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Greetings in the days of the Lord ... and to-day is Sun-day ... the day of the Sun ... and is also Full Moon ...

     Now ... I will dedicate this chapter ... to my Own ... I AM Presence ... which the World honestly in few number knows and is part of my Spiritual Story.

     Each time ... I return to my South America ... to Venezuela ... to Caracas ... has been a time of Ascension ... to walk up ... to return to the Lord.

     And I leave my country ... because is my country. It does not belong to Cubans, or to Italians that told me 'You can return this is your Land' ... Is not their Land ... is my Land. Each time I return ... I move up.

    I leave the Country in August 1986 ... then I live uninterrupted mode in Southern Italy and I return after 11 years, in September 1997 to Caracas. I return also in 2005 and 2006 ...

   Now I will describe the days of my return to Venezuela 1997. I remember very well because ... in those days die Princess Diana Spencer and few days later dies Mother Theresa ...

   I do not want to pretend to be important ... but I consider that my travel to Venezuela ... take off some Light and support to these two Great Light Women.

    I visit England only one time and was in September 1994 I visit my Family there. I visit Birmingham and I attend and was in Catholic Church. I risk to meet and to see Lady Di ... My Cousin saw she ... I was not lucky. I never see her and I never see Mother Theresa.


   However, in my days in Venezuela ... I moves under the assistance of Saint Germain.

    What I understand ... when I tell you ... "I moves under the assistance of Saint Germain"? ...

    Is Simple ... Ascended Masters ... rule Time and Space ... and therefore are the Masters to choose the students ... in a perfect moment.

    Saint Germain ... address me to a Library in Caracas ... and there I found a Spanish Edition (not authorized if you prefer, and published in Colombia) ... of the book, 'THE MAGIC PRESENCE'.

    Let me tell you ... that before that day, in September 1997 (and the book is in Spanish) ... Before that day, I never hear about 'Saint Germain'. I never hear about Ascended Masters. Before that day ... I was 'simply' a Business Man ... working on Computers. A Linux expert ... someone with Computer Skills that return to its country for a holiday.

    To-day, May 26th 2013 ... close to my 50th Anniversary (Relax ...) ... I know he, Saint Germain was Merlin. I know he wrote the Shakespearean Plays ... and I see him in my last visit in Caracas ... to write the book,

    I know ... he, Saint Germain was Plato. I know he was Columbus, I know he was King Solomon ... and honestly I, Giovanni (John) know that I meet him across the centuries.

    Some people claim ... that Saint Germain ... live uninterrupted mode ... not only many centuries ... but many millennium. He, Saint Germain was also Joseph ... the Mentor of our Beloved Lord Jesus. And is ... 'curious' how the figure of Joseph disappear.

    Another curiosity is how Saint Germain ... in another moment ... describe the forks, the plates and the food ... at the Cana Weeding? ...

(Who was the husband at Cana's Weddings?...)

    I will tell you immediately. The Husband at Cana Weeding was Lord Jesus and the bridge was Mary Magdalene.

    For a complete Story of the Weeding of Mary of Magdalene and lord Jesus and the Holy Grail, you can read the book,


     Now, I will gift the first 4 chapters of the book, 'I Magic Presence' that gives you an idea about How Heaven and its dwellers help us.

     Before to gift the book, I will give you an information.

     The Book Collection printed by Saint Germain Press includes ... in the three books information about 'Godfre Ray King' who was King Lion-heart and George Washington ...

Today Beloved Godfre ...

    Beloved Godfre was a very sacred person with him wife Edna Ballard.

    I, Giovanni (John) was close to him ... in Older Arabia ... over than 70,000 years. I was a Sultan and he was a son of the Ruler, the son of Saint Germain.

    In case you are asking ... Yes, I had an Harem in those days ... The Harem was included.

    (Hey man was legal ... ask me not in this life ... but ...)


    Permitting my Necessary Irony ... my friends ... I can list the name of many persons ... included in the 'Saint Germain Press' Book Collection 'I AM Teachings' ... ALL ASCENDED ... ALL ASCENDED MASTERS ... ALL in Heaven.

    This is the list ... I add another two you know ... from another place ... from the Summit Lighthouse.

    This is the list ... A list of Ascended Persons who Ascended Last century:

  • Daniel Rayborn ... today Beloved Daniel
  • Nada Rayborn ... today Beloved Nada.
  • Rex Rayborn ... today Beloved Rex.
  • Bob Singleton ... today Beloved Bob.
  • Pearl Singleton ... today Beloved Pearl
  • Guy Ballard (King Richard I of England, George Washington) ... today Beloved Godfre.
  • Edna Ballard (Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I of England) ... today Beloved Lotus.
  • Mark L. Prophet (Sir Lancelot, Iknathon) ... today Beloved Lanello.
  • Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Lady Guinevere, Nefertiti) ... today Beloved Clare.

... Yes ... Beloved Godfre is with me. They ALL are with me this morning ...

May you be Blessed this day,

Heaven is for real ...

I AM only your Eternal Knight.
Giovanni A. Orlando

Enjoy the first chapters ... of the book, 'The Magic Presence'.

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