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Friday, 21 November 2008 20:51

Do you want to hear the beautiful and recent story of Joseph Smith, Jr?


This is not only a beautiful story but also very recent and show how bad minds cannot see beauty and make mistakes.

Let me tell you this story and how me personally reach Mormon people. Let me also said that I love them all. I don't follow them because my path is different.

Like you know I live in several cities in Italy. One of these cities is Rimini. Well, was a Sunday afternoon and I see a group of two young men showing some pictures.

They got my attention and I ask for an explanation. The story start when Joseph Smith, was a young man living in Manchester close to New York. Smith receive the visit from an Angel that comment that close to their home there are some golden tablets, buried.

He go, and discover all these golden tables, similar to the tables used in Paititi, "El Dorado". They can keep records in perfect state for centuries. He transcribe these tables in a book. The Book of Mormon.

Mormon, is a special master. The Angel that visit Joseph Smith was Moroni.

People start to read these tables, and unfortunately they move from New York, until Utah. They was killed and persecuted because they claim to be a religion and the keepers of the unknown Jesus teachings.

The Book of Mormon, that I read when I need, comment about the travel that Jesus did after him resurrection. Honestly, Jesus did several travels until he remain with them for several months.

Stupid people does not believe this. How was possible that Jesus travel from Jerusalem to New York, 2000 years ago?

The answer is simple. There are something called "Aerial Travel" very commonly used by Saint Germain, in the time of him life in France, when he appears in Mexico, Tibet, Italy and South America, without to use any formal ship.

The aerial travel (that I just repeat and I never do), is a travel done trough the Higher Self, as Saint Germain comment in him writings.

So, Jesus, that was a great master, and of course capable to handle perfectly him communications with him Higher Self, logically arrive to United States, and back in seconds, and in faster mode.

The people of Mormon, Mormons live in Salt Lake City, in Utah. I stop in the main Church, called Mormon Temple, at Salt Lake City.

I can tell you, that I really feel an intense and great love in that church. You can almost touch that Love, because its intensity.

Mormons need our respect and our love, because I am sure they love us.

If you feel the need of this feeling, go there, and you will feel this love too.

May the Lord bless each one of you.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


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