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Friday, 13 May 2011 16:03


Greetings in the very White day of the White Flame of Purity, the Flame of Eternity and the Flame of Immortality ...

     And I Giovanni, say "Yes!" ... Indeed ... FTHumanEvolutionCourse is a Course for Enlightenment ...

     Oh Yes! ... but before to explain Thee what I understand

                ... I need to understand what Enlightenment means!

     And you got a prose ... not Shakespearean but a prose.

     Friends, this morning I listen Lord Meru ... very few minutes. How I listen Lord Meru ... ? ...

     Despite about trance ... and similar matters. I just download from the Web a Lord Meru (Maestro Mer) speech ... and listen on my Laptop ... Just like you do with other music a Video.

    Where I download that speech? ... I download from "La Casa de Sirio" where Lord Meru speaks!

    Spanish is required ... and so you begin to wonder ... English and Spanish are components of Enlightnement.


    You can click on the URL and then choose "Audios" ... then you can go to "Mayo 2011" and you will find the files, I download. I listn only 15 minutes from "Mer 1"

    Do you see how easy is listen an Elohim ... a God ... equivalent to Hercules ... that lives in the Dimension 12, just around Milky Galaxy corner? ... It is easy and is free. You don't need itunes ...

   That words, Lord Meru words (I use the US and well-established name, because he prefer to be called "Maestro Mer" actually ... and America owe its name to him ... this is the importance of this God) ... honestly purify and push me ... up ... I love him ... I call him Gran Father and he is really Old.

   Lord Meru comment that he is not a Professor but a Recordetor (nothing to do with Mr. Swarzy)

   He, Lord Meru explains that we always was and always will be . Therefore we need only to remember.

   But let me speak about FTHumanEvolutionCourse that comes from the Saint Germain School ... The Violet Flame School, which day is Tomorrow.

   How you reach God? ... Have you ever wonder? ...

   I will tell you ... You reach God basically by Wisdom ... with Study, with Dedication, with Commitment, with Focus,  with Persistence, with Unconditional Love, with Harmony, with Trust ...

   If you don't know English (or you know so-so) ... and arrive at your hands a Wonderful book with the words of the Master ... I warrant you that you will do any effort to learn English very well ... and then you will teach both English and the words of the Masters ... because that words become your words!

   If instead arrive at your hands a wonderful book of Physics, in Italian ... you will do everything possible to let others what you study ... or discover ... and will write books about!

   If you hear Magic Compositions like Bach, or Mozart ... or Vivaldi or Saint Germain compositions ... and begin to love them ... you will begin to study Music ... first the theory, then the notes, then you will purchase a violin then a piano ... and then you will invite your friends to listen you ... I am not so advanced in Music yet. I am just loving it.

   If you begin to use the calculator when you was thirteen years old and write the first programs at sixteen ... honestly you will produce an entire Operating System ... alone ... with over 1500 packages before you got forty. And of course you want to teach others to do the same.

   If you enter in Math Faculty at sixteen ... and study Mathematics for thirty years but never write a book on Mathematics ... may be ... you write that book ... when you begin to forgive those who place you from an University assistant together with First Year students of a University. Love wins! ... Of course you will like to teach all the Mathematics you know ... and you never will stop to reply that love ... for the numbers ...

   That is!

   Kryon say, "More you study Science ... more you will Love God", because you will discover God ...

   If you never study Astronomy and/or Geology you will begin to study that disciplines and still remove the division between Astronomy and Astrology ... that is a mental implant.

  That is!

  You will reach God ... through study ... Now you will begin to want to Classify this, and you will call Confucianism ... but honestly religions are a mere path to God ...

  When you finish the travel ... to God (I am not finished ... because that day I will ascend ... and I expect to do that in about 100 years from now) ... you reach God.

  And you will not be only a Musical Composer or a Painter, or a Scientist or a English or Spanish or Italian speaker ... but still a writer ... still a Musical Composer ... still a programmer and still a Mathematician ... but you will be ALL TOGETHER ...

 Some people call these persons ... Masters, others call them Kings ... others call them Lords ... all call them Gods ... but all them are Enlightened people ...

  My FTHumanEvolutionCourse is designed for this purpose ... and is not a random choice of Free or Scanned books ... but a very well and magisterially designed ... job. A Course for Enligtnment ...

  Yes you can also learn and become an experienced actor ... plying the Othello or Romeo and Juliet. All is art ... No, no the other type of acting ... Please smile!

  Now, let me finish ...

     If I can teach to speak English ... one thousand persons ... I will be very happy

                        (Of course I expect much more than this)

    If I can graduate in Science ... 500 people ... may be only in Mathematics or Physics ... I will be very happy.

     If I can listen 50 people playing a musical composition written by Back or Mozart ... I will be amazing happy.

    If I will be sure that just 100 people had master the seven sacred Flames ... I will jump of Joy.

    If the entire Medical Association will invite me to show them the Vibrational Medicine and they will then to copy me ... when I will have the necessary equipment and experience ... I will bless God.

    If I can share all my wisdom with others ... I will become a new Saint Germain or realized the SaintGermainhood ... that is full equivalent to the Christhood ... but different ...

    This is because I call and say,

FTHumanEvolutionCourse ... a Course for Enlightenment ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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