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Sunday, 28 August 2011 04:50




      And with a worry for the Winds on the East Coast ... I am looking that more than Author ... I AM ... and I will continue to be ... I am becoming a 'Librarian'.

      Living in a place like England will be for me like a children living in a Bakery ...

      It is honestly outrageous the number of books I have, I plan to purchase and I am still purchasing.

      For me is not enough to bring the words of the Lords of the Heavens, translate and offer ... in my books ... and generally because the dramatic situation re-offer one edition for free browsing.

      You can check some of the books here ...


    I begin of course with Copies when I was a Student ... and then purchase the original books. I order some books to a Library located in New York city when I was sixteen years old. I then visit that Library, and the library was called ... 'Chelsea Publishing Company' ... this happens in 1987. Just the year after I arrive to Italy, where I live.

    That Library to-day does not exist any more ... and that books may be purchased by the American Mathematical Society Check ... 'AMS-Chelsea Publishing'. I purchase original in their language, like 'Lebesgue's Integration' ... Edmund Landau's Handbuch or 'Grundlagen der Analysis' ... the first in French, and the second in German. I have many, almost all including the digital Editions.

    Great Mathematician ... Niels Abel say, "Read the originals ... not the translations. Read the creator of the Disciplines not the modifiers".

     I, Giovanni consider Dover Publications ... also located in NY the ones that actually are continuing to push 'original' books. I modestly have also my plans for other books ... Some very Old.

    And From the Science (Basically Mathematics, still Physics and Chemistry) ... I begin to walk on English Literature and Shakespearean plays.

    Living in my country, Venezuela ... basically in my City Caracas, I discover many facts about Saint Germain and mainly that he was Francis Bacon and the very author of the Shakespearean plays ... this let me enter in the Universe of the English Language, only recently.

    Because I learn to the Differential Calculus by myself with the help of a friend ... in my first years I begin a research trough the Godfrey Harold Hardy 'A Course of Pure Mathematics' ... 'The Integration of a Single Variable' and then also the Edmund Landau books on Analysis ... like him 'Differential and integral calculus' ... this is the British and German School ... then to move to the Russian and American School ... without to let the French School of Mathematics without the fundamental attention.

   The English Literature ... its History and development ... only to touch the Shakespeare's works ... is amazing ... because the plays were written in code ... a code that explain that the author was Francis Bacon as well the fact that he was the heir to the throne of England ... and not King James ... and again was Francis Bacon to bring us the King James Bible and not King James.

   I begin to attend to Dr. Motoyama Workshop and he is triple-laureate speaking several languages, including English ... and then I enter in the Vibrational Medicine. Another Universe.

   These three main topics ... Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy) ... Medicine and English Language will occupy most of my works.

    But the strength was from the New Age books like 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' or Barbara Hand Clow 'The Pleiadian Agenda' ... and others.

    Honestly ... resuming ...

    We need a Real Science ... including a better Mathematics and a Real Physics ... more connected with Music and Sacred Geometry and the construction of the Universe.

    I will let you relax.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Check ... http://www.futuretg.com/FTHumanEvolutionCourse/FTFreeLearningKits/

PPS. Opps ... I am counted not ... the over 300 books on Software and specially on Linux ... and not speaking about the books to learn Arabic or Chinese. Yet not.

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