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Monday, 25 August 2008 10:24

What religion belong Archangels to?


Archangels are the Prince Angels. They have Legions of Angels at their service. For this reason they are called Archangels.

Archangels does not belong to any religion in Particular. Archangel Michael Michael, is cited in Catholic, as Michael, Mikail in Islam as well in Jewish religion.

You can said Archangels belong to God, and Angels have a lot of power.

An Angel can kill, as well can save them. You can send angels. They are at your service.

The Seven Archangels are:

  • Micheal
  • Jophiel
  • Chamuel,
  • Gabriel
  • Raphael,
  • Uriel, (or Eriel)
  • Zadkiel

Let me speak about the Seven Archangels. I will explain this according to the so called "Seven Rays".

Each person belong to a specific ray. Look on your shirt or pants. What color you use or purchase for dress? This is your color.

Ray Name 

First Ray


The Blue Ray represent the Power and the God Will.

Sunday is the day dedicated to the Blue or First Ray.

Second Ray


The Second Ray is Yellow represent Wisdom.

The day of the second Ray is Monday. (Moon-day).


(Third Ray)

The Third Ray is Pink and represent Love.

The Tuesday is the day of the Third Ray.


(Fourth Ray)


The Fourth Ray is White and represent Order and Discipline.

The day for the Fourth Day is Wednesday.


(Fifth Ray)

The Fifth Ray represent True and Health and its color is Green.


(Sixth Ray)

The Sixth Ray represent Peace, Service and Brotherhood.

The color is Purple and Gold with tones of Rubi.


(Seventh Ray)

The color is the seven Ray is violet.

And Violet means transmutation.


There are still more Archangels. By example Methatron is an Archangel. Ra is an Archangel very popular in Egypt. An-Ra is also another Archangel.

Please don't believe that Archangel or Angels have no twin flames. Each Archangel, as well each Angel as each one of us, are divine.

I am listing here the Archangels and its relative twin flames:

For additional information about Archangels and its twin flames, please visit: The Summit LightHouse: http://www.tsl.org/Angels/UrielandAurora.asp

There are also the seven Elohim as well the Seven Choan.

The Seven Elohim are:

Hercules and Amazonia, first ray
Apollo and Lumina, second ray
Heros and Amora, third ray
Purity and Astrea, fourth ray
Cyclopea and Virginia, fifth ray
Peace and Aloha, sixth ray
Arcturus and Victoria, seventh ray

The Seven Choan are:

Maha Chohan is he head, or hierarch, of the seven chohans of the rays.

What do you know about these subjects? ... Nothing? There are no more time, to delay this teachings anymore.

If you listen Rock and Roll, or dress Black color dress as well using chains or Rock n' Roll gadgets, you are opening the door to fallen Angels. Never do that. Never test evil. 

In the name of the Great White Brotherhood I am leaving now.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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