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Friday, 18 November 2011 13:48

Air-planes Wings ...


Greetings in the Fridda-day ... the day of Purity ... the day of Ascension ...

    I AM re-submitting ... the article I wrote to-day ... because it is very important.

    Some water flows in the river from the first release ...

    It is very important because A New Technology is necessary ... there are New Words ... with the same fresh air.

    The New Age is NOT NEW ... It is a RETURN to the Garden.

    And the Garden of Eden is a Full Expression of the Soul ... A full manifestation of the Wisdom ... on God terms.

    No. The Garden is not like some had draw ... Adam and Eve naked eating an Apple.

    The Garden of Eden ... like Lemuria or Atlantis ... or 'El Dorado' ... were times when Humankind express in full and to that direction we ... Humankind is moving.

    And we ... like on Atlantis and Lemuria ... need to return to ... adopt the Past Technology used for Air Transportation.

    No. The New Technology for Air Transportation is not like the actual.

    How is actual technology ... for Air Transportation? ...

    To-day we have,

     To-day we have, Engine that needs Oil=Petroleum to work ...

      And this cause the need of Tank to keep the Benzine ... and this may cause explosions and fire of the Motors.

       To-day Air-planes ... has Wheels to Land ... or to décollé (take off) ...

   And you will ask me ... What else? ... No Wheels? ... No Oil/Petroleum? ... No Motors? ...

   And I Giovanni ... with your granted permit ... want to introduce the very words of two masters ... The Great Divine Director ... and Ascended Master Saint Germain.

    The Great Divine Director say ...

Nothing Mechanic ... in the New Age!

    Evidently ... A Motor based on Petroleum derivatives ... is mechanic ... like a Wheel.

    Of course ... I am not TRYING to discover ... how would be ... I know how is ...

    Permit me again ... introduce a coined term used in Atlantis ... the Term for this Vehicles is


    But before to speak about the New Vailx ... I will speak a little about some disasters in the Air Industry.

    The Great Divine Director ... in a speech dated 1964 ... say ...


PRECIOUS ONES, it cannot be denied that just as there are many areas of harmony in human affairs, so there is in the realm of human thought and feeling a great variety of diverse opinions about a multitude of things, some of which are diametrically oppositional to other segments of human thought. Quite naturally the vibratory rate of empathetic thought is similar, whereas that which is contrary sets up an opposing vibration.

Many may recall that several years ago a major air disaster was occasioned because one of the motors of the plane set up what we may term an off-center vibration which was transmitted to the motor on the other side of the plane. This acted as an amplifier of the epicentric vibration, and then in turn transmitted it back to the originating source where it again was built up and transmitted to the other side until the plane literally came apart from the action of vibration.

The frequent outbursts in clashes among various groups of people quite naturally take their toll in human affairs producing seeds of distrust, unhappiness, and doubt which in turn take many forms. Nowhere is this more evident than in the religious field where through the centuries mankind have actually perpetrated all manners of injustice in the name of God. Those who should have stood shoulder to shoulder with one another in the support of cherished ideals have, either in the realm of human personality or doctrine, stood at sword's point.

Mindful, then, of the great weakness of the human ego and its desire to achieve recognition for accomplishment, it is self-evident that competition which seeks to harm or disturb another part of life in an unjust manner is a karma-making action which returns a great deal of unhappiness amplified to the one sending it out.

I raise these concepts here in order to bring about a greater recognition of the interplay of subtle forces in the atmosphere which I discussed in my last release. For religious thought and political thought functioning in these aforementioned grids and forcefields—joined by the numerous frustrations and feelings of inadequacy which take their toll upon mankind—do result in an action of human discord which is almost suffocating to the cause of progress.

You may ponder as to what occurs when a number of these forcefields do themselves begin to set up a mere mechanical clash in the sense that the electronic rate of vibration causes them to impinge upon one another. The end result is usually mass confusion, for many sensitive people do pick up the electronic release which, like the subtly invisible atomic-radiation, does have its effect upon those in proximity to it.

Now, the original transmitted secrets involved in what we may here and now term the divine rite of kings (stemming from the original anointing of the great prophet-priest-kings of ancient civilizations) was such that they had imparted to them many marvelous methods for their own protection in that era of history when mankind en masse were far less illumined and when the laws currently governing mankind and protecting their freedom were not in vogue. The nobility and so-called landed gentry did through dint of force hold in check the masses of mankind. However, as history so clearly records, this did not avoid clashes between the rulers themselves and the many kingdoms under their jurisdiction.

Like you see ... not only a Spark in a Motor ... may cause an explosion ... but also a BAD VIBRATION or DISHARMONY.

    Can we flight? ... Lord Jesus did ... walking on the Sea and Saint Germain explain us ... the very principle.


Two thousand years ago when Christ walked upon the waters of the Sea of Galilee, his demonstration was a manifestation of the natural law of levitation operating within an energy framework of cohesion, adhesion, and magnetism—the very principles which make orbital flight possible. The light atoms composing the body of Christ absorbed at will an additional quantity of cosmic rays and spiritual substance whose kinship to physical light made his whole body light, thereby making it as easy for him to walk upon the sea as upon dry land.

His body was purely a ray of light shining upon the waters. The most dazzling conception of all was his ability to transfer this authority over energy to Peter through the power of Peter's own vision of the Christ in radiant, illumined manifestation.

By taking his eyes temporarily from the Christ, however, Peter entered a human fear vibration and vortex which immediately densified his body, causing it to sink partially beneath the raging seas. The comforting hand of Christ, extended in pure love, reunited the alchemical tie; and the flow of spiritual energy through his hand raised Peter once again to safety.

The further example of the Master Jesus releasing a flow of energy—as in the case of the woman who touched the hem of his garment without his knowledge aforehand—shows the impersonal love of God which responds equally to the call of faith from any of those creatures he has fashioned so wonderfully and so purely in the supreme hope of absolute cosmic freedom for all.

Therefore ... my proud friends ... neither the Concorde ... is High Technology


  A New Vailx (VAI (in Italian is 'come on' + LX) ... VAILX is something like this ...

   Honestly ... the technology involved lead us to 'Levitation' and 'Anti-Gravitation'.


 or ...


  The Atlantean Vailx were made of Wood ... and Light Metals ... like Aluminum.

  Therefore ... is not ... too much expensive ... Of course ... Space is necessary to built the prototype and first machine.

  In United States were created similar machines ... a like of UFO-HOME Made ... but the Government remove from the Circulation and cause the bankrupt of the Company. Otis Carr did that and he was the best assistant of Nikola Tesla.

   Let me explain how work this ... It uses the Dark Side of Nature.

   Because the World is still in Darkness ... I prefer to stop here ... but please be sure that when this or these Vailx ... will appear again ... them will be offered for Free Circulation.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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