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Monday, 11 October 2010 04:04

Greetings in this very Blue Moon-day of the Will of God,

       The posted question is: Would the World deserve a New Organum? ... I will say, "Please". Of course, it deserve a New Organum.

        There has been three Organum in the story of Modern World:

  • Aristotle Organon ... in the Old Greece.
  • Francic Bacon, Nova Organum in 1620 like a part of Instauratio magna and the third was
  • Pyotr Demianovich Ouspenskii, TERTIUM ORGANUM

        Friends, please consider the "Organum" like instruments of though as well the measure of World Evolution.

        The title: A New Model Of The Universe - Principles of the Psychological Method in its Application to problems of Science, Religion and Art offers a good perspective of what is an organum ... A Jump in consciousness.

       May be this is the reason because some people study Humanities instead to study Science, but Scientia in Latin means Knowledge, and Knowledge leads (but is not) ... Wisdom.

       What is the problem today in the World? ... Well, the main problem is that the heirs are not in power. And because they are not in power ... we has today this world, very tortuous and manipulated ... by Dark minds.

       Let me offensive or clear. Is the King, the King? Is the Pope the pope? ... No. No.

       I will not enter in Details because they belong to the past, but Francis Bacon was the son of England I, and therefore "he was a heir that was not a King" ... and Lady Magdalene with Sa-rah neither touch a specter on this Earth. She was another heir that does not become Queen.

       And what we have today? Today we have in Venezuela, a man that arrive to power with arms. In Iran a man that produce bombs and honestly none of them, represent the will of their people.

       What we have in Italy? In Italy we has Silvio Berlusconi who is in power (excluding some years ... from 1994).

      Silvio Berlusconi was there with Clinton, with George W. Bush (8 years) ... and he is still there.

      Silvio Berlusconi is "in charge" for over 10 years with interruptions ... and Hugo Chavez is in charge for 11 years. How you call a man or person who is charge over than ten years? ...

      United States did a good jump ... and Chile and Germany choose Women. Blessed you are.

      This is the political panorama.

       How is the educational panorama? ...

       In the education panorama ... we have the Youth of the World ... with ipod, iphone and ipad (I have no ipod, no iphone and no ipad).

       However a technological gadget is not the problem. The problem is what you do with it and if it may stop your mind physically and mentally.

       I don't use my cellular phone, because it can short-circuit my body. A mobile phone can short-circuit your brain when you speak on it. A mobile phone can short circuit your Heart ... if you hold in your jacket or shirt. A mobile phone can short-circuit your sexual organs ... if you hold in your pants. So, I prefer to use the Web ... to communicate with others.

       Today we have the Youth of the World that wants to know if Paris Hilton or Britney Spears ... has a good life style, instead to think on their own life style... or Lindsay Lohan, who honestly seems to exchange lucky with Chris Pine ... like they play in the movie: Just My Luck (because she go to jail and this is not luck and Chris Pine play several movies like Star Trek) ...

       Speaking seriously ... we Honestly need a New Organum.

       We need someone that may heal Physics. Technology is not an ipad (however not only) ... Technology is Free Energy and don't pay Electricity or Gas to cook food or power-on a Computer. Technology is the Right Math in the mind of the Youth, the correct Chemistry ... we need

The Sacred Science

       Some people does not believe in Atlantis. Neither me believed in Atlantis (I remember that I laugh when I read it for the first time in a advertising material mailed to me from Saint Germain Press, books that had changed my life for no turn back).

        In Atlantis where Temples ... where the Priestess rule Places like the Temple of Peace, the Temple of Violet Flame and others.

        After the fall of Atlantis ... we got Thot ... who support Humanity re-establishing a New Religion in Egypt ... until he give him scepter to the First Pharaoh ... creating a Dinasty 7,000 years long.

         He, Thoth was Ascended Master Saint Germain.

         He was Hermes Trimegistus who train people inside the Sphinx. He was King Salomon in Israel. In England, he was Merlin at Camelot, Roger Bacon and Saint Alban but also Francis Bacon.

       He, Francis Bacon was the heir of the throne of England. The Scepter and the Crown of England. He was the author of the Instauratio magna which includes the Nova Organum.

        He, Francis Bacon was the author of the Shakespearean Plays as well the editor of the King James Bible. Because we got today the name "KJV" for the King James Bible, but was Francis Bacon who supervise and approve the translation from Latin to English ... of the Holy Bible.

        In France, Saint Germain (who means Sanctus Germanus, Holy Brother) was Comte of Saint Germain. In Germany he was Christian Rosenkreutz who found the order of Rose-Cross, who like the Rosicrucian.

        In Swiss he was Paracelsus (1493-1541) but before he was in Italy, Cristoforo Colombo (Cristopher Columbus (1446-1506))who discover America for Europe.

         Only now I can understand the words of Elohim Hercules when he (Hercules) explain that we never will understand the debt the World has with Saint Germain.

         Friends, who do you suppose told me (or confirm) these re-incarnations? ... Books? ... "Stupid books"? ... No. Was also Ascended Master Saint Germain, who speak unto us ... in Spanish ... like he did last May 2010.

         Check out if you speak Spanish http://www.futuretg.com/FTHumanEvolutionCourse/Audio/Spanish/Canalizaciones/2010/Mayo_2010/

         I honestly hope that you speak Spanish ... because that speech includes a cure for Cancer. And me, Giovanni will not take for me, but offer to you.

        To-day, we have an Organization called "United Nations" that see people that need food (and no arms), building and schools (and not arms), books (and not drugs) ... and remain undisturbed ... and this is not valid only for Africa ... but also for South-America, also for Central America ... also for India and China ... also for the United States of America ... where people need better schools  ... not from the architectural point of view ... like in Italy, where a School was used to place political (razist) symbols ... We nee schools that teach the True.

       Do you know the Truth? ... You have the Truth?

       The Truth clean itself like the human body, like a plant or animal. We simply need to intervention, no manipulations ...

       We don't need someone that tell us that the Speed of Light is constant (and is not) or that Jesus has not sex with woman (and he did). No!

       Do you speak Italian? ... Probably not. Do you know there are no word in Italian to say "Priestess"? ... Only the male aspect: Priest.

       I am not a priest. I am a writer ... I use the pen ... well, I use the Computer.

       Like I comment to you on Atlantis there were priestess ... We are these priestess? ... They are female writers. All these women were priestess on Atlantis: Patricia Cori, Amorah Quan Yin, Barbara Hand Clow, Barbara Marciniak and Patricia Pereira.

       Our job, here is when we are awake, but before that ... immediately after we awake in the morning, is important to "Be in the Now".

       Our Body, has seven bodies ... and because we travel a lot in time and space ... it is very important to stabilize our body in the morning, like a Navy in the Port ... and Be there ... to live here.

            I am going to explain (and recover to you) these concepts ... as well like some techniques used by the Elohim, and dictated from them, to explain and get confidence with the Ninety Degree Phase Shift.

           When you are berthed in time and space ... You are protected, stable, calm. No one can disturb or attack you. If you want to try, close your eyes and isolate. Pray and berth there.

           I plan to cover this information inside my coming book, "The Secret of the Andes".

          If our Life style is like the Atlantean Life style ... we don't need an Organum. If we live like in Lemuria, we don't need an Organum.

          I am speaking about Civilization before Egypt, Greece and Rome. But, Rome like the US Americans get things by the Force (and don't ask).

          This is not good. Where do you suppose is the Roman Empire, today? ... It is not over. They are still there. You see them everyday.

           The Roman Empire is the Catholic Church ... transformed and instead to be ruled by a Woman ... like always was, it is tailored by men, who wears like Woman.

            Like Archangel Gabriel comment, Atlantis will have a new Poseid (a King), the Incas will have an Inca (a King) ... let me offer the complete statement:

...The government of the Earth, the very heart and headquarters of it, shall not be on the Earth. There will be twelve who will sit as representatives in the council of Earth who rule as Pharaoh, Inca, Zorai, and Poseid, and the others. But He who rules the Earth as His footstool shall not then be on the Earth. And I speak not in riddles, although Gabriel is known to speak in riddles. It is only a riddle to those of little understanding. But the real government of the Earth shall be from another Star, yet not a Star of millions of miles of distance, but one that becomes the Earth and it attached to it, and shall be known as Zabeka Musor, a School of Life.

          The word: Government means God+over+men. If these Government represent the Will of God, they will rule ... no otherwise.

           Are the Government of the World ... doing the Will of God? ... Let me smile, and say: "Sorry, they don't". "They are torturing the World, in some form or other, with taxes, closing borders, and with few jobs."

       Ascended Master Kuthumi, who works in the Second Ray ... like the Teacher of the World who is a Second Ray activity, the activity of the Yellow Sun ...

             He, Kuthumi who was Pythagoras ... and you see a little bit part of him work in previous article as well Saint Francis who re-establish the Faith of the Catholic Religion ... showing levitation and bi-location ... never got High Positions in the Church. Neither Padre Pio, or Mother Theresa, who are more modern representers of the Will of God, or the Manifestation of God.

             The World is going to become Lemuria or Garden of Eden again. And this cannot be changed by the Caesars of the World. No.

              No one can change this ... because is part of a Cycle ... A Cycle that ends and a new Cycle will begin.

              I, Giovanni consider that there are several people working on A New Organum, and so I am not the Only One, but One.

              Of course, FTHumanEvolutionCourse wants to be a New Organum ... for the World,

              Friends, please remember that if you are a better person, the World will be better. (And vice-versa).

              Also remember the very Stone of Philosophy (philosopher’s stone),

"What is 'philosopher's stone?"

"It is very simple. The 'philosopher's stone' is produced when you, in the process of working on yourself, grind 'in mortar' your lower self, while all the Higher Knowledge, which you receive, you test by experience and accept as your own. Then it becomes Higher Wisdom and a strong base — that 'philosopher's stone' on which one can construct the entire building of Divine Beingness."

The Mortar is your Self and the pestle is the work to transform its consciousness.

"What is the 'alchemical gold'?"
"It is adept's consciousness that has to turn into the Highest Gold with the help of 'philosopher's stone': the developed and subtle consciousness has to shine with goldish light, similar to the light of the morning sun. Then such a consciousness can infuse into the Great Central 'Sun' — into the Creator of the entire universe, merge with Him and attain the Immortality, Bliss, Calm, and full Freedom!"

So, be the Mortar!

Let me gift you a Prayer in this very Moon-day of the Will of God,


Giovanni A. Orlando.

Prayer for First Ray Healing


Good Will Prayer


In the Name of God "I AM," I invoke the presence of Beloved Master El Morya, Archangel Michael and all Ascended Masters and angels of the Blue Flame Love of God's Will to guide and protect me daily and hourly.

 Archangel Michael, come into my life. Help me overcome all density with your sword of blue flame. Cut me loose and set me free from all negativity and errors of the past.

 I ask for a shaft of blue lightning of divine Love to be established over my being, over my home, my family, my work and all my affairs. I call the guidance I need to manifest God's Will in all aspects of my life to fulfill my divine purpose here on Earth. I claim for God's Will to manifest everywhere on Earth as it is in the Realms of Light and Freedom.


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