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Wednesday, 14 September 2011 07:30

Greetings in the day of Healing ... and Abundance ... and that is what the World need ... indeed ... but ...

    A Couple of days ago, I Giovanni (John) release the very words of Archangel Uriel ... about the ... "the Judgment of the Great Whore that sitteth upon many water" ... and yesterday we got ...

Papa Benedetto XVI denunciato alla Corte dell’Aja per crimini contro l’umanità

 In fact, Archangel Uriel saith ...

The pouring-out of the vial of mankind's misuses of the light of the sixth ray must precede the judgment of the great whore, that perversion of the feminine ray that sitteth upon many waters. And in her fornication she has perverted the sacred Mother flow of the white-fire core in Mater. And this flow of the great river Euphrates was for the nourishment of the body of God upon earth who formed the Church of our Lord. And yet that Church is become as Babylon the great, the apostate Church that "is become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird."14

   Last night, I Giovanni ask Archangel Micheal to put on my Armor of God, my Shield ... my Helmet and my Sword ... that is my sacred Word ... and let me join to the Legions ... his legions to Fight Darkness ... That is not the first time I submit that request ... and these are the words ... I give unto Thee ...

In the name of Archangel Michael, I spoke ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.


The Dividing of the Way

Michael, the Prince of the Archangels and our defender in this personal and planetary battle, invites us to his retreat at Banff, Canada, where he gives us keys for the victory: "This is a crossroads of planet Earth and this is where Armageddon must be fought. And it will be fought in the psyche of the individual. It will be in the heart of the individual. It will be in the dweller-on-the-threshold.*

(* The dweller-on-the-threshold is a term sometimes used to designate the anti-self, the not-self or the synthetic self. It is the antithesis of the Real Self, the conglomerate of the self-created ego. See pp. 214-18. Additional explanation of the dweller may also be found in Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Enemy Within.)

That is where Armageddon shall be, beloved, and it shall be multiplied in every individual upon earth.

"And some will be on the side of the forces of Light and our legions and will go after the Lord Christ as he does come. And others will go after the fallen ones. There will be the dividing of the way, but it may not come at all in the way in which Christians interpret it.

"Armageddon is the place where you determine whether you shall be a God-free being or go the way of the fallen ones.

I daresay there is no one in this place who will go the way or the fallen ones consciously. But this I would point out to you: When you do not resolve your psychology and the burdens of your heart and the records of this and past lives, then sometimes your energy goes below the level of the heart, and you may be melancholy, you may be sad, you may be depressed, you may be out of alignment. In those moments, you have left the side of Light and joined the side of Darkness.

"So think of this, beloved. Armageddon is taking place inside of you at this very moment. Most people have a warring in their members, but the dweller-on-the-threshold manages to cover it up. And so that war is never fought and won by the soul, but it is only left there. And that war and that warring is a festering condition within the physical body itself. Many of your problems in the physical body or the emotional body or the mind do come from the nonresolution that you have midst the forces of Light and Darkness.

"Therefore, sometimes when you pay allegiance to me and all the Hosts of Light, I come to you. And at inner levels at my retreat at Banff, I show you and I explain to you that because you have not forthrightly dealt with the issues of the unconscious, you are yet vulnerable. You do not have that certainty of wholeness, and therefore that certainty of your victory and of your ascension.

"Remember the circle around the cross, the circle of wholeness, the cross of white fire. That wholeness is your goal. Then you will be invincible. Then there will not be a part of you that is an open door to burdens of sickness, of darkness, of mourning, of suddenly wanting to go here and there, for you cannot find peace. If you cannot find peace, beloved, it is a serious condition in your psychology.

"Peace must be with you as the Elohim of Peace, as the Prince of Peace, as Uriel, as your Holy Christ Self. The peace that passeth understanding10—when you have its full cup, you will reduce your misery and subconscious levels of misery. And then you will realize that God is where you are. You need not go here, go there; for the kingdom of God is fully ensconced within you," and no devil, great or small, can in any way tamper with your state of mind, your project, your goal"12


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