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101 I trust that the myth of human equality will be dispelled and that in the dignity of equal opportunity ... Administrator 828
102 It is interesting to note that historically, the only instance in which the increase of physical gold in circulation was sufficient to depreciate significantly Administrator 781
103 Editorial #33: BiLingual: Colombia (Medellin) will have a Maxim Light like was for Atlantis ... then other cities .../Colombia tendra su Luz Maxim ... Administrator 1284
104 Editorial #32: Another important date for 2010 ... 10-10-10 Administrator 979
105 A single word ... in one book, can change your life forever ... Administrator 1092
106 Don't let the intrinsic protective mechanics of the Darkness of the World ... Administrator 761
107 Editorial #30: BiLingual: How Misery and Wealth are distributed? ... How may be balanced? / ¿Como puede ser curada la Miseria del Mundo? ... Administrator 822
108 The soul split in Twin Flames around the year 46,900 on Venus ... before Mars, Maldek and Earth... Administrator 864
109 Nothing mechanical will survive Administrator 788
110 The "Fallen" Ones are Technological advanced ... but Spiritual Bankrupt. Administrator 814
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