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Tuesday, 02 August 2011 15:31



Greetings ... in the day of Love ... the Mars day of the Pink Ray of the Holy Ghost ... the Maha Cohan day.

    Both the Maha Cohan (or Holy Ghost in Britannic English or Holy Spirit in US English), is an Office ... like the Chohan is an Office too and the Messenger is an Office too.

   Sorry, there are no money behind the job and there are neither possibility to be fired ... but there are an agreement and is the Hierarchy with a lovely decision to choose a Being for a specific 'Office' ... as well a Ceremony at the moment of the investiture of the Office.

   Master Kuthumi, who was Saint Francis in Italy, Pythagoras in Italy as well Master K.T. in Tibet (last incarnation) hold the position and Office of Maha Chohan ... the Office of the Holy Ghost ... and that Office or Investiture is the Higher Position between the Chohans.

  Some hold more than One Office at the same time. El Morya hold the Office of the Chohan of the First Ray, the Royal Blue Ray of the Will of God. The First Office.

  Because El Morya was Saint Peter that Office or trainship is the first mastery to get.

  El Morya was also Melchior a Magi King with Kuthumi who was Balthazar and Djwal Khul was Gaspar. They were the Master of Jesus baby and the reason to meet him was to teach and protect him.

  Lord Lanto is the Chohan of the Yellow Ray of Wisdom. Master Confucius was close to be accepted and promoted to that Office ... but Lord Prefer prefer to hold the Office for a While.

  The Color of First Ray is Blue. The Color of the Second Ray is Yellow and the Color of the Third Ray is Pink.

  Serapis Bey who was Leonidas in Sparta is the Chohan of the Fourth Ray. The White Ray of Purity and Immortality. The Ray of Ascension. He is the Officer that authorize the Soul to Ascension.

  Saint Hilarion who was Saint Paul in Rome and Apostle Paul, originally called Saul of Tarsus is the Chohan of the Green Ray of Healing and Abundance.

  Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalene, whose names are Lord Sananda and Lady Nada are the Chohans of the Sixth Ray. The Golden and Purple Ray of Resurrection.

  Saint Germain who was Saint Francis, Merlin in England as well Roger Bacon and Joseph the Father of Jesus as well Cristopher Colombo ... and many others in Italy, France ... Europe and the World ... is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray and the Main Avatar of the Aquarius Age ... actually in the year 11.

   And Why I spoke about how the Heavens works and are organized? ... Well because they works! Don't you?

   The New Age of Aquarius ... is a Period of 2,160 years. The Galactic Night is over and we are actually in 'The Photon Band' ...



  This speech contain an 'intrinsic and implicit' message from Beloved Godfre ... who was George Washington ... so if you want to hear the Father of United States continue to read.

   He say,

"Freedom must come in every way to Life on this Earth, and Freedom can only come as the Human dies, because Freedom is wholly Divine and usury is wholly Human".

   And so it is! ...

   I, Giovanni say.

   Banks are going to become more loyal, more friendly and like a place to handle money ... Of course they need to have their money ... the money for the expanses they do ... but in a mode of service ... not like in the past, like 'usury'.

  Do you see how friendly the Heaven is? ... How some is 'hired'? ... He or She is hired by him (or her) High Degree of Spirituality ... and so will be the Next Presidents, Rulers and Kings that will arrive to the World ... Because will arrive New Ones ... Honestly you begin to see ... 'New Leaders' ... Don't you?

  The Acquarian Age began in the year 2000 ... but only around the year 2050 ... 2500 will be FULL VISIBLE ...

   ... It is a return to the Garden ... And Eden is not a Park ... Eden comes from Edon ... which means


   Along the centuries and Millenia the words become Eden ... But is Divine Wisdom.

   Divine is Divine and Human is Human ... And you need not to suffer if you say ... I am human ...

   I Giovanni say ... Nay ... You are not Human ... You are Divine. You are playing the role like an actor or actress ...

   ... the Human role in a place like this ... but is simply a role ... It is not your nature. Your Nature is Divine.

   And so is ... The Divine Plan ... and so is 'The American Dream' ... and so were designed originally America.

   America (and this regards not only the United States of America  but also Canada, also Mexico, Central America and South America) ...

   America ... is a word that represent the words ... the 'I AM RACE' ... That is AMERICA!

   If you was born in the American Continent ... Trust me ... You belong to a special Race ... the 'I AM' Race.

  And what is that, Giovanni? ... You are going to ask me? ... I will say ... the Race of 'I AM THAT I AM', the God Race.

  That is the Race.

  The requisite is be American born at Continental Level  ... like Continental were the name of the 'Continental Army'

  ... which Commander in Chief was George Washington ... and the process my friends was a 'Continental' process ... otherwise why choose that name?

  George Washington also at the times of the American Revolution was an enlightened person ... but he back in the person of Guy Ballard who then adopt the plume of Godfre Ray King founding the 'I AM Activity' still active!

   And he, George Washington got the visit of Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Amethyst ... the very Archangel of the Seven Ray ... where Saint Germain is the Chohan of that Ray ... and that Ray is the Aquarius Ray ... because this Age is the Violet Age.

    George Washington got the visit in the To-day US Capitol Prayer Room.

Like you can read on the 1¢

   And now I ask Thee? ... Do you Trust God? ... Or do you trust the Dollar? ...

   I will say ... You forget what say the 1¢ or the Bill ... You concentrate on the Dollar ... and this is because the American Dream ... 'seems' evaporate.

  The New Age is an Age of Order ... like any other E-den Age Before ... called ... Golden Ages ... and you will solve the problems.

  George Washington never suppose that Abraham Lincoln will be killed ... and I am not speaking about Afghanistan, or Iran ... or the problems on the Border with Mexico ... or the Latino ... or JLO. 

  I am speaking about American Presidents.

  And now let me finish ...

  The American Dream is perfect possible. Is a Feasible concept ... because is Divine and must be draw from the Spiritual Point of View.

   A Perfect World ... where no one have Debts, where no one desire the woman or man of Other ... A World when we travel to ten places every-week ... having and sleeping into our Own Houses ... is Perfect Possible.

  ... But not based on Assassination, Murder of Animals, Usury or Slavery ... but Raising Freedom ... because Freedom is Divine ... like the American Dream ... like 'America' ... the I AM Race is Divine ...

And so it is,

And I never betray,

In Light and Freedom I have spoken,


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I re-propose ... The Mystical Origins of the United States of America ...

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