of each chord and note and know
That this is the precision flow
Of light from cosmic spheres and other years,
Descending cycles from the causal body,
Descending, spiraling through
To animate, to activate the soul and you —
You, my friends of light, devotees of that flame
Whose will to win will not allow your souls or bodies to take flight
When the hour of my coming is far, far into the night.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Good evening, knights and ladies of the flame. My heart is more than joy-filled this night as I come. I come to see this place filled with the golden glow of candlelight that is within your very own heart. Each one of you now will start a cosmic flame of victory, a cosmic flame of freedom. Here now the will to begin has proven unto me that your way is that way of selflessness, surrender — now to win.

I AM the cleansing action of the sacred fire within you that clears the way for the coming of the Holy Spirit. We are watching the vessels of consciousness of Keepers of the Flame as though you were newborn babes in incubators. We watch you with the watchful eye of the guru, and only when you become guru will you know how watchful is that eye of the teacher for the student on the path of righteousness. We watch the Keepers of the Flame throughout the earth. And we nourish and we come and we love and we nourish still. You are our children.

And so I come. I come joyously at the behest of the Lords of Karma and the Darjeeling Council and by your own hearts' calls to dedicate a new year and a new cycle. And so in preparation for my coming and the address that I would give to you this night, I have reviewed that which I have presented to you on previous occasions in the past year and in previous years. And my review has been of the effects of my dictations upon each individual soul, upon those who have heard my word through the messengers and upon those who have felt the emanation and the radiation of the flame of freedom with my coming.

And I have gone to the Darjeeling Council and I have conversed with the ascended masters concerning the effect of the flame of freedom and of the teachings of the seventh-ray masters upon the evolutions of earth. And do you know what Mother Mary has told me? She has told me, as I have also seen from the record, that when I have released the chastisement and the rebuke, when I have sent forth my lectures on selfishness and the sloth of the human consciousness, that this has produced the greatest fruit and the greatest reaction —a positive action for good and for righteousness and for a determined stand —not only among Keepers of the Flame, but among the souls who are attuned to the symphony of the violet ray.

I come once again, then, to denude and to place before the denuded self those spirals of selfishness that have stood in the way of the white-fire coil rising for the adornment of the Mother and the Child within you. I come, then, to poke a few holes through your concepts of yourselves that are less than true, views which you have held which have placed you a little farther along the Path than you in actuality are. For sometimes, you see, students think of themselves as more advanced than they are, and sometimes students think of themselves as being far behind all the rest when they in fact are indeed blest with a consciousness of purity and innocence that is truly the joy of the angels.

Let us then first deal with those who think they are a few steps beyond others on the Path. Let us deal with those, then, who perhaps have been with me and my teachings for a longer number of years than others, or some who feel they have had the association with the ascended masters, or others who feel because they are on in years they are thereby superior to others of lesser years' duration on this earth.

Well, I speak, then, I speak to you. For as you have been told, the scales of selfishness fall daily from the eyes and from the body temple of those who are pursuing a path of liberation. It must ever be so, beloved ones, that the transcending path of soul-liberation must bring to view those aspects of selfishness which you did not view yesterday and which you did not view the day before, but which today have become the very mote in the eye, the eye that would behold the closer view of God.

And so you see, even in the transcending of the self and the moving across the cosmos by the spirals of all-consuming love, there is that aspect of relativity that comes from the coordinate of the self against the backdrop of infinity. And therefore, the sun, as you behold it, shines a little differently on you today than it did yesterday because you are advancing sunward and therefore seeing other veins of consciousness, other flows and manifestations of the angles of the mind of God.

Therefore understand that today's level of perfectionment must be more advanced than yesterday's and less advanced than that of the morrow. This is not the limitation of time and space or past and present and future, but it is the unfoldment by spirals and by spherical consciousness of your own focalization of cosmic consciousness here in that point of awareness, in that very soul identity that is in the state of becoming more and more and more of God.

Therefore understand that even in the consciousness of the messenger there is a constant reevaluation of life and the priorities of life and those energies which may be invested in the various manifestations of service on earth. That which yesterday might have been an innocent pastime or diversion today seems to her to be absolute selfishness and indulgence.

Understand, then, that in the course of evolution, even the ascended masters find ways and means for acceleration and expansion and an intensification of service. For thereby it is the leaven, the leaven of the consciousness of the Christ that works together in the body of God on earth and in heaven to work a mighty work for God, because each day brings us to a more concentrated and hence consecrated level of absorption in the things of the Spirit as those things of the Spirit apply to the here and now in Matter.

Now do you understand what I have said, beloved ones? [Audience answers Yes] I thank you. For you see, I would make a very specific application to your own life. I am certain that if you have taken to heart all that has transpired in this class that you will surely see that your life as you lived it in the weeks and months before your coming must now change to a newness of life, a new vibration, a new consciousness. For after all, could you stand in the presence of Omri-Tas and mighty Victory and live again as you lived before? You must of course put on a greater mantle of awareness, of freedom, and of victory and therefore be reborn. And therefore the rebirth does come daily, precious hearts and precious loved ones.

Now I would ask for the stilling of consciousness and of all manifestations within this room. Let there be silence. Let there be stillness. Let there be the setting aside of all movement. For you see, I have come to deliver unto you a portion of the violet flame, and of my mantle, and of my causal body.

You who are Keepers of the Flame ought to understand that it is always at the point of the nexus, the point of the transfer of the cup, that there is the greatest opposition to the victory. At that place where the Word is delivered from on high into your keeping, at that point, that very heart center, there the fallen ones attempt to deprive the children of God unascended and the sons and daughters of God ascended of the interchange of the cosmic flow.


You see, then, that our messenger must stand at that nexus where the tides and the currents converge, where Alpha becomes Omega, Omega becomes Alpha, where the ascended masters stand, lowering that God consciousness to the plane of the Christ mind for all evolutions of Terra, and where the Keepers of the Flame rise to the plane of the Christ mind through their invocations and decrees. At that point is the release of the spoken Word.

I say, guard the chalice, guard the vessel. Understand that that is the point, the point of the flow that must be preserved, for it is the thread of contact. Understand the meaning of the term thread of contact. And understand that that word thread conveys the meaning of a very delicate, delicate stream of light that connects the worlds of ascended octaves and unascended evolutions. That thread is what the fallen ones would snap, and their attempt at the snapping of the thread is their attempt to sever the very crystal cord that conveys the flow of life into the heart of the messenger.

See then that you understand the meaning of brotherhood and the meaning of community, for all that we share together is the result of the strength of each one multiplied by the light of the Christ and the I AM Presence of each one. See then that as you yourself will to be one who is called a messenger of light, one who is a messenger of the Word, as you give your decrees and invocations and your love to God, see that when you open your mouth to give your decrees that that also is the point of the nexus of a cosmic flow.

And until you open your mouth and give voice to the power of the Word, there is that momentum of opposition to that decree that sometimes rolls in as the very momentum of the hordes of darkness. And that opposition comes as a certain irregularity in your lives whereby you do not pursue the ritual of the flame or the setting aside of the giving of decrees at the appointed hour or the coming together with regularity for services. Do you see, then, that the opposition being intense is also subtle, extremely subtle, and always it is to disturb that thread of contact? Each one maintains a thread of contact with the hosts of light, with the I AM Presence; and in each one of you, that thread of contact is for a very specific purpose to our cause, the entire cause of the Great White Brotherhood.

I speak especially to you, you who have come only recently into the understanding of the teachings. You have had a calling and a focalization of the thread of contact for many years, and even in previous incarnations. But your absence from our midst and from direct contact with the ascended masters has been carefully programmed by the fallen ones to keep you from an understanding and an awareness of the great, great import of that thread and of your individual service to life.

It has then been because of the calls of those students in embodiment to cut you free that you have come, for Keepers of the Flame daily invoke the Flame of Life on behalf of those who are a part of this inner mandala. And they give invocation to the sword of Archangel Michael for the cutting free of souls of light who are bound by the psychic thralldom and the hedonism of the cults of this world.

I tell you, there are cults of Baal (Num 22:41) and of darkness abroad in this land. These are the real cults of the fallen ones, but they have in turn tried to slap upon the organization of the Great White Brotherhood and our messenger the term "cult" and "sect" and "fanaticism," and so forth and so on, when indeed they are the ones who are the purveyors of this symbolism of the goat of Mendes and of all of the accouterments of satanic rite, even when they know not that they have hitched their wagon not to the star of mighty Cosmos, but to the electronic belt, negative spirals of the fallen ones —those dark stars to whom is reserved the mist of blackness forever. (Jude 13)

See, then, the intricacies of the law and of the teaching. See, then, how the thread of contact with our octave that is maintained by the science of the spoken Word is all that the children of God upon earth have-that thread of contact drawing them into the presence of the Holy of Holies. Thank God for those who yet pray in Jesus' name. Thank God for those who yet give the mantras in the name of the Buddha, in the name of Mohammad, and the great avatar who have walked the earth. They also maintain the antahkarana; they are the unnumbered souls moving toward the whiteness and the brightness of the glory of the overcomers.
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