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Friday, 12 March 2010 07:20


    A question arise in the minds of many: Are there a World Crisis? ...

    No, No. No!

    I comment that we are walking (or driving) on a bridge ... But it is question of only "understanding" ...

    Do you will consider a hole in the street while your drive your car ... a city crisis? ... No.

    What you will do? ... I will take care the hole on the street and avoid it ... Would you drive your car inside the hole? I hope no.

    Of course there will be things like we never know and never see before, but this is a test. Nothing else.

    It is a question of "Personal Crisis" ... played by thousands. Probably played by millions ... but please stay in the other side.

    Please stay in the side where you are not touched and live harmoniously and happy ... but remains "independent" .


Giovanni A. Orlando.


PS. I plan to stay around also in 2050 ... or still later ...

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