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Tuesday, 30 August 2011 06:33

Greetings in the Pink Mars-day of the Love of God ...

   And troubles evaporate if appears Love ...

   Have you see ... how many countries have troubles with the 'New Age'?

   Do you see United States economy ... and they solve ... Greece and they are solving ... touching yesterday +14% ... Spain, France ... Italy ... but ALL are solving their problems. ALL!

    There are a lot of people worried ... and there are NO ORDER. Neither in Business, neither me are a very ordered person, yet ... because I have a new office and still work at home.

    The problems in World Economy and they call 'Crisis', 'Probably Recession' ... is NOT THAT!

     What is going to happens and happening ... is the establishment of ORDER.

     There MUST be ORDER where ORDER is NOT.

    Therefore, the finance of a Government ... any ... feels some disturbance because the New Age ...

     And I will mix ... both New Age concepts (that you may not understand) and 'standard' concepts.

      Some people feel the falling of Governments or the Falling of Economies ... but honestly nothing will fall ... in actual conditions.

       In some sense ... is like a Spring Season ... where you clean your apartment or house and remove and trash ... not useful things.

      Of course in this cleaning process ... slowly ... fraudulent people ... not serious ... those 'who believe they can trick you' ... will be removed. Because they are like a broken Tennis racket ... Not useful anymore.

       The New Age is an Age of Enlightenment, an Age of Abundance ... An Age of Order.

       A New Golden Age ...

       El Dorado was 'the Golden Age' of South America ... (Think not how to ... or why fall).

       The European renaissance was the Golden Age of Europe.

       Lemuria, Atlantis were the Golden Ages of the Entire World ...

       Egypt and Greece reach also their Golden Age in the times of Pharaoh and before the division of Sparta and Athene.

       As soon you get ordered ... you will be more wealthy.

       And I Giovanni want to alert Delinquents and people that expecting killing and propagate Drug Traffic, Arms Traffic ... Children Traffic ... with their perverted business. They will be NO more.

       If you have business locally ... probably you will solve soon. If you are business like me ... in the World ... then ... you will need more time.

       Before Africa will remove their Darkness. Because 'The South of the World' will remove their Darkness including South America ... well I can say ... "Be Rhythmic"

       The Rhythm ... is an important key ... in Prayers, in Work ... and in Evolution!


In the name of the Light, I have spoken.

Thus, relax and have fun ... Good times are around the corner.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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