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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 11:07

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Greetings in the day of Red Love ... from planet Mars and Mercury ... and the assistance of Lord Kuthumi, the Lord of the Pink Ray ... who was Saint Francis.

    And I applaud Dan Brown ... while I did not read his book ... I watch the movie several times, as well the recent movie 'Angels and Demons' based on his novel.

     However, something is a Novel ... something else is a Sacred book ... but of course ... 'something is better than nothing'.

     The Excellent book ...

    is a fascinating book ... but a Novel.

    The book ...

     is a sacred book with messages of the Elohim Mer ... Messages from Mother Mary, Archangel Micheal, Gabriel ... Lord Jesus, Lord Maitreya.

     Elohim Mer is a so sacred Old Master ... that he create the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays that then become the Great White Brotherhood. He (together with other) ... creates Man ...

     There are many mistakes in the Belief of Man ... and one is the mistake that Man is separated from God. Man is ... a Child of God ... and at the same time a creation of God. An invention ... just to say ... in offensive mode, an experiment. But Man is a Creator ... and if he (or she) does not create ... what God can be? ...


     Returning to the Movies based on Dan Brown novels ... Something is a Movie that speaks about the 'God particle' ... something else is a book Scientific book.

      The book ... (coming) ...

     is a scientific book.

     The Dan Brown book includes several truths. One of this truth is that Lord Jesus get married with Mother Mary Madgelene. These facts are explained in part here ... but there are many many messages that can classify this book like a continuation of the Gospels.

(Soon available in Paperback and Hardbound)

     Of Course we do not knock your door. We will release and make available ... It is up to you to change and to read and to accept.

     The News are becoming so fast ... that are Magazines are not necessary anymore. The New Television is Internet ... so ... You are in the right place in the right moment.



Giovanni A. Orlando.

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