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Thursday, 27 January 2011 12:01


Greetings in the very Golden-and-Purple day of the Resurrection of Lord Sananda (Jesus) and Lady Nada (Lady Magdalene) ...

    And please note that I include the "common" name for Lord Jesus, which is Sananda, and Lord Jesus was also Gautama the Buddha ... as well Mohammad, the Prophet in the Cave.

    Friends, before we born we know who is our Twin Flame.

    Our Beloved Mother is an Archeia, the feminine aspect of the Archangels and her Twin Flame is Archangel Raphael.

    Lord Raphael is also know like HA-RA, and visit she in Lemuria at the times when she become the first Initiate of Lemuria.

   The same is valid for Lord Sananda and Lady Nada.

   ... and the meeting of the Twin Flame is basically a matter of spiritually and self-love, because "My Beloved is Me. And I AM my Beloved", like King Solomon, sing in an old cant.

   King Solomon, was also Ascended Master Saint Germain ...

  You will wonder to ask. Giovanni is this a lesson about Technology or Metaphysics New Age?

  I say, there are no separations at all.

  Most people suppose they know everything, and there are nothing new, and that the new MUST be ONLY Technology ... but they wrong.

  Mastery is Self-Discovery and Remembrance ... If you remember your essence, you remember who you are, and no one else can tell you who you are, and what to do. Right?

 And so is also for the Twin Flame.

 However, the Editorial question is:  What is the Vailx?

 You will say, what strange name. In Italy, when the Soccer Player is going close to place the ball ... Italians say, "Vai", "Vai" ...

 Thus, "Vailx" is "Vai"+l+x.

 Vailx is the name of the Atlantean artifact for transportation .. the normal car.



  • It does not need fossil Fuel, like Gas, or Gasoline, or derivative.
  • It does not have wheels ... because it flight. It has a permanent distance about 1 meter from the land.
  • It is made of wood. Cheap? ... Right?
  • It has an Electric Accumulator.
  • It can travel around 100 miles per hour.

In Europe because we have Different Cultures very close. in Spain speak Spanish, in Italy, Italian, in France, French ... You know ... you can use this artifact and got new culture, close to you.

In America, you can travel long distances and you can enjoy the same people, same language with few differences.

Do you want to take a ride on a Vailx?

What will happens if a Vailx appears on the Market?

Well ... I can promise that Oil Price (Petroleum) will go down very quick.

Car Industry will need to study the new technology and may get serious troubles.

A Vailx may be build by one person.

At the times of Atlantis, there were no the Net of Satellite, for GPS like to-day.

Therefore we have still more facilities to develop ...

If you are looking to know more, you can email me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you want to invest and see one prototype ... still let me know.


Giovanni A. Orlando

Future Technologies Founder and President.


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