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11 This is a crossroads of planet Earth and this is where Armageddon must be fought. ... Archangel Michael Administrator 1311
12 The Mathematics have no God ... and God is the Mathematical Abstraction of 'Infinity' ... Administrator 965
13 Einstein's theory of gravitation was arrived at by such a process of pure thought ... Administrator 1284
14 The time came and the laggards began to take embodiment ... Administrator 903
15 Editorial #101: The 'New' Age is an Age of Abundance and Order. Be Rhythmic ... Administrator 1118
16 Editorial #100: More than an Author ... a Will-be-Librarian by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 899
17 Even so, the one so blessed as to find escape from earth's binding habits through a divine experience must not allow ... Administrator 810
18 The creative fires are at the very core of being, and the ancient memory scored in electronic life is that the spirit of man was born out ... Administrator 810
19 Editorial #95: The War between Light and Earth is here ... Administrator 992
20 You have been sent into this world — although you are not of this world — as instruments of the Lord's judgment ... Administrator 924
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