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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 14:33

Jesus helping Peter to walk on the Sea of Galilee

Greetings in the day of Odin ... the day of Mercury ... the Green day of the passage that give you Abundance and Healing ...

    And I want to Gift you a Chapter from my book ...

    I complete this book ... several months ago ... but some typo in the editing ... let me stop it release.

    This book is Volume 4 ... in '2012, Galactic Alignment' ... and also an Entire book will dedicated to 'The Holy Bible Revisited by the Family of Light' ... which shall be ... Volume 5.

     In Volume 4, above ... I resume very sensitive material ...

     and here ... I am giving you for free ... a Chapter.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


Chapter 6. The Holy Bible revisited.
This Chapter is dedicated to Bible Revisited by The Family of Light, which will be Book #5 in this collection.

Some questions has been repeated to focus on the Holy Bible but to offer the complete explanation.

It is for you!


60 Questions about Holy Bible revisited
208.    Who is the Ascended Master that was Abraham?
El Morya.
209.    Who was Ascended Master who was Moses?
El Morya … but also Lord Maitreya and Lord Jesus (together).

210.    Who was Ascended Master who was Saint Peter?
El Morya
211.    What is the name for the God that assist Moses in the Exodus?
He is Micah the Angel of Unity, the son of Archangel Michael.
212.    What Ascended Master was Joshua at the times of Exodus?
Lord Jesus was also Joshua. Please note that a King play a ‘secondary’ role because a Master (El Morya) is playing a full role, like ruler.
213.    What Archangel visit Mother Mary and announce she about the Jesus embodiment?
214.    What Angel assist Abraham when he try to kill him beloved Son?
215.    Who other Biblical personage living on Earth was Metatron?
Enoch, and he ascend to dimension 9, in Physical, like Elijah.
216.    What Angel was Enoch?
217.    How was destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?
By an Atomic Bomb.
218.    What carry the Ark of Covenant and who carry it?
The Ark of Covenant was carried by Abraham who let explode the Atomic Bomb.
219.    Why was destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah?
It was a necessary experiment on Behalf of Human Evolution. Not only to destroy the sinner, but to ‘awake’ Humanity. Lucifer also play a role there … to destroy. The Bomb explodes in Saturday afternoon.
220.    What Apostle wrote the Book of Revelation or Apocalypse?
Apostle John, also called John the Beloved.
221.    What Ascended Master was Joseph … Jesus Father and Mentor?
Saint Germain.
222.    Who assist to Elijah ascension?
Elisa, who was Jesus.
223.    What represent the three White Horses that support the ascension of Elijah?
The Three White Horses are represented by the Three Components of the Holy Spirit.
224.    Who was King Solomon?
Ascended Master Saint Germain.
225.    What magic device links King Solomon with Arabians? And explains why.
It is the Flight Carpet and the reason is because Saint Germain was a ruler in Arabia 70,000 years ago.
226.    Returned Saint Paul to live on Earth ?
Yes, he return like Master Hilarion.
227.    Returned Saint Peter to live on Earth?
Of course he was by example King Arthur, and Thomas Becket.
228.    Why Lord Jesus accept death ?
Still Mary Magdalene does not understand why Jesus does not react and let the Romans to crucify him. There were several reasons. Archangel Gabriel, say: “I speak now of world government, with your permission. Atlantis shall again have a Poseid, and Lemuria a Zorai. The Inca shall have their Inca, and Egypt a Pharaoh. In Egypt, one of the great centers of world government, as a new Pharaoh starts a new dynasty, it shall be known in millennia to come by historians as The Golden Dynasty. The great seven colonies of the Motherland are returning, as well as the Motherland. The Brotherhood at Lake Titicaca will return the great Golden Sun Disc to the Temple of the Sun.

The new government of the world shall be based on the ancient government of the Sun, which modern scientists do not understand. It was not the worship of the Sun itself. It was the purest form: the adoration of Aton—the at-one-ment that the Master created by the giving of His blood that poured from His side on Golgotha. It established the vibration in the Earth that made forever the eternal ray from the Earth to the Father, a ray that will not end. This was the purpose and meaning of His death on Calvary.”.

Honestly, the Jesus daughter’s Sarah as well the Last Supper were the times where Lord Jesus insert his Blood into Humankind. The Communion is nothing but a celebration of the Eucharist, which means ‘I Christ’. This is because it is important. He accept death to create and re-establish Atmosphere and a link with the Father. He also prove Resurrection  and Eternal Life, and there are also another Link with Egyptian Religion, completing a proof to Horus, God.
229.    Why the Magi visited Lord Jesus when he arrived on Earth?
To Train him and to be him teachers. He also visit India and Tibet.
230.    Why Lord Jesus visited Tibet?
He not only visit Tibet for training, but because he also was the Buddha (with Lord Maitreya) and was necessary to recover that part of him spirit, previously separated.
231.    How Lord Jesus will return on Earth? He will appears on the Sky?
He will return with many ships. He will appears in several places at the same time.
232.    What was the Hidden miracle of Lord Jesus?
The Eu-Christ, or Eucarist … that means "I Christ" … realized in the Communion. Honestly he transform wine in him blood and offer to the Apostles in the Last Supper. That Blood is stirring inside us and is the antidote to the Mind Control. However, is necessary to activate that Blood, that DNA Layers with Balance, Prayers for the Sacred Flames. The process is complete when you can "feel" the Ka flow ... that also is called Ki, and Phi ... The vital Energy of God flowing inside us. You can then control that flow and still send to others.
233.    When is expected Lord Jesus return?
Originally announced to 12/12/12, but updated to Feb, 10th 2012.
234.    What mystic Master was Saint Germain in Egypt?
He was Hermes.
235.    What is the Cosmic difference between Egyptian and Hebrew Culture?
The Egyptian got the Sirian influence, from the Stars of Sirius in Sirius Constellation, while Hebrew got the influence of Nibiruans, this is the reason for their name.
236.    What are two components of the Cosmic story few knows about Eucharist?
The Osiris fallus was taken and doing so, we humans lose our Green Inheritance. This was necessary. But transforming Wine in Blood … he reactivate the Nature or Green Power in us, and so he reattach the Osiris fallus. This re-establish our complete inheritance and this is why those awaken or who attain the Christhood ... does not cut more trees anymore.
237.    What popular Biblical city different from Jerusalem or Bethlehem remains alive in Jesus words?
238.    Why some classify the "Latest Book of John", the Book of Apocalypse?
Because that book represent news about the end of the mental dominion applied to Humankind. It is their dominion not the end of the World.
239.    If Lord Jesus shall return then … would him return be announced by John the Baptist, like in Biblical times?
Of Course ... but not only (the new) John the Baptist shall announced again … the return of Lord Jesus, but many others. The new John the Baptist has however a special role to play.
240.    Is Lord Jesus still spoken to us?
Yes, he is. He spoke generally in Medellin, Colombia trough Channeler Raul Yepez.
241.    Where was written the Book of Revelation?
It was written in the Greek island of Patmos.
242.    What is the name of the Greek island where the Helios Statue was built in the past?
The isle of Rodi.
243.    Who support and help Lady Magdalene to leave Israel at the time of Jesus death and resurrection?
Joseph of Arimathea.
244.    Who was the Lady Master Geraldine?
She was Geraldine Innocenti. He was also the Delphi Oracle. She was Joseph of Arimathea and the Lady of the Lake at Camelot.
245.    Who is the Twin Flame of Lady Master Geraldine?
El Morya, who was Saint Peter, and King Arthur.
246.    Mary Magdalene wait for Jesus resurrection or she leave the area exactly when Jesus where dying on the Cross?
Two Twin Flames love each other very lovely. If you remember the scriptures she receive the visit of Lord Jesus after him resurrect from death, then she leave Israel for France then for England.
247.    Was Mary Magdalene pregnant when Jesus die?
Yes, she was waiting a baby when Jesus die and resurrect.
248.    What was the name of Jesus and Mary Magdalene child?
She was a She and her name was Sarah. She is the Gran Mother of the Templar Knights (like I was, and for the reason I live. Beloved is she! )
249.    Who was Ascended Master Kuthumi in the Bible? … the One who was Pythagoras and Saint Francis?
He was Balthazar, one of the Magi.
250.    What is the name of the Three Magi between the Ascended Masters?
El Morya (Melchior), Kuthumi (Balthazar) and Dwal Khul (Gaspar).
251.    Was the Juda returned or Ascended?
Please understand that we are One. We are a piece of God and God is a God and is a benign Impersonal Personality, a Personal Impersonality, a Personal Personality, and an Impersonal Impersonality comprising the manifold. consciousness of being. Therefore Jesus was not death, he lives and the betrayal was a plot architected by the Gods ... a necessary ... "Sacrifice of the King" ... to solve in permanent mode human consciousness. The Lords of the Heavens ... wants we live with them ... in perfect harmony. He is not incarnated actually.
252.    Peter walked on the sea of Galilee?
Yes … Peter walk … by himself. Jesus help him transmitting him force, but then he walked by himself on the Sea of Galilee.
253.    Cite a Biblical passage where Archangel Michael is included in the Holy Bible.
Jude 1:9.
254.    How arrived the Hebrew in Egypt?
They were there. The difference between Lords and servants was because "inspiration" and they were more lower, dirty and humble … until arrive on Earth, Moses, who was a Sirian … the inspirators of Egyptian culture … to give them Freedom.
255.    What are the Cosmic Origins of Moses, Hebrew-like or Egyptian-like?
The Cosmic Origins of Moses are from the Cosmic Constellation of Sirius (on planet IA) … and therefore Egyptian-like. Because he born between the Hebrew he carried both DNA codes … and so he did Freedom to Israel. Of course this was the Will of God, and he, El Morya is the very Chohan of the First Ray, the Blue Ray of the Will of God.
256.    What God found Summer and Akkad?
God Anu, from planet Nibiru.
257.    Was the God of Summer also present in Egypt?
Yes … He was God "On" (Aton).
258.    Are there a war in the Heavens between Sirians and Nibiruans, by example?
Of course … No. The only problem is here. In 3D Darkness and Light are unbalanced … actually but we will got a Balance like in the days of the Garden of Eden.
259.    Who are the Gods that come down to Earth, called the Nephilim on Genesis?
They are the Gods from Nibiru … God Anu and him Sons, Enli and Enki. Enki was the God who speak to Noah about the Ark.
260.    What is the name of the God who speak to Noah about the Flood and invite him to build the Ark?
He is God Enki … the Son of God Anu, from Nibiru.
261.    Noah take only animals or also plants on him ark?
He take also plants, specially a vineyard who he planet on Mount Ararat
262.    What was the old "normal" usage of the Siggarut?
They were Land stations for the God of Nibiru as well Five star Hotels for sexual union between the Gods and the Daughter of Men.
263.    Why was necessary the sexual mix between the Earth women and the Gods, and the time of Atlantis?
It was necessary for them survival of the dwellers of the Nibiru planet. Honestly Nibiru and Earth are twin planets who were created from Digitaria that dwells on Sirius Star.
264.    How the Gods of Planet Nibiru protect their planet, when he enter in our Solar System?
They create a Field made of Pure Gold.
265.    Who teach women to use colors on her eyes and lips?
The Gods of Nibiru (This information comes from the Book of Enoch).
266.    Who is the person who was Prophet Isaiah?
She is Barbara Hand Clow.
267.    Which last century Writer was Apostle Mark?
Mark L. Prophet.
268.    Which last century Writer was Apostle Philip?
George Hunt Williamson.
End of Chapter 6 – The Holy Bible revisited

The Last Supper.


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