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Thursday, 30 June 2011 09:59



Greetings ... in the Jupiter-day ... the Golden and Purple day of the Resurrection

     ... the day of people like George Washington, like Simon Bolivar, like Napoleon Bonaparte

     ... the Ones who knows where are going ...


     And in this very day, I Giovanni who also knows very well where is going ... I want to speak about United States ... and them expected reaction if Lord Jesus will back to Earth ... to walk the Earth ...

     Let me clarify before I begin that these words are not against the United States ... that I consider after all an extension of my Land ...

    Of course these words are not against my many friends in the United States ... most in the West and some in the East ... still some in Texas ... etc.

   These words are against the Dark and Mechanical America ...

   and let me clarify that there are two Americas ... two concepts of America within the borders and in the main of Americans ...

   1. The First America is the Dark America ... the America that request to a GranMother to remove anything and get naked ... a woman 95 years old in the Airport of Miami ... because probably in the stupid mind ... she may don't got Cancer ... but a bomb.

  • The America that hire and then say "I am sorry" ... not me but many I know.
  • The America living in Depth Fear ... like those who install a particular elevator in the Building of my attorney, to-day retired ... An Elevator that have a mechanism to avoid you use the elevator without permission or approval. May be they save money with security Personnel.
  • The America ... like "Las Vegas" where everything is for sale ... still you (don't me, Sorry) and where you can kiss still the First Lady ... not my Lady ... may be First or Second.
  • The America that don't pay ...
  • The America that organize plots to put Argentina naked and Hungry.
  • The America ruled by "The Elite" ... which Headquarters are in Washington DC. (Cool I write fine in the first intent)
  • The America that kill Iraq and Afghanistan ... still US Marines send to Death ... under the excuse to "Be Patriot" ... and the Patriots are or were ... Trust me ... because I AM ... and I were ... those who found and place the bricks of America ... like the Land of the free and the home of the brave.

     and this is the Light America ... The God America is ... The Good America,

  2. The God America is ... the America founded by George Washington which Never ever plan to invade other nations or enter in Other Nations to kill enemies

  • The America of the Ascended Masters ... like Saint Germain ... like Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln or John Kennedy.
  • The America that spread Liberty ... and a hand to shake ... not a bomb to send.
  • The America of the Mounts ... Month Shasta, Mount Tabor, Mount Table ... Yellow Stone where Diamonds where Yellow.
  • The California of the Gold ... The West of the Gold.
  • The America that fight the Sinister Force of the World ... not the America that embrace and become the Sinister Force.

   I combat the first America. I dislike the first America. I love the Second America. I fight for the Second America ... of course with my words ... what you mind?

  Believe America in Lord Jesus? ... If you ask a Mormon they will say ... "Yes". If you ask a member of the Summit LightHouse ... they will say ... "Yes".

  I don't know all the answers.

  Time ago ... I ask to a lower person ... is lower because stupid and orchest people against me ... and fail. I ask to this person ... "Do you believe in the Lord?" ... At this chapter happens in Google Headquarters ... in 2008 ... and the stupid man ... say ... "Well, So So" ... I, Giovanni say ... "If you don't believe in the Lord ... You cannot speak with me".

   It is clear what kind of persons is this man. He is a surrender to Mr. W. Operations ... when thousand of people die ... a lover of the Dark America ... and therefore a serious antagonist ... of me, Your Fellow Friend.

  America, the Dark America is not only manipulated by The Elite ... and who Manipulate the Elite? The Elite is the organization that avail the President of the United States and tailor the War ... of course very far from United States.

  The Dark America is the One who ask that United Nations remain in New York city (America) and tailor wars ...

  Are Dark America ... everything for sale ... The America of Mr and Mrs Smith (movie) ... where weapons are available like ice-screams ... on the Path of God ... on the Path of the Word of Lord Jesus.

  Of course ... No. Of course No.

  What can expect United Nations or the Dark America (choice 1 ... You know) if Lord Jesus will back?

  What will happens to 'The Elite'? ... What will happens to George W.? ... What will happens to these Dark Daemons manipulated by Daemons to propagate Darkness and kill ... still avoid ... European Pan-Medical Assistance to Fellow Americans?

   What will happens? ... I will tell you what will happens ... They will banned from this world in permanent mode.

   Do you know that some people that belong to 'The Elite' Like Bill Gates are under land in subterranean cities expecting December 2012 ... full of Food and Reserves.

   Do you that?

   Archangel Michael say ... "If you hide on a Cavern ... the Cavern will scramble on you!"

   Now ... with no more two Americas ... "The Dark and Killer America" and the Light and Good America ...

  Only The Good America ... and of course this America ... will love Lord Jesus and adore him return.

In the name of the Light, I have spoken.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. The America before the Word War II ... was a Pacific Country living in the Peace of the Lord and producing Nice Refrigerators.

Something happens to that America. May be Great Daemon get the powers. The To-day America is most Dark with Headquarter everywhere in Aviano, in Naples, in German ... and using the excuse "War for Peace". I say, Nay! ... War never propose and offer Peace. War propose Hate and Vengance ... Only Peace and a Friendly Hand propose Peace. I still speak in the name of Lord ... and I Giovanni believe in the Lord ... I have no conflicts or internal conflicts or doubts. The Lord is with me and I speak in his name. Blessing to all America ... the Dark that need Healing and the God America wishing she rose to the World ... and that the name 'America' may be associated to Freedom ... not with weapons ... but Freedom using and through the WORD.

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