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Friday, 28 November 2008 16:15

Where is Camelot's Merlin ... today?

(This picture is allegorical) 


This is the second release of "Where is this historical person?"... and this time we touch Merlin.


Merlin was the today Ascenced Master Saint Germain.

He was a ruler of a golden Age Civilization 70,000 years ago in the today Sahara Desert. In those days, the Gobi desert was a sea area and the today Sahara desert was a tropical area. Basically, the Sahara area become a desert because the people reject the Divine Plan, and prefer the exchange and bargain of goods and money.

He was a High Priest in Atlantis, around 13,000 years ago. Served the Violet Flame Temple and was schooled at the retreat of Archangel Zadkiel.

The Prophet Samuel, eleventh century B.C. Israel and last of the Hebrew Judges.

Saint Joseph, protector of Jesus and Mary. Please note that the book said protector not father.

Saint Alban, late third of early fourth century, town of Verulanium, renamed St Albans, Hertforshire England. First Britain Martyr.

Teacher of Proclus. The last major Greek Neoplantonic philosopher, Proclus (c. 410-485, Athens) headed the Platonic Acamedy and wrote extensively on philosphy, astronomy, mathematics and grammar.

Merlin, c. fifth century. Britain. Magician, seer and counselor at King Arthur's court who inspired the founding order of the Knight of the Round Table.

Roger Bacon (1220-1292), England. Philosopher, educational reformer, and experimental scientist; forerunner of modern science renowed for his exhaustive investigation in alchemy, optics, mathematics and languages.

Cristopher Columbus, 1451-1506 Genoa Italy. Discover America in Oct. 12th 1492 during first of four voyages to the New World sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen Elisabeth of Spain.

Francis Bacon (1561-1626) England. Philosopher, statesman, essayist and literary master, author of the Shakespearean Plays, father of the inductive science and herald of the scientific revolution. Took the initiation of the ascension May 1, 1684, the reappeared as "Saint Germain" eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

He was well know in all Europe and stay in touch with Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte to create the United States of Europe.

He was also present at the sign of the Independence of United States of America. 

(The source for this is the Book #4 "Stones of the MasterBuilders" from the book Saint Germain on Alchemy written by Elizabeth Care Prophet and Mark L. Prophet and published by Summit University Press (http://www.tsl.org) pag 447-8.)данильченко юрий брониславович прокурорбурение скважин малогабаритной буровой установкойгражданство испаниямежконатные двери свое производствоультрабук и ноутбукasus ноутмеждународные перевозки грузов морским транспортомслипоны днепропетровсксообщение на телефонконденсационные газовые котлыалександр лобановский харьковdab e box