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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 06:57

Lord Jesus announces his return.

Greetings in the Mars-Pink day of Love ...

     What means the return of Lord Jesus? ... What means? ...

     To answer this question ... that honestly is complex ... I will draw with my words a personal story still in act.

     But, before I begin ... let me say that ... into the Book,

    Lord Jesus explains that he is returned hundred but thousand of times. The difference with 2012 return is that he will remain.

    I Giovanni must insist on the fact that our Beloved Lord Maitreya, duplicate himself and create Lord Jesus.

      Please also understand that in the Heavens ... there are no sexual act ... like we know. Lord Maitreya generate Lord Jesus ... taking a part of himself ... and Lord Jesus of course has its own consciousness and personality while they (Lord Jesus and Lord Maitreya) are united. Lord Jesus on the Pleiades on 5D and Lord Maitreya on Sirius on 7D.

       Lord Maitreya is 'the Father' that Lord Jesus call frequently. Actually and is common mode to explain and to speak ... 'Lord Jesus say that Archangel Gabriel is his Father' ... I, Giovanni say that Lord Meru (Elohim) and Hercules are my Grandfathers ... still that Mother Mary is my Mother ... and of course the Mother of each one of us.

      Is not clear and has been confused the fact ... from Moses ... to choose the Prime Creator ... that is not Human ... and not dwells in 3D ... but everywhere.

     God, what we understand like the Prime Creator is everywhere ... He Dwells on the Great Central Sun ... close where Maitreya dwells and Elohim Meru is a God ... is God ... Lord Maitreya ... is a God ... is God ... Lord Jesus is a God ... is God ... Saint Germain is a God ... is God ... Mother Mary the Archeia of the Fifth Ray and the Twin Flame of Archangel Raphael is a Goddess (God+is) ... and each one of us ... is a God and a Goddess ... too. But, please ... adopt a God behavior ...

    We ... You and me ... are a very special blended mix of the DNA of the Gods ... made by the Gods ... and we have several bodies ... the physical body, the astral or emotional body, the mental body, the etheric body, the Higher Self in Higher Dimensions, the Casual Body and the I AM Presence (God in first person ... Our Personal part of God).

    And because this special blend of DNA ... including the DNA of God, 'El Shadai' itself ...

       we are very loved ... very sacred ... and the Gods (the Elohim) create us ... our body ... and look for us ... for so long.

        It is like a Master in High School ... see the face of their pupils ... that understand the concepts. Or like a Father or Mother ... looks their children begin to walk by themselves. This is the Light that see the Heavens ... They see Our Light ... and friends ... this take us ... Billions of years ... billions of years ...

       And we cannot deny our German or French nor our Italian, or ... 'American' origins ... and what is America ... but a Great Blend mix of Europeans, Indians, Blacks and Oriental people?!

       Thus no one can say ... 'I am pure' ... because that word does not exist but in the mind of the fool and kill or execute 'the difference' is the manifestation on the physical plane of that madness.

       Now, let me finish this article explain ... 'What means the return of Lord Jesus?'.

       Imagine for a moment ... that your father ... in this life ... leave you a property after death. May be an apartment, if you prefer.

       Imagine that you was forced to leave that apartment ... close it ... and give the keys to a neighbor.

       After some time you got a call for that neighbor ... asking you that there are some people interested in rent your apartment. After some consideration you and your family ... the owners ... decide to give the apartment for rent.

       At the beginning the situation looks fine ... and while you see no money because living in a foreign country ... you know that the apartment is rented ... and the people inside pay the rent. However, you know not that people neither if they are good persons or not ... neither is the actual rent is accord to norm, or too low or too high.

        Now, suppose that you the owner ... you ... want to visit your apartment. Just to visit.

        Then, you return ... interview with the person that take care to cash the rent and he give the money. Then, you visit your apartment.

          He, does not know you ... neither you know him. After a while you see some person does not exactly 'serious' and asking to the people in the building you discover that he is someone that declare to be the owner.

          Still because you still interested in leave the apartment for rent ... You request more money for rent, because the actual rent is too low very far to be in norm.

          Like any delinquent ... that suppose to be smart that the others ... they say 'I am smarter' ... the person inside your apartment say ... 'It is in norm ... The rent I pay you is accord to the norm ... for the zone your apartment is located' ... and in a sad walking you discover that the rent you got ... is the same money that a book you want to purchase.

     One month of rent ... equals the cost of a book! ... Interesting ... Because you have your business ... you leave your country, your apartment and the great person ... honestly unsacred person ...

      You begin to call on the phone at that delinquent ... requesting your apartment back ... and after some years ... you return.

     This time ... you see your country different ... with another delinquent in Power called 'President' ... with people hateful dressing red ... police man ... living in apartments ... without to pay rent because they force the doors ... the policemen. Clear? ...

     You go to local legal office that fix the rents and the discover that 'President-delinquent' release a Law that avoid to change the Rent in the entire Country ...

      Then you go for the Police ... there are no Police. You look for Attorney ... there are Attorney but the Judge are not exactly Loyal ... because most corrupted ...

      Therefore in a Dark Situation where your poor rentpayer was a single bad example ... he become the norm ... because No one pay nothing ... and he continue to pay ... no more than 4 dollars for rent.

      The entire World may be explained with this example ... where entire countries ... delegate their responsibilities to others.

       This example describe a problem with my rent for my apartment in a Country with No Law, in a World without Law.

       What means the return of Lord Jesus? ...

       I, Giovanni will tell you ... It is the Judgment ... not from us ... but by the Lords of the Heavens.

       Lord Meru hath saith that 'The Balance has been written'.

       This is the meaning ...

        It is when the sons return to the their home and ask for the rent and was injured ... then arrive the Father of the Children and father burn the Home.

Take care,

In the name of the Hierarchy, I have spoken,

Giovanni A. Orlando

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