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Saturday, 06 October 2012 12:42

Lord Sananda who we know like Lord Jesus and was also Mohammad, and Lord Maitreya a face of the Buddha and Vishnu and Krisna.


Greetings in the day of Sabbath ... the day when Saturn-day and Mercury-day joins to welcome Mother Mary.

     And people do not understand how Heaven works ... Earth neither ...

     We all ... comes from the stars ... planets and Galaxies. We all are spread multidimensionally ... in 4D, in 5D ... in 6D ... 7D ... and of course in 3D.

    The key to understand who is Maitreya, who is the Buddha to come ... that is here ... what means Christ and remain also complex ... in somehow to explain What is 'The Father' ...

    The Father is NOT a person ... but an Energy, an Intelligent Energy that creates everything ... the cat, the dog ... the animals, the Trees ... the planets ... and the Man.

    The key to understand who is THIS Maitreya is to understand that Spirit split each time born ... and This Maitreya was the Son of ALL and in touch with ALL The Masters that born in Earth ... including Mother Mary, or Lord Jesus who was also King David as well Osiris who was Saint Germain but also King Salomon and Joseph, the mentor of Lord Jesus.

   He has the 'right' DNA to be ... the next Buddha and only he has that blended DNA.


    Eons ago ... Lord Maitreya and Lord Jesus were ONE. Then they consciously choose to split and become TWO. One is know like Lord Jesus and he go to Israel and Arabia and was Lord Jesus and Mohammad. He is called Sananda.

   Him Twin Brother, Maitreya ... go to Orient ... to China and India and Japan, as well Korea. He was the Buddha.

   The concept that Buddhists say 'Maitreya is the Buddha to come ...' is correct, but is a Human ... is a person.

   There are today many persons that will ascend to the Heavens and become one with God. They ... in the moment of Ascension will reunite with ALL THEIR Parts ... and become ONE. They will become also ONE with GOD.


   Therefore, Maitreya is ONE of these persons that will Ascend. A person, a Man.

   Who is this Maitreya?

   I say that Maitreya and Lord Jesus was one and then divide in Two. Now, please understand that there a Lord Jesus ... He attain the state of the Father. He become the Father and this state of consciousness is called Christ. Therefore again Christ is not a person ... but a title.

  In fact, Lord Jesus say 'I AM the Father and the Father is me'.

  Christ means the 'anointed' which means basically the Uncted by God. The Messenger, the Messiah.

  Now, Maitreya when born like Siddhartha Gautama in India and after his travailed life become 'The Buddha' ...  attain a similar title ... but that title is called 'Buddha' that means the awakened.

   The Paths to become Christ is different to the Path to become Buddha, but a Christ (there are many and were many) as well the Buddha (and were many along the millenia) ... are basically two flavors of God. Two faces of God.

   The Tibetan Book of Death explains the Five Buddha types ...

Buddha name:
Perturbed Emotion
Hate, Anger
Higher Wisdom

Sphere of all Wisdom

Mirror Wisdom



Spontaneous Realization of Acts

Double Vayra
The Five components of
States from where you got free
Evil States
Evil Souls
Titans or Anti-Gods


   Gauthama was a VAIROCANA Buddha, and the next ... Buddha, the man that will become a Maitreya ... is a AKSOBHYA Buddha, a Blue Buddha.


   The Maitreya to come ... was commented also by Lord Jesus ... when he say:

"26But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me: 27And ye also shall bear witness, because ye have been with me from the beginning"

   -- John 15:26.

  Therefore also the Christian ... expect this person ... but everyone claim have no idea when he will arrive ... I say ... he is here.

  I Giovanni can tell you more ... He is a heir from the House of David and from the Buddhist tradition.

  In fact, some people say, "Maitreya is The Lion of the Tribe of Juda, as Hebrew and Christians expect their Messiah to be: From the lineage of King David! He is also from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad (a Sayyed), as Muslims expect their Messiah to be!"

  Like commented by Lord Maitreya in the Heavens ... In fact Lord Maitreya dwell on the Sirius Star ... and this person is ONE FACE of Maitreya ... a piece of him ...

  Maitreya say that ... 'He will reunite with Lord Jesus, his Twin Brother ... then leave this World and expect us in the future ...'

  Lord Maitreya ... and Lord Jesus ... unite in Jerusalem last September 17th, Moon-day.

    You can read more about 'The reunion of Lord Jesus and Lord Maitreya' in my book,

  Therefore a person ... by inheritance ... cosmic (heavenly) as well earthly ... will condense these teachings. He comes from the Father by order of Lord Jesus ... to heal and Unite the World.

   This is the Maitreya ... and He will be a New Buddha, a Blue Buddha.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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