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Friday, 14 November 2008 09:12

Discover when Jesus get a dispensation to back to Earth?


Like most of you, you probably love Master Jesus, like me. For me was a nice surprise when in 2003, reading one of my books, for example: "I AM Discourses" by Saint Germain, I discover and get real words from Master Jesus, correcting the Holy Bible. Yes, Jesus correct some words in the Bible specifically, when someone comments that he say: "Father, why hast thou forsaken me?", but Jesus say "Father" how thou hast glorified me".

Again in a book I Giovanni Orlando, recently publish, "El Secreto de Los Andes", Archangel Gabriel comment these words, Jesus said: "Eli, Eli, lama zbactani’, and this means: “Those that they defame to me will maintain my wounds open".

The words "Why you abandoned me are the words of a coward, not someone like Master Jesus".

Well, now fixing this issue, I will go to another issue.

Was really Jesus get married with Mary Magdalene?

In these days, there are a man, called Kim Michaels, that speak with Jesus and Master Jesus reply him.

In a recent issue here on futuretg.com, I comment following the Jesus words about when he die on the crux and what happen.

But, Jesus back later ... and live on Earth like everyone that want to live with her wife and have children.

Enjoy! ... This source is available at: http://www.askrealjesus.com/K_JESUS_ANSWERS/F_JESUS%27_LIFE/marriedmarymagdalene.html

Kim: Jesus, it seems that a lot of people are interested in your relationship with Mary Magdalene. A while ago you declined to answer a question about this, but I wonder if you would care to comment on it now?

Jesus: I will comment on this topic at this time. The reason I did not comment on it earlier is that the previous question was submitted when the website was still very new. There was such a limited amount of questions and teachings on the website that I felt it was premature to answer a question that is so controversial and will require me to go against what virtually every mainstream Christian has been brought up to believe about me. I wanted there to be a greater amount of teachings on the website, so that people would have a greater understanding of my true mission and my inner teachings before I shocked them with the facts about my relationship with Mary Magdalene.

Let me first say that although I realize that many people have pure motives for asking these questions, I want to make it clear that the historical details about my life are truly unimportant compared to my spiritual teachings and the example that I set. My true message is that each human being has the potential to attain Christ consciousness and ascend to heaven. I demonstrated that message in my life, but to truly understand that message you must look beyond the historical details and see the universal aspect of my life. As I explain elsewhere, my life was meant to demonstrate the path that every soul can follow. Therefore, if people focus too much attention on the historical details, it can indeed become an obsession that takes them away from understanding and internalizing my universal message. This is why I am generally reluctant to answer questions about the historical details of my life.

Another reason is that many of those historical details are being disputed, often from several different sources. I really have no desire to set the record straight about every historical detail concerning my life, because if I did so it would take up my messenger’s time for years, and his time could be spent far more constructively in helping people understand my universal message and my inner teachings so that they can apply those teachings to their lives and manifest their Christhood. I would rather have the visitors to this website become Christed beings than experts in history.

Having said that, let me now set the record straight concerning my relationship with Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene and I were not married prior to my crucifixion and my resurrection, and she was not pregnant with my child at that time. It would have been quite irresponsible of me to have married and impregnated her, knowing the turbulence that could follow at the end of my mission in Galilee. In fact, had we been married and had she been pregnant, she would almost certainly have been killed by the very same people who plotted my crucifixion. They not only wanted to destroy me, but they surely would have destroyed any heir I might have brought into this world. Their aim was to destroy the very seed of Christ in any manifestation in which it appeared on Earth. So for the sake of Mary’s protection, we were not married and she was not pregnant with my child.

Mary and I did, however, have a very close relationship. We were both aware that we had a deep soul connection, namely what many New Age people today call a soul-mate or twin-flame relationship. The fact is that Mary Magdalene and I are twin flames, and although we did not use that term back then, we were quite aware that we had a special relationship.
However, this did not mean that we had any intent of getting married and living a normal family life. I came for a very specific spiritual mission, and part of it was to inaugurate a new movement that would teach the universal path to Christ consciousness.

As part of this movement, I sought to bring balance into the lives of all human beings, into society and into religious life. For this balance to truly have been manifest, it was necessary to completely change the attitude toward women that was so prevalent back then. I did indeed come to raise up women to their rightful roles as being equal to and of equal value as men. I came to eradicate the erroneous, in fact the Satanic, belief that women caused the fall of humankind and therefore were to be blamed and to be subservient to men forever.

If you would care to study the Gospel According to Mary Magdalene that was found at Nag Hammadi, you see that I did indeed appear to her before I appeared to any of my other disciples, as I have already described elsewhere. From the official Gospels, and from some of the other Nag Hammadi texts, you will see that my disciples were very preoccupied with who would take over as their leader after my resurrection. I deliberately did not appoint a leader before my resurrection, and the reason was that my crucifixion, resurrection and ascension would, among many other things, serve as a test that could test the mettle of my disciples and my other followers.

I must say that several of my my male disciples did not exactly pass this test with flying colors, the more obvious example being Peter as described elsewhere. Yet Mary Magdalene did indeed pass this test by remaining true to our spiritual connection and looking for me in her heart more than in outer locations.

The vision I gave to Mary, as it is partially described in the Gospel of Mary, was that I wanted her to be the leader of all of my disciples and followers. I wanted her to be in charge of the new movement that I wanted to be known as the “Followers of the Way.” I wanted that movement to give full equality to women yet giving due considerations to the physical differences. In other words, it was my clear intention that Mary Magdalene would become the leader of what later became known as the Christian movement. This means that she would have been the very first pope, and not Peter as claimed by the Catholic Church. However, I had no intention of creating a position as the pope of the Catholic Church.

As you can well imagine, and as you can clearly see from both the official scriptures and Nag Hamadhi texts, the thought of having a woman as their leader was highly disturbing to my male disciples. In fact, they reacted against this so violently that it became obvious that they simply had not risen to the level of consciousness that would make it possible for them to accept the equality of men and women. Therefore, I faced the difficult decision of whether to shatter the early movement and scatter my disciples for the wind or whether to withdraw Mary Magdalene from a leadership position. After much deliberation with the ascended beings that served as my counselors, it was decided to withdraw Mary Magdalene.

However, because of the disobedience of my disciples, I did not appoint an official leader. I left it up to them to decide who would be their leader. This was, in fact, mandated by the Law of Free Will. This law states that when people receive direction from an ascended being and refuse to follow that direction, they can be given no further direction until they abandon the state of consciousness that cause them to disobey and sincerely ask for forgiveness and new directions.

Let me say that although this was a serious situation, it was not completely detrimental to the Christian movement. My male disciples did indeed have some measure of Christ consciousness that allowed them to be instruments of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I do not want anyone to reason that the early Christian movement went entirely astray because Mary Magdalene was not appointed its leader. I do however want people to be aware of the fact that from the very beginning the Christian movement did not follow my highest vision.

We of the Ascended Host serve as the spiritual teachers of humankind. Before a certain soul descends into embodiment, it meets with its personal teachers to plan the soul’s embodiment. Because we have been in embodiment on Earth, we know how difficult it can be to remember and follow your divine plan after you enter a physical body and are burdened by the heavy weight of both your personal and the planetary karma. Therefore, we have great compassion for the many people who do not fully remember or are not able to completely follow the divine plan for their life. And precisely because so many people cannot follow their divine plans, we have become experts in coming up with alternative solutions when it becomes clear that our first plan cannot be carried out. So after it became obvious that Mary Magdalene would not become the leader of the Christian movement, we did in fact come up with Plan B.

According to this plan, Mary Magdalene was removed from ancient Israel. I am aware that there are persistent stories that she went to France and had a child there, which was either my physical child or a child that was conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit. However, this was a story that was deliberately engineered as a decoy to mislead those who were after Mary’s life. It was in fact carried out by Joseph of Arimathaea, who was one of my most trusted collaborators, although he was not one of my official disciples. Joseph was indeed an initiate of a secret society, and he was working with me behind the scenes to do certain things that are not recorded in the scriptures and were not intended to become public knowledge. So Joseph was instrumental in creating the rumor of Mary’s travels to France, and he was also instrumental in secretly sending her to live in what is now Kashmir.

Had Mary Magdalene become the leader of the Christian movement, I would have been able to work more directly with that movement than I actually did. I could have done this because of our twin-flame relationship, whereby she could have become my hands and feet on Earth that I could work through from my ascended state. Because none of my other disciples were able to serve in this capacity, I asked for and was granted an unusual dispensation.

In most cases, when a soul ascends, it does not return to a physical body. However, in a few cases an ascended master has been granted a dispensation to actually return in a physical body that is not born of a woman but is actually an ascended master light body that is lowered in vibration until it can be detected with the physical senses. I did appear in such a body to my disciples on several occasions but only for short periods of time. I was, however, given the dispensation to materialize such a body, and I did in fact join Mary Magdalene in Kashmir.

In Kashmir, only a very small group of trusted people knew our identities. And because secrecy was essential to Mary's protection, none of my disciples knew anything about this. Some of them actually believed she traveled to France, others that she had Gone with Joseph to England.

We did indeed consecrate our relationship, but we were not formerly married in an outer church. We were married in the inner church. We did in fact have seven children, both boys and girls. There are indeed people today who are descendants of that blood line, but this really is not a fact with any spiritual significance. Christ consciousness cannot be produced mechanically, and therefore Christ consciousness cannot be encoded in human genes. What can be encoded in the genes is the pattern of a perfect body and mind, which gives the soul the best opportunity to manifest Christ consciousness—yet it is still no guarantee. In other words, even if an ascended being conceived a child, there is no guarantee that that child will manifest Christ consciousness. It is entirely up to the soul of the child. Christ consciousness is not a product of the physical body but a product of the consciousness of the soul.

Mary Magdalene and I did live in Kashmir for many years. She died of old age, and shortly after that I withdrew my “physical” body. This happened at a time that would have made me 81 years old if I had continued to live in my physical body.

Mary Magdalene is today an ascended master, known as the Ascended Master Magda. Her last embodiment was as Aimee Semple McPherson who established the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and built the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles.
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