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Wednesday, 08 May 2013 05:42

The Third Edition of Saint Germain on Alchemy ...


Greetings in the Odin-day ... the day of the messenger ...

     Peace and Love to you ... my dearly friends ... and some minutes ago ... A White Dove ... stop in my wide Balcony.

      I was thinking on a person and then I call him ... but may be the person is not in the office.

      However, because the sense of the 'White Dove' ... and she walk a little on corner's balcony ... there are of course a more wide meaning.

      White Doves are sent by the Heavens ... when the thoughts are very peaceful ... 

      And may be ... the White Dove ... have some sense ... with Israel and Iran ... with North Korea and United States ... may be with the World ...

      I will be honest ... because I AM an honest person. I admit I say lies in the past ... with promise of products that delay ... but after all that person I AM not anymore.

      In five years ... I say one lie, and because the person that enter in my home to work ... instead to arrive and help ... arrive asking. This represent a type of person ... who suffer. Some one you hire to do a Job, and like a Judge enter in your home asking or requesting ... is not someone ... want to help ... and soon or later ... such person will have serious problems of behavior.

      Now, like you know ... one of the most important books I edit ... 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ... has been removed from sales.

      This is NOT only the bad news ... but also the Digital Company where we offer such book and our books ... 'Block' the account ... stopping ANY POSSIBLE SALE.

         Yes ... they are very ... You know ...

          While I maintain and confirm that 'The Universe is Just' ... I want to explain ... how we can solve this issue.

          Firstly I have a great Love for Elizabeth Clare Prophet (now ascended, and few knows this) as well to Mark L. Prophet (also ascended, like Beloved Lanello ... and many knows this).

          I do not want to discuss ... wrong or right ... I will not.

          Instead ... I will continue with my plan ... offering this book and translating this book ... and offer for sale this book.

          Am I arrogant or unrespectful person? ... Of course, not.

          Now ... let me modestly say ... with the necessary respect ... I have ALL The Authority to do ... what I do!

       Beloved Elizabeth and Mark, explains on the book, 'The Path to Immortality' ... which is a lovely and important book I purchase in Los Angeles, in January 2008 ... that UN-Ascended Masters ... can attend Cosmic Councils. And I attend ... Cosmic Council. One I attend was November 10th 2007 ... on Sirius ... Opps!

          I tell this fact ... many times and promise a complete story in my book, 'The 144.000', which is like Spiritual Biography.

       Today ... I recover an explanation ... and again I will be honest ... because I AM ALWAYS HONEST ... for my Job ... like a Holy Messenger ... in the day of the Message.

        This message is ... if you prefer ... an anticipation of 'The 144.000' ... but also 'El Secreto de los Andes' ... explains this story ... but NOT in full details.

      I will gift the same story I repeat this morning to my family. The family I live with ...

      'I was in Caracas ... lying on my bed ... and in a moment two angels of the Abundance Ray ... wearing a somehow Golden Robes ... Robes color Golden ... told me about a Mission I need to realize ... and this mission regards a covenant of Saint Germain ... about to reunite 'The 144.000' ... and OF COURSE ... all people that channel Masters ... are one of them ... and there are many ... many ... still more than 144.000.

     Now one of the Angels told ... I need to go ... to the city of 'Los Angeles' ... where I know there are an incredible dispensation of Million of Angels ... and this is the reason for the name ... the city of Los Angeles is called ... the city of Los Angeles.

      Because my previous/actual Job ... about Computers ... an invitation from Google ... and Mac World ... I add ... also San Francisco to my trip ... and I firstly visit San Francisco ... and meet ... in the distance ... the Great Steve Jobs ... a person who I appreciate from early days ... when I purchase an Apple IIc ... and then I attend KDE 4 presentation at Google Headquarters.

     Well ... The Angels of Wealth ... told me that I will receive good money to make 'an important trip' ... to United States. In that traveling journey ... I will meet many of the 144,000 ... and I honestly meet them ... some are from Caracas, like me. Others are from Arabic origins ... I have a small list.

      The other reason was to purchase books. I purchase ... and I am repeating for you ... the most important books:

  • The Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow ... and this book I read in 2008 in one week open to me to new books about the Pleiadian messages like the books of Amorah Quan Yin.
  • The Mayan Code by Barbara Hand Clow ...
  • The Path to Immortality, some other books ... and of course the Second Edition of 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ...

        Now (to explain also to the white people of The Summit Lighthouse ... lovers and personnel) ... the Second Edition includes the many books, some from Elizabeth Clare and some from Saint Germain.

  • The first book is from Elizabeth ... and is not included in my Third Edition.
  • The three books of Saint Germain on Alchemy are: Studies on Alchemy, Intermediate Studies on Alchemy and Advanced Studies on Alchemy. These books are included and these books are punctuated. These books are dictations from Saint Germain ... given to Mark Prophet in 1975 and Elizabeth Clare.
  • The other material present on the book is not included ...
  • I include seven Addendum ... and again they are messages from Saint Germain and the Great Divine Director as well material from other books.
  • Also the Kybalion, the Emeral Tablet of Thot and The Mirror of Alchemy ...

   ... all this to give ... to the reader ... a Great Moment of Alchemy ...

   There are also another book ... completely new (inside my Third Edition that is Seven books in one ...) which is complete new from new discourses ... from Saint Germain:

A Compilation List is as follows:

  • 1st Discourse:  “The Seven Laws of Magic”, channeled by Raul Yepez, on 31 January 2011, in Miami.
  • 2nd Discourse: “The Alchemy”, (which includes the Saint Germain’s Full Moon Alchemical meditation) channeled by Raul Yepez, in Medellin, on 10 March 2010.
  • 3th Discourse: “How to realize your dreams” (which explains how to heal Cancer with Serpent Poison)”, channeled by Raul Yepez in Medellin on 12 May 2010.
  • 4th Discourse: “Learn to Live longer”, channeled by Raul Yepez in Medellin, 8 February 2012.
  • 5th Discourse: “Listen the Answers of your Hearth” channeled by Denise Laberge in Canada on 13 June 2011.


   Therefore ... there are many people channeling Saint Germain ... actually ... Raul Yepez and Denise Laberge are just two ... I choose to include in this great Moment of Alchemy.

     I say ... If I were Saint Germain? ... but I am not ... I was him apprentice ... and while my Alchemy in this Life return to Light ... I remain ... his Apprentice ...


... Please Enjoy the 'Introduction' ... and understand why I have all the rights to do ... what I did ... I was close to him ... Life after Life. If you are looking for proof ... and accept channeling like a proof ... I can give you ... such proof ... because while I read my Akashic records ... and see him in the Discover of America trip ... Elohim Mer ... confirm me ... I was close to him in Camelot, when he was Merlin, close to him in Egypt when he was Hermes (and Thoth) ... close to him when he was King Solomon ... close to him when he was Plato ... etc.

Worry not ... I am NOT an Ascended Master ... I AM ... only ... Un-Ascended ... and I AM at your Service ... Of Course.

Let the Light be with You ...

Giovanni A. Orlando

From the Book ... 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' (Third Edition) ...

Introduction: Saint Germain and me.




It is a pleasure for me, Giovanni, your fellow in tribulation speak about my Mentor, Ascended Master Saint Germain.


In fact, before 1997, I never heard about him. In that year, September 1997, I return to my country, Venezuela, and my birth-city, Caracas, and in my short visit, after 11 years of absence, I was catch by a book, which title in Spanish is: “YO SOY LA MAGICA PRESENCIA”.


Reading that book, in spare time my sometimes smiling because my low level of remembrance, I finish the book, before my travel to Vegas, for Comdex 1999. I remember before my travel I try to check on the Web, on Altavista.com, Google was almost unknown by the date, and I find nothing because I use the Spanish words. Then, after my return to my company, I enter the words “I AM”, and “Saint Germain” and I got a collection of 18 Volumes. Immediately, I order Volume 1, “Unveiled Mysteries”, Volume 3, “The "I AM" Discourses” and Volume 18: "I AM" Discourses on America – Hardbound. I receive the “magic” package directly from the publisher in my company address in Northern Italy, on Christmas Eve of 2002.


            This time I dedicate to read the book, because my great insight. I was dramatically changed reading the Volume 2. I order not, the English edition for the book “The Magic Presence”, because an internal voice advice me, to do not.


            I, however, have ordered new volumes recently, this time to my new company address. I order this time, the Volume 2, “The Magic Presence”,  Volume 16, “Archangel Michael Speaks on the Angelic Host”, Volume 19, “The "I AM" Discourses on Supply”, Volume 20, “The "I AM" Discourses by the Gods of the Mountains”, where the Beloved God Meru (Maestro Mer, Elohim Mer), God Himalaya, God Tabor, and God of Swiss Alps, all strictly Hardbound.


            I have enjoyed some chapters of each book, but not read yet one in full ... but my story with Saint Germain is far beyond to read books ... to see it ... in their eyes ... to live with him life after life ... Yes! ... there are a story here.


            Like, I comment I never hear about him ... before 1997, before my first return to my country, Venezuela. And each time, I have returned to Caracas, each return have represented for me, a new opportunity to walk in my enlightenment.


            The 1997, was important because I never know the person that live in my apartment. I know that person. For me, to live in Caracas, is like to live at home. I am extremely happy, because the weather, the beach, the “Avila” (a mountain), the people and the rest. However, more important than anything else, was that “Saint Germain choose me ... “ to back to be him earthly apprentice.


            My mentor in those days was a woman, very sacred and lovely and ancient. She was the first person that introduce me the ‘Ascended Masters’, and my first heavenly Mentor was ‘Lanto’, who was the Chohan of the second Ray. He spoke and present himself, the second time, like ‘Emeterius’. The arrival of Saint Germain to my life, was trough that book, titled: “YO SOY LA MAGICA PRESENCIA”, and my Mentor, get interested by the name with some warning, but I calm she.


No other interaction with Saint Germain happens until my second return to Caracas, in 2005, two times and from 2006 when I live in my city, changing rooms for rent, for over than two years. The last stop was a House when I meet him, for some fraction of seconds. I meet Saint Germain, and like I tell you, before, I see in him eyes, in a moment, not honestly his suffering but how people have not given him, the credits he deserve.


In fact, he was Thoth in Atlantis and begin the dynasty of Pharaoh, choosing the Highest Priest with the Highest Royal Heritage. The first step is teach and training the “apprentice” to let him or her, enable the KA. The Ka, is the High Frequency pulsations that runs on the nerves, and now with the entering of the Solar System, in the Photon Band, it is important to have the appropriate activation in the cells, to live and enjoy the Ka-tune, and avoid problems.


I have discovered recently that I, Giovanni has been probably the best “apprentice” of Hermes Trimegistus, and he lived in the Sphinx. Again he, Saint Germain was King Solomon, and again I was to his right side, I consider, I Giovanni was him son, the son of the Love with Queen Sabah.


At Camelot, He, Saint Germain was Merlin, the founder of the city, and I Giovanni was the son of Lancelot and Elaine, who gained the Holy Grail. In fact, I have protected the Grail, like Lord Galahad. These facts has been commented by Elohim Mer, recently in April 2012.


I, Giovanni however, was able to read three of my Akashic records, by September 2009, in the midst of an EMF Balancing Session.


Who was Saint Germain?  


Saint Germain is a being who originally arrive to planet Earth, with the Mother Ship of MU, where Lord Jesus was the Captain.


Then he become ruler of Old Arabia, 70,000 years ago. In those days any person was able to materialize his dreams, because the world lived in full surrender to the its ‘I AM Presence’.


In those days, a great banquet was hosted by the ruler (Saint Germain), where he materialize the chairs, the plates as well the food. At the end of the meeting the hosts receive the visit of “The Great Divine Director”, who has been the Mentor and Master of Saint Germain, as well of Master El Moria.


Now, well, Saint Germain understand that a fall in the consciousness was close to happens, and he take his sons, who were Godfre Ray King, today Beloved Godfre, as well his twin ray, who is today Beloved Lotus, and leave the zone.



This was the first fall of the Consciousness of Men, and produce that Mother Earth deny to offer fruits and abundant water in that zone, today called Gobi Dessert. In fact, 70,000 years ago was as abundant like Amazon, in South America.


Saint Germain then move to Atlantis, when he ascend. In Atlantis, he invite the Queen Hathor and she lived in Atlantis for 14,000 years. She depart in the beginning of the War, between Atlantis and Lemuria. Then both continents, first Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean, and then in successive moments, Atlantis, first 13,000 years ago then, 10,800 years ago, disappears and sank into Atlantic Ocean.


Following the prayers of the Atlantean survivors he materialize his KA Body, and become Thoth, to help the people to move to Egypt. Exactly, in 'Cairo'.





In Egypt he establish his School, teaching the Sacred Science, Alchemy.  To-day these teaching are resumed in the Emerald Tables. (See Book 4 in this book).


The High Student, High Priest that enable its KA Energy in his body, with highest Wisdom and unlimited Love, become the first Pharaoh.


Therefore he engine with the assistance of many members of the Hierarchy the Dynasty of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Many Masters, like El Morya, and Avatar today ascended who then become the Apostle of Master Jesus, arrive in Egypt for training and to become apprentice as well Pharaoh.




Then he become so important like a God and move also to Greece, where he was called, Hermes, and because his importance was immense, he was called, Trimegistus, or Hermes Trimegistus, teaching the Sacred Science, then Hermetic resumed to-day in the Book, called Kyballion. (See Book 5 in this book).


Then, in his travels he also found the Library of Alexandria, that was burn by the Romans. Many books to-day are located into the Vatican Library. Others in the retreat of the Ascended Masters. (See Lee Carroll, Patricia Cori, Tom Kenyon – The Great Shift, in the chapter 20 – The Alexandrian Library and the Vatican. For the connection with Thoth and the Alexandrian Library, please read: Atlantis and the Atlanteans edited by Vladimir Antonov).


He was Prophet Samuel, in Israel, recognized for his Wisdom. In fact, Saint Germain in that life was the Son of Elcana and Ann, who did do not have children. Because Ann was sterile, she ask the Lord for a children, with the promise that in the case she got a baby, she will dedicate the baby to the Lord, and so was.


The Lord call Samuel, when he was very young. In fact, once upon a time where Samuel go to Eli, because he hear a voice. But was not Eli, and Eli understand was the Lord.


Eli invite to Samuel to interact with the Lord, and say: “Lord, I AM your servant speak on”. And Samuel repeat the message and was this: “I, The Lord condemn you and your house because corrupted”. Eli accept Samuel as Prophet and he replace him.


Samuel in his older years liberate the Israelites from the Pharisees. 


He was King Salomon who built the First Temple in Jerusalem, and the first priest was Zadok.


Salomon married Queen Saba, and having a Children called Menelik I.


In fact, the name of Queen of Sheba is Malkar Seba, but her name has been lost in the sands of time, and she is called generally Queen Sheba, or Saba, like commented in the Shakespearian play, he Famous History of the Life of Henry the Eighth.


Menelik I, was the one who bring the Ark of Covenant to Ethiopia (Sheba in Solomon times), and his dynasty got 225 generations until Emperor Haile Selassie in 1974.


In fact, according to recent source, the Ark of Covenant is in Ethiopia, from the days it was transported there.



Saint Germain was also Joseph, Father and mentor of Lord Jesus. He protect Mother Mary in his travels to Egypt from Herod soldiers.




Basically, Joseph’s journey to protect Lord Jesus begin with the arrival of Archangel Gabriel, who was the father of Lord Jesus, when he deposit Lord Jesus, in Mother Womb, until he become Master.


In fact, Joseph who was Saint Germain teaches Alchemy to Lord Jesus and using the Sacred Science Lord Jesus realize his “miracles”, or precipitations.


In this in faith and Love, that this third Edition of “Saint Germain on Alchemy” has been released to offer a New Light in a World with few understanding of dimensions, no idea about the realization of Lord Jesus miracles and with great sordid symphonies of Rock, like in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah, instead of Music of the Heavens.


This book is released to create and pillar of Light and to multiply like the loaves and fishes, Lord Jesus did in his weeding with Mary Magdalene, at Cana.


In fact, Joseph, Lord Jesus Mentor was present in his weeding knowing any component of the Menu, including the dessert as well describing any fork and the texture of the plates. This invite me, Giovanni to subscribe that the Cana weeding food and furniture was materialized or precipitated by Saint Germain, in the Weeding Ceremony of his “son” and apprentice, Lord Jesus.


Saint Germain was also the protector of Proclus, in Greece who was the apprentice and successor of Plato. Proclus rules the Academy of Athens, and was the last and most important figure in the Post-Platonism Arena of the Greek Philosophers.


Proclus release 200 Volumes and most attrib the ‘Elements’ of Euclid to him. He wrote about Geometry, Astronomy, Philosophy, Mathematics and Grammar.




Have you some idea who can be or where Proclus is to-day? ... I, Giovanni will tell you, he begin to study Alchemy, and actually is editing a book, titled: “Saint Germain on Alchemy”.


Proclus, because the Roman influence, was called ‘Pagan’ because he proclaimed the individualism and reject the Roman interpretation of Christ.


Saint Germain help and support Greece.


In fact, he was Plato the popular Philosopher, student of Socrates, and founder of the Academy of Arts. His pupil was Aristotle.



Saint Germain then begin to journey on England.


In fact he was Saint Alban, the first Britannic Christian martyr.


Alban was pagan soldier that serve the Roman Army. Very rare in England, I modestly say? Irony is the secret of Long Life.

The story told us about a Catholic Priest that knock to the Alban door, looking for a place because persecuted by the Roman soldiers. He accept and protect him. Alban convert to Christianity because the humble Priest.


Then the Emperor, investigate and discover that the Priest was living in the Alban house. He immediately request him arrest.


When the soldiers arrived Alban wear the Priest clothes, letting the Priest depart. As soon he was discovered he was tortured and then jailed.

At the moment of the execution, a mass of people looking to assist  to the event, which date has been proposed to be the year of 304, was unable to pass across a bridge.


Saint Alban then rise its sight to the Sky, and let the river split in two, to let the people traverse it, to assist to its own Decapitation.




Saint Alban is the Patron Saint of England, from 2006. Therefore England is revering the soul who wrote the Shakespearean Plays, like Francis Bacon, and like Merlin who ignite the Dynasty of the Kingdom, that then become United Kingdom.


In fact, Saint Germain was also Merlin, who after Egypt moves to the lands of England, and found Camelot.


Then begin like most are called ‘fairy tales’ with King Arthur who was Ascended Master El Moria, King of Kings, sitting around the Round Table.


Like for Egypt with El Moria, like Moses to liberate the Hebrew, and with Mark L. Prophet like the latest Pharaoh, Ikhnaton who was innocent about the low degree of consciousness of his people, and losing its KA, and with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Nefertiti who was in love with Moses, and then with Ikhnaton (Mark Prophet), the same happens at the time of the arrival of Lord Jesus.


At the time of the arrival of Lord Jesus, El Moria was Melchior, Kuthumi was Balthazar and Djwal Khul was Gaspar. Like has been said, Saint Germain was Joseph, and Mother Mary was his wife.


The Triple arrival, Lord Jesus, Saint Germain and Mother Mary, also was repeated in Egypt with the Horus. In fact, Saint Germain was also Osiris, Mother Mary, Isis and Lord Jesus, Horus. Basically perfect equivalent to Israel arrival and progress.


Returning to Camelot, El Moria was King Arthur; Kuthumi was Parsifal; Mark Prophet, was Lancelot; who is the Beloved Lanello, and the name Lanello comes from the sum of "Lancelot" and "Longfellow", from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Saint Germain was Merlin; and Amerissis. the Goddess of Light, the Twin Flame of Master Morya. was the Lady of the Lake.


Your modern Apprentice, Giovanni A. Orlando, has been Sir Galahad, the noblest and purest knight of the Round Table, son of Lancelot and Elaine: gained the Holy Grail.


Saint Germain was close to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, but like always happens ‘Humankind was not ready’.


I prefer to avoid to comment facts. One fact is the union between Lancelot and Guinevere, who was Arthur wife. Another is the Morgan Le Fay, or Lady Morgana who was rejected by Merlin.


In fact like Saint Germain, Merlin reject to teach Morgana, the same was valid for Jude who was the doubtful apprentice of Lord Jesus. The same was valid for the student reject by Pythagoras, that then let the student produce an insurrection and burn the School. The same happens in Colorado, recently by a reject student, who go bad because rejected.


Evil is the rejection and no-admission of unready people to Heaven. Heaven is the reunion of the Sacred Wisdom.


It is important to say that Mother Mary Magdalene have explained that her daughter Sarah, the children of Mother Mary, who born at Glastonbury, give birth to the generations of Templar Knights.




Saint Germain was the founder of the order of the Templar Knights who survive across the centuries and this lead again to Jerusalem and the Crusades.




Then Saint Germain become also Roger Bacon, the first Scientific Priest (See Book 6 – The Mirror of Alchemy) in fact he was a Priest but he prefer the study of Science and magnetism.


Saint Germain returns like the son of Elizabeth I, fruit of her love with Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester. He was not accepted like the heir of the Queen and giving to the Bacon family to become ‘Francis Bacon’.




Francis Bacon become a Literate in fact he wrote the Shakespearian Plays, and this is explained by many scholars and many books like: ‘The Shakespeare Code’ by Virginia M. Fellows and ‘The Shakespeare Enigma’ by Peter Dawkins and many others. American Physician, Dr. Orville Ward Owen publish many books about the code, inside the plays.


The authorship of the Shakespearian plays is a long story and there are many Theories. Ascended master Saint Germain was the very author.


Recently appear a new movie narrated by the popular Shakespearian actor,  Sir Derek Jacobi, but they proclaim that Shakespeare was The Earl of Oxford.


In fact, this movie titled “Anonymous” explains and show the so-called ‘William Shakespeare” was an actor, with few expertise in writing and he got all the credits, under the suspect of many.


It is well know the Martyrdom of Francis Bacon and him betray and the obstacles he suffer. Interested people can consult the book, “The Martyrdom of Francis Bacon” by Alfred Dodd.


At the time of Francis Bacon, there are also a story of a man called: Michel Angelo (or Agnolo) Florio, and in some cases many suppose he has been connected with the life of Francis Bacon, as well Shakespeare. There are a book written by Frances A. Yates, titled: “John Florio: The Life of an Italian in Shakespeare’s England”.


There are also a new book connecting Alchemy with Bacon and Saint Germain which title is: “View Beyond : Sir Francis Bacon: Alchemy Science Mystery, Forewords” by Ervin Lazslo, Mark Rylance and Rose Elliot.


Saint Germain was also Cristoforo Colombo, the Italian Sailor that was rejected by Italian Kings and request some ship to the Spanish Corona, with success. In fact, Queen Elizabeth accept to give him three ships.


Like you know, or note, these ships holds the Malta Cross used regularly by the Crusades and the Templar. Is the same cross, and is the Maltese Cross.


All these missions hold the same cross. The Saint Germain Cross.




In fact Colombo also lived a Martyrdom and end his days in a Jail in Spain.


In the same way, has been attribute to Saint Germain the foundation of the Knight Templar order, connected with Camelot and Merlin, also the Foundation of Masonic Order by Francis Bacon was made by him. Also the Order of the Rosicrucian has been attributed to him.


I, Giovanni say: He Saint Germain found all these secret orders, that in some cases has been emulated by the Dark Brothers.


Saint Germain say he lives, many lives.


Saint Germain also say that he still lives these times, in different times at the same time, and also that past lives have a value of no cent ... because it is Past.


Is better to live the Now, and low to construct the Future.


I will now speak about Saint Germain like the ‘Wonderman of Europe’.


It is important to say for my infinite love to United States and America, my born place, specifically Venezuela, South America, as well my love for Europe, and the Euro, that symbolize the Napoleon dream, fulfilled, that Saint Germain at a specific time made an etheric call. Just one person, and he was the to-day ascended Beloved Godfre, who was Guy Ballard, in the pen of Godfre Ray King, attend that call.


He, Saint Germain, firstly did the call basically for Europeans, and no one replay. Then, Godfre, who was his son, in Older Arabia, attend his call.


The interaction between Saint Germain and Godfre, may be read in the Collection, “I AM Teachings”, published by Saint Germain Press.


Saint Germain in Europe, lived hundreds of years, in the same immortalized body.


A recent Biography explains:


He spoke at least twelve languages so fluently that everywhere he went he was accepted as a native. These included French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Eastern languages. "The learned and the oriental scholars have proved the knowledge of the Count St. Germain," wrote a countess at Louis XV's court. "The former found him more apt in the languages of Homer and Virgil then themselves; but with the latter he spoke Sanskrit, Chinese, Arabic in such a manner as to show them that he had made some lengthy stay in Asia."


The King Louis XV of France choose for him a residence in  Château de Chambord





Saint Germain was Swiss Chemist and Alchemist called Paracelsus, who invent medicine to be eat or drink.


Saint Germain continue helping American, the New Atlanteans, in New England, the New World ...




In the discourses within, you will discover that he continue to help, and visit London, Paris, North America and specially South America.




Giovanni A. Orlando.


Benevento, April, 19th 2013.

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