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Sunday, 07 September 2008 06:42

In China, there are great light and wisdom, not only Chinese food, communism and beauty girls.

When I read the book: "Our Religions", and the relative chapter about the Confucianism, I fix that I am a Confucian. (as well Christian, Buddhist as well others; but Religions are just a formal path)

Like any other Master, Confucius have its own disciples.


Mencius, is one of this disciples. He lives in China in 372 B.C.

Here we will comment about Mencius.

  • By the study of ourselves we come to the knowledge of Heaven, and Heaven is served by our obeying our nature?

1. Mencius said, 'He who has exhausted all his mental constitution knows his nature. Knowing his nature, he knows Heaven.

2. 'To preserve one's mental constitution, and nourish one's nature, is the way to serve Heaven.

3. 'When neither a premature death nor long life causes a man any double-mindedness, but he waits in the cultivation of his personal character for whatever issue;-- this is the way in which he establishes his Heaven-ordained being.'

  • Virtue is sure to be gained by seeking it, but riches and other external things not.

1. Mencius said, 'When we get by our seeking and lose by our neglecting;-- in that case seeking is of use to getting, and the things sought for are those which are in ourselves.

2. 'When the seeking is according to the proper course, and the getting is only as appointed;-- in that case the seeking is of no use to getting, and the things sought are without ourselves.'

You can download all this at http://nothingistic.org/library/mencius/toc.html

I will end this introduction with a last note:

VII-B-10. Mencius said: "Who is rich in wealth don't kill neither in a year of scarcity. Who is rich in virtue don't get lost neither in a time of general corruption".

(In Italian: Chi è ricco di beni non uccide neppure in un'annata di carestia. Chi è ricco in virtù non si travia neppure in un'epoca di corruzzione generale).

(In Spanish. Quien es rico de bienes no mata nisiquiera en una epoca de carestia, pero quien es rico en virtud, no mata nisiquiera en una epoca de corrucciòn general)

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