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Saturday, 12 February 2011 09:08


Greetings in the very day of Transformation and Freedom ...

     Yes! ... I, Giovanni with two degree in Mathematics only now are able to "discover" the magic and the meaning behind numbers.

     What magic day, 11-2-11! ... Egypt is now free ... and is the second country dictator-free!

     US Americans have several important components like the Language (English), as well in "some cases" the names of the days ... like Sunday, that means to Sun-day.

     These are important concepts ... lost in Latin or European components.

     European and therefore Latin (because from their Spanish inheritance) ... has valid names not so clear because Nordic Gods ... and honestly their Old names of the week, Marte-s (leadings Mars), Miercoles (leading Mercury), Jueves (leading Jupiter), Viernes (leading Venus), and Saturday (leading Saturn).

     In Italian and Spanish because Catholic (Chaotic) they adopt the dark name "Domingo" (Spanish), "Domenica" (Italian), instead to the sun-shine Sun-day, to-morrow.

    Is this clear? ... I hope so.

    The system adopted by Anglo-Germans is Month/Day/Year, while Latin like adopt Day/Month/Year.

    9/11, one of the most disastrous dark days means September 11, and this was in the year 2001, look the year 2001 ... 2+0+0+1=3, like 2010, leads to 3, too.

    And 3 means catalyst year.

    In other words, I want to say that the World must take pieces of Light ... lost ... around the World.

  • One is the Language, and this of course must be English.
  • One is the days of the week ... and this can be solved ... adopting ...
  • A New Calendar ... not the Dark Roman Calendar, with Julius and August, the name of Roman Emperors.
  • A Worldwide representation for the days of the year. Northern Europeans like Swedish or people from Finland ... adopt Year/Month/Day. I consider Day/Month/Year the correct one. Of course Egyptians may teach us about that. A New Worldwide calendar is necesary.

    After this short proposal, let me speak about Magic ...

    If you look actual month (actually called February=Aquarius) and next month Pisces=March ... they are exactly equal.

You can look here, http://www.futuretg.com/Calendars/2011 or read here.

Therefore, is High expected ... equivalents facts ... the next 11-3-11.

The magic was began ... yesterday ... month-by-month and day-by-day ...

11-3-11 ... 11-11-11 ... 12-1-12 ... 12-6-12 (Venus transit) ... 12-12-12 (Jesus return).


Blessed you are,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I consider also that Latin people must adopt the American system for "comma" separation and 103, must be written 1.000,00 not like actually is "1.000,00".

The other is units in Physics. The English units, yard, foot and inch ... are closed to the Human Proportions ... as well to the Royal Egyptian Cubit, used to built the Great Pyramid.


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