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Sunday, 12 September 2010 17:25

This is your planet ...


     What do you suppose ... we still really miss ... like a planet?

     Easy! ... We miss to be a planet ... and think like a planet.

     What today is common is, I AM from Venezuela, I AM from Colombia, I AM from United States, I AM from India, I AM from China ... Of course there are no planet to place on the balance to compare ... and of course some people believe that everything is death. Instead everything is alive.

     Do you believe in peace on Earth ... or do you believe a war will destroy everything ?

    If I tell you will be peace on Earth, you will continue to live undisturbed ... eating animals, be offensive ... and suppose that anything will continue like is. If I tell you there will be a war, you will be alarmed and probably will visit another Website.

   Honestly the choice is ours ... please note that evaluating the answer you think on United States, or Iran ... or some other "country".

   You does not think ... like a Human ... or like a representer of Humanity. You probably think like a Human representing your city, or your town ... or your street. You prefer to leave the "representation" to the Government ... and this is the a problem.

   Why do you believe you need someone else to represent you? ...

    If there are a convention like G18 ... your president or prime minister will be there to speak for you. I honestly prefer to speak for myself ... I don't need someone else speak for me.

    You will ask me. Giovanni, Do you want to go to G18 in representation of your country? ... I say, "Nay". I prefer no G18 ... I honestly prefer to break the concept of "country".

    Why not adopt the concept of "Planet"? ... We have a planet. Who will take care? I can say, I want to take care.

    If there are a problem like Petroleum in the Gulf ... because there are borders ... the "managers" say. This is your problem, not this is yours ... and probably an entire week ... will be lost looking who is the owner of the "jurisdiction".

    We need a planetary consciousness. Time ago, some "General" or "Advanced visionary", like Napoleon Bonaparte or Simon Bolivar: Unite entire Countries.

    In those days was necessary to use the arms. To-day is not necessary anymore.

    But let me tell you that the very problem is the "need to offer arms for sale, drugs for sale" ... and not "technology for sale, books for sale, food for sale". People need technology, books and food ... homes and this also means business.

    Who will stop the "Lords of the War"? ... and the others?

    I consider the possibility that a "Blessed Sacred Human Fact" will happens ... and these Lords will be out-of-business.

    Not a war, but may happens. People is looking for peace ... and have no problems ... People simply want to "live".

    Well, if this is the case, "Planetary consciousness" ... or "Peace on Earth" ... is around the corner.

Thanks very much,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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