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Wednesday, 17 August 2011 13:18



Greeting in the name of Light ... in the very Green-day of Healing ...

   ... And Healing arrives and bless people and the body ... when there are a 'message' ... into the body ... or into the consciousness or in the World.

   It may be a 'medicine' ... (better not) ... it may be a Word ... it may be a kiss ... the reading of a book, the reading of an article ... etc.

   Mercury ... the planet more close to the Sun, is the Planet that bring the message from the Sun.

   No. There are no Wars in the Heaven. There are no Black forces fighting with White or Light Forces. No.

   There were invasions in this Galaxy ... by the same that arrive here ... the Lyrans ... but let me give my Word ... to Ra, Our Sun ...

When the next ring on the great cosmic spiral of the galaxy and Earth's next 26,000-year cycle begin simultaneously in the year 2013, the following will have already taken place: (1) Pole shifts will have repositioned Earth in relationship to the Sun. (2) The Sun will have simultaneously been repositioned with a similar pole shift relative to the Pleiades. (3) The Pleiades will have undergone a spiral comple­tion, which will have repositioned that system relative to Orion. (4) Orion will have undergone a complete upheaval and spiritual house-cleaning. The entire Orion system will have been darkened for a peri­od of what on Earth would be twenty-four hours, and there will have been pole shifts of every star and planet in that system. Vaporization of many of the planets in that system, and a reopening and rededication of Orion as a galactic gateway to the Galactic Center of this galaxy and beyond, will have been completed. Sirius has been serv­ing that function for roughly the last 300,000 years, since the Lyrans invaded Orion and interfered with access to the galactic gateway there. (5) Sirius will have been elevated to the position of a galactic spiritual mystery school, instead of one operating specifically for this solar ring and regional arm of the galaxy (6) Instead of the current orbital pattern of your solar ring around Alcyone, central sun of the Pleiades, the entire Pleiadian system will begin to orbit around Sirius. Sirius will be the new central sun for this arm of the galaxy, and the Pleiades will have become part of the Sirius star system.

The Egyptian represent Ra ... as follows,

Now, I Giovanni ... wants to add still more messages and Word, from, God 'RA' ...

The Orion beings, or Lyrans, With Lucifer's help, had mastered "no-time-and-space" travel, enabling them to project through the breach within seconds of its cre­ation, before they could be stopped. Their interaction with Earth was inevitable at some point in time due to karmic connections between the Lyrans, Lucifer, and some of the humans on Earth. They landed in Atlantis as preplanned, because it was the place most conducive to their purpose. Immediately, they began to indoctrinate the Atlanteans with their "superior" knowledge of technology. The Atlanteans had taken pride in being the most evolved race on Earth at that time, and they were always searching for new areas of mas­tery. The Lyrans manipulated them with promises of unlimited power, technology, influence, and with demonstrations of Lyran "superiority" via technology, psychic control, and intelligence. The Atlanteans were promised that they could have those abilities, too, if they welcomed the Lyrans and allowed them to infiltrate their cul­ture. Many Atlanteans were immediately distrustful of the Lyrans and discerned the spiritual trap that was being set. Others were more gullible and hungry for power and supremacy and welcomed the Lyrans wholeheartedly.

For the following 10,000 years, Atlantis was divided into two dis­tinct population segments: one that included the Lyrans and excelled technologically, and one that remained spiritually pure and devoted. The Temples of Melchizedek were badly infiltrated by the controlling and manipulative invaders and their influence. A group called the Gray Robes, and later the Black Robes, was formed. Their focus was on the development of psychic power and black magic. Some of the Melchizedek priests remained pure, but more did not. There were Temples of Alorah in Atlantis at that time that housed Goddess-priestess orders whose teachings came from the ninth dimension through a hierarchical order called the Council of Nine. These teach­ings remained untainted by the Lyrans and Lucifer, and the priest­esses openly defied and discouraged involvement with the Dark Brothers, as they were also called. Originally those Atlanteans who wished to practice the arts of magic and alchemy were first trained spiritually to ensure that they learned the right use of the powers. But eventually the spiritual protocol broke down, and training in psychic power and black magic became widespread. Lucifer was always invisible to the people but nonetheless was a major subcon­scious influence. He controlled the Lyran Dark Brotherhood and could possess the bodies of members of the Dark Brotherhood at any time in order to communicate with them or through them to other Atlanteans. Lucifer used this means of reaching the people often. His purpose was to break down the Atlanteans' trust in the forces of Light that ruled the planet and solar ring; eventually, he hoped to take control as Supreme Being on Earth.

Lucifer and the Dark Brothers penetrated the consciousnesses of many males on Earth who were vulnerable to psychic control due to their own shadow desire for control and domination, especially over females. A subterranean astral plane, as well as subterranean cere­monial grounds and dwellings, was created where the lower collec­tive consciousness of the Dark Brotherhood established territory and sent energy waves and subliminal messages through Earth to the people on the surface. This collective consciousness was, and still is, what you call "Satan." It was created by a fusion of the lower con­sciousnesses of all members of the Dark Brotherhood. This Satanic force has the ability to operate as a single large entity. The bigger this collective consciousness grew, with its control and imposed supremacy over the Goddess, Earth, your solar ring, and Divinity, the more power this dark force had to generate its own continued growth. The polarization of Dark and Light intensified quickly on Earth as the subconscious minds of humans were bombarded with negative thoughts and images about distrust in God and the Divine Plan, the inferiority of females, and the superiority of the mental realm over the emotional and spiritual realms.

Therefore, there has been NOT ONE ... but several arrivals ... here on Earth and these 'people' still enslave Humans beings ... mentally, religious, military and economically.

Thrust me ...

Now, the point is 'cool and interesting' because ... these people will be banned from here ... Both ... and in any sense.

By 2013 they will be no more here ... and the effect is so High that will touch still Orion starts ... which ranges from 272 Light-years up to +1300 light years from here.

By 2013 ... there will be a complete clean-up!

Now, this is not only the point ... The point is that the Human Being will Do a Great Shift in his consciousness in the year 2012 ... and his (or her) consciousness and DNA will change dramatically ... for better.

There will be no more the 'soldier'-man ... but the 'pacificus'-man ...

Therefore, no more,


but ... the Pacificus Man.

You need not to believe me. You need to stay tuned,


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. October is a cool Month.

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