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Saturday, 25 September 2010 05:40

Greetings in this Saturn-day ... of Transformation and Diplomacy,

     This personal Editorial ... wants to open a door for Relax and give my advices like a friend you have that works like an immigrant.

     My Italian father was an immigrant in South America, and me is a South American immigrant in Europe, specifically in Italy.

     Has been told to your hears that there are Crisis ... but there are no Crisis at all. There are a Change ... I call it in not dramatic terms, A New Dance.

     In 1987, Angel Kryon arrives an change the Magnetic Grid of the planet ... to enable us that our DNA evolves ... in the correct terms.

     This was a necessary adjustment ... He and another Billions of Light Beings are helping, supporting and nurturing we all, planet Earth.

     The people people who I feel more love and I want to offer more support is the Youth of the World ... because they grow in an environment that is changing faster and the SMS, the Mobile Phone ... or their friends, nor their parents ... neither the religious personages will offer then the appropriate support and advices.

     If you are a fellow Latinoamerican ... that immigrate from South or Central America, as well from Mexico to United States ... may be you will feel uncomfortable ... Need I to back home? Need I back to turn back to Colombia, to Venezuela ... or to Nicaragua or Peru? No. You need to turn back.

     These times has been announced in the scriptures. First by Daniel, then by Lord Jesus and still then by John the Revelator.

     Please understand that these are that times.

     Most people in any place of the World ... suffer and cry ... looking for a Job. Looking to be a slave of Other. Don't you?

     How to you suppose is in the Heavens? ... Do you suppose Archangel Michael will got a salary from the Lord ... each fifteen days? No, my friends.

     Or do you suppose Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel, will sit down on a Colosseum or watch some TV ... when their Legions of Angels capture the Lower or Dark Angels? ... No. No. No.

     There are no war in the Heavens. There are no Colosseum or TV. There are no Movies.

     There are NO RELIGION, NOR ECONOMY ... or WAR ... they are neither Sports or Olympic Games.

     All these matter belong to our actual state of Evolution, here in 3D ...

     And, so you will ask me. Giovanni, How I can do? ... I ... following instruction from the Masters, specially Elohim, Lord Meru ... who I call my GranFather ... tell you:


    This is the Key.

    This is what avoid Fight. If I play my role and you play your role and my brother play him role ... No Fights happens.

     If you like my Father did, paint Houses and Apartments ... propose yourself. Use Internet ...

     If you are a teacher ... enter in Internet offering your courses. If you know Arabic ... may be you be successful ...

     There are a girl in Italy who got over 1 million hits on You Tube teaching Arabic.

     New Leaders are around the corner. New Professions ... and honestly a New World ...

     Like Saint Germain or Kryon say ... it is a return to Lemuria, a return to El Dorado ... This will not happens tomorrow morning. This will not happens ... in automatic mode.

     Be Original. Know Yourself. What is your Gift? ... Teaching, Singing, Exclaiming Poetry, Writing ... or you are better for Manual Jobs?

     In the discovery of Yourself ... is the path to be Original ... and in this path ... if the evolution of your career.

     Invent Thyself ... everyday!

     Each one of us, has a role to play. Each one of us ... is perfect like the Father is perfect in the Heaven ... and in Heaven, nothing is missing and nothing is superfluous ... The Universe is perfect ... and Just.

     I Giovanni, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ ... are here and proud to speak to you and to help you.

     Also me, Giovanni are preparing and need to change. If to-day I give you the words of the Lords of the Heavens and in few days these Lords will arrive on Earth ... who you will prefer to Hear, me the messenger or the Lord itself? ... The Lord of Course ... and you who you will suppose to be then, a Lord assistant? No. Jaja. No.

    I will continue to do ... part of what I do, teaching you ... Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry ... Arts and Humanities ... and of course I will continue to be your fellow friend,

In the name of the Truth ... which its Torch I bring to you everyday ... I had spoken, to-day,


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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