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Tuesday, 18 January 2011 16:56

From the Part III - The Colonization of Maldek ...

(dedicated to those who suppose to know everything ...)


... When the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light began to be birthed among the four colonies and in the smaller, halfway villages, it was about seventy-five years before the end of the cycle. There were about a dozen Pleiadians born into each colony, and four into each of the villages. These children were noticeably different from birth, as they chose not to accept the genetics of their parents beyond what was absolutely necessary. Blond and red-haired children were born to dark-haired and dark-skinned families. Unusual facial structures that were unknown to any of the existing races appeared. When the children began to speak, they did not carry the local dialects, but had a strangely different dialect of their own, shared only with the unique, new children in all of the colonies. They were extremely bright and much more alert than the other Maldekian babies and children, and they emanated so much love and poise that the people were not sure how to respond to them.


When the Pleiadian children began to speak clearly, they described tall people from the stars with bodies made of light, who took care of them and talked to them. They told the Maldekians that the star people were always there, but that the Maldekians could not see them because they were made of spirit and light, not matter. These children were very loving to their parents, other family members, and friends, so much so that the other children were jealous of the praise and attention given to these special ones. As the children got older, their ability to share their wisdom, love, and knowledge increased. They began to teach the people about soul and spirit, and about the karma and evolution of every being. They talked about the guardian Light Beings who had always protected them and who kept the world safe for them and their planet. Reincarnation and the purpose behind it was explained. They specifically described how all of the people on Maldek had lived in other places before, as well as in their own ancestors’ bodies on Maldek. The Pleiadian children even told the people the names of the planets and star systems from whence they had come, and said that their colonies should be called by those names.

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