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Tuesday, 24 May 2011 19:33


Greetings in the day of Love ... again ...

     Do you like this Air-Vehicle? ... I love it. I don't design it ... and this Editorial is not only to figure out this possibility but about the future of humanity.

    How do you believe people live in the Heaven? ... What is the purpose of Humans  by the year 2011? ... What is Eden? ...

    Let me answer is progressive mode. Human Life was not engined or begin with the Cavern-men like you suppose. I don't want to back too much ... but in Arabia 70,000 years ago what I call Older Arabia ... we got a Sun-shine Civilization ... The same was in Lemuria and Atlantis was in some sense a Lemuria extension that then fall because the war between them ... and that war was similar to Star Wars ... because Air-Vehicles were full available ... in Lemuria and still in Atlantis.

     Therefore Human Evolution goes up and down ... falling and rising ... until after the Noah Flood about 12,000 years ago we begin again.

     Before that like in "El Dorado" ... and it was an Atlantis extension ... South-America was almost always an European extension and Columbus knows ... cities looks like,

El Dorado city as described by Godfre Ray King thanks to a travel with Saint Germain (check

13. Buried Cities of the Amazon.com, The rise and Fall of El Dorado by Saint Germain )

      but today, Jacque Fresco design something very similar ... look ...

    or a better close-up to the scale model ...

     Mr Fresco is very smart ... He suppose that he is designing the Future and it is ... but he is designing the Past too.

     Of course the stone material available in Atlantis or El Dorado (Amazon) are not the same that today. To-day we have better materials!

     Therefore, my friends ... Eden is the Maximal Expression of Human Mind and Comfort for daily Life ... and is not connected by a Garden ... but look ... it is in companion with Nature. Clear?

     Mr. Fresco speaks also about cities under the sea ... and I Giovanni comment following Star Wars about City on the Air ...

       Now ... Why we does not have this yet? ... Let me tell you what happens if you go to a local bank ... specially in Italy.

       They will not understand ... Do you believe this will happens while we have a Mafia? ... Or Corrupted Politicians? ... Or while we have Communism? ... What about you go to the door of Silivio Berlusconi, or the Pope ... or Hugo Chavez or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or North Korea dictator ... or any other of them ... Imagine you go to their door ... and "Knock, Knock ... Hey my friend ... It is time you leave your office ... The World ... need to make an Evolutionary Shift ... and you are stopping that Shift! ... Can you leave your office?

        May be you be moved to the local Policy. What is the reason because people live To-day? ... People believe in Survival mode ... and for the Money.

        If you are smart ... and speak about these kind of Ideas not in United States ... probably you will classified like Mad. If you speak about these ideas ... in United States ... you need to go not a Bank ... honestly neither an army of Investors ... You need that people believe in you ...

        In any case you need that people believe in you ...

        Now what is going to happen? ... it is that all the people that want to charge you money and so you need to pay them, instead them pay you ... will ERASED from the Planet.

       Actually they have been dismantled and removed from the Power position ... to become or a "normal" person or simply removed in permanent mode.

        Therefore the Powerful people are the first obstacle for this World.

         The World is moving to be like Heaven ... and Heaven looks like this.

         And how ... the Powerful will be removed? ... It is a question of the New Age ... It is the Planetary Ascension and now, I move from High Tech to High Religion.

         Only the Lord and Lord Jesus can remove and revoke these Dark Ones ... because someone that ask you people. Someone that disrespect you ... obstacle you ... putting taxes and money before you ... for their wealth ... and honestly they need ... but they forget you are not rich yet ... And they continue to ask money for them ...

        Need I to pay you? ... Or need you to pay me? ...

        Basically is a matter of Knowledge ... neither the so-called experts in Science see that. Most people live for today ...

        We are living in a War-like World ... Do you say something, I dislike ... Well ... let me purchase a gun and kill him! ...

        There are no Union ... There are just Gangs ... declaring Wars ... everyday ... for Supremacy.

        It is the Mars symphony ... like to-day is Mars-day ... like we live on Mars ... eons ago.

        But this will end ... The Supremacy of War ... or "I have a Best Weapon like you. Or I am better than You" ... will end.

        Don't expect discounts from God ... God does not bargain ...

        Well ... we are returning to Eden ... but in the middle of the street of this Path ... we will remove all the Dark Ones of the Planet ... and my friends ... You know who they are.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Eden does not accept the moto "Better than ... Lower than ... like Capitalism had pushed in the last Century or Economy have figure out in our Minds" ... In the Society of the Future like in Heaven ... there are no such things!

PPS. Yes ! ... In some cases ... People, the Darks Ones will be removed in dramatic mode.

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