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Friday, 25 February 2011 13:46

Thor ... the God of the Thunder. (Jupiter)


Greetings in the White-Venus-day of Purity,

    Is God a dictator? ... What is a Dictator? ...

    Of course is NOT a dictator. God is like a Father ... but do you follow the advices of your own Father? May be you do ... may be not.

    I love my father. He pass on March 28, 1985. He my father was an authoritative father. I can say, "Thanks".

    A Dictator may kill their slaves ... called "people". God ... never. God raise you ... nurture you ... and let you walk WITH him.

    Will a Dictator let you walk with him? ... No. No. May be he let you walk with him but an appropriate distance.

    Now, the good question ... Do you will bow and do the Will of God? ... or do you prefer your own Will.

    God ... like a Father give you Free Will ... but he expect you follow it Will, the God Will.

    You will ask me, Giovanni ... How I can know the Will of God? ... I say unto you that if you will discover the Will of God ... you will do nothing but the Will of God. Nothing else ... and you will love to be blessed and honored to do the Will of God. This is what, I Giovanni say.

    Suppose you are in troubles and need a medicine ... and the doctor say, "You need to drink this medicine" ... Do you will follow Doctor advice?.

    If you do not ... may be you get bad days. If you do ... you are following the advices of person who know more than you about diseases and medicines.

    Now, a Master question ... Suppose that in this situation God say unto you ... "You can go to a healer, or a doctor ... there are many. But if you want to follow the Path of God, the Path of the Family of Light ... you need to do and follow OUR WILL".

   In other words ... God is just telling you ... that if you follow him (or it, like you prefer) ... You will heal yourself ... Now, I repeat the question.

   Do you will drink medicines? ... I say No. I prefer to Heal myself.

   Remember Master Jesus ... Jesus don't give medicines to the people. He heal them, he heal them for free and expect nothing back. He, Jesus is a Healer ... Very Different for US Administration where probably neither in the case a tourist got a car accident may be saved ... because no card.

  The United States ... and I love the country ... but need healing ... still may kill a citizen that broke "The Law".

  Thus, they don't heal for free, but kill ... interesting will say my brother Tony.

   If you ask me ... Where is God? ... I will say ... I am just watching a small carbon copy. You. Of course, you may be a US Doctor that go to University to become rich ... or the man in the Jail that push the execution button ... Also in these cases, they are carbon copy of God.

   But ... Jesus is a better example. The Buddha is a better example. Saint Germain is a better example. Would Saint Germain ... ask us a cent for each time we call the "Violet Flame"? ... No, my friends.

   Of you will Lord Jesus ... send an invoice for him healing. No. Right? ... You will say me that "everything" is for charge. I say NO.

   In Europe ... and the service is HIGH ... you may be Italian or stranger ... from any religion ... and they will ask nothing to you. They will pick up you and heal you ... also for a Heart disease or operation that costs US$ 24,000!

  Are Italian saints? ... No. Italians and Europeans simply touch a so Great level of compassion that they do and no think about. They don't think in the money, they think they save a life. This is valid in all Europe, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland ...

  Lord Lanto ... never will send a "magic" invoice for their long years of training. I, Giovanni charge nothing for these news.

  Why the Family of Light don't charge? The Family of Light does not charge because they has another level of Hierarchy ... the Spiritual Hierarchy.

  Lord Meru, Maestro Mer an Elohim ... dwells in the 12D (Dimension 12). El Morya who was Moses and Abraham was well Peter dwells on Sirius on the 7D.

  Jesus actually is the Main Abbot on the Pleyades in the Fifth Dimension.

  Is not correct to suppose a Higher Dimension is "more important" than another. This is the main reason because a King is a King and cannot be choseen by "the people", like happens on Democracy. There are no Democracy or King in the Heaven.
  A Dictator is someone that suppose to be "more important than you" ... and this is the reason because soon there will be no more dictators.
  You will ask me ... Of course ... My President must be more important than me, he is the President. I say, "Nay". I say ... it is up to you.
  Look President Obama ... he is like my best friend. He does not care about him prestige. I respect him ... because I know him role. When he will be not more the President of United States, I still will respect him, because a person. (I never meet in Person President Obama, but I know him ... He is a cosmic friend, if you prefer.).

   Look instead Mr. Hugo Chavez (it is very complicated, I Giovanni call him President). Look President Berlusconi. Look Mr. Gadafi. Are they Obama-like?

   Of course they are not. All the three persons previously listed, Chavez, Berlusconi and Gadafi ... and I will add "Pope Ratzinger" ... are the kind of people that arrive a position ... and they expect you bow before them. Right?

   Lord Meru, never will ask me, I bow before him. Ascended Master El Morya ... will say, "Call me if you need me". Ascended Master "Saint Germain" will say me, engine a Violet Light when you go asleep, I will be with you.
   Lord Jesus will tell me ... "Call me when you need me, when you feel lazy, I will be there."

   Do you see the difference? ...

   Now, a final question. Suppose you go to a School where Lord Lanto or Lord Maitreya is the Teacher, the Professor. Suppose they say unto thee. "Have no fear".

   And you say ... because you are sixteen years old. "Well ... I have not fear at all". The Master will say nothing ... but you will take 30 years to understand that you need not to have fear ... or you need not to drink medicine ... because you can take another Path ...

   The Hierarchy of Light, The Great Brotherhood of Light (called also the White Brotherhood of Light), expect no ... you have a place on Cemetery or pay taxes or money to orgy-organizers ... or expect you bow before them. No. This behavior is Dictator-like.

   The Family of Light expect you join them ... you ascend to them ... like Lord Jesus after crucifixion or Saint Germain who ascend May 1, 1684 or El Morya who ascend to the Lord in 1898, or Lord Lanto who ascend in 500 BC.

   Seraphis Bey is the Choan of the Ascension Ray. The White Ray of Purity and Immortality, and he ascend 400 B.C.

   The Family of Light want you become a member ... at their own level. The Family of Light wants you become Immortal, like they are and they are God and they rule the Universe.

    The Prime Creator ... God ... The Lord ... is too much important. He however also attend you ... but please speak with him or her voices ... Mother Mary, Quan Yin and other you know like Jesus or Saint Germain.

   ... A Dictator wants to enslave you ... as long as ... you understand you are under enslavement.

I am Giovanni and in the name of the Family of Light ... I have spoken this very day.
Giovanni A. Orlando.

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