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Friday, 02 September 2011 12:40

The time came and the laggards began to take embodiment; they coming through these individuals who were embodied on Earth, living in an innocent and pure state.

All requirements were supplied by/through precipitation, as man was not ordained to labor, to earn a living by the sweat of the brow as is the condition presently. The density of the physical body is the reason for it and the struggle which mankind has, because that density which is produced by discord in the feelings does not let the energy from the Presence flow through freely. Man came here a being of light, free. The Earth was provided for him, beautiful with all that was required; with Elementals to produce every good thing in nature. There were no storms and weather conditions to combat or the need of protection from them. Therefore, present day conditions of materialism were not required. Life-streams came here to learn to direct and master energy for definite manifestation; not just to provide for the function of living.

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