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Tuesday, 28 December 2010 13:34

Lord Jesus


Greetings my Friends,

     My news are not bad news, but good news.

     I am Giovanni and I choose to dedicate some efforts to re-design and re-offer as well explain the Book of Apocalypse ... with the messages of the Angels and the Lord of the Heavens.

     Yes, it is absolutely a Good News. It is a time of celebration, a time of Graduation ... and a time of Party.

     Well, New Yorkers probably see no party but snow. I say, Relax. There will be a party.

     The Judgment is not a Bad Thing, but a Joy.

      Of course if you are ...

  • a Greed Person ... let me say ... You cannot continue ... to base your life in greed.
  • a Person, like my renter paying me US$ 5.00 for rent in my luxury apartment in Caracas, I say ... Well, OUT!
  • a Dictator or Bad Politician ... ignorant ... destroying ... and with no eyes to see their Darkness ... I say, Goodbye

      It is not a Joy for them ... It is a Joy for me ... and we all ... Don't you believe so?

      Do you believe is acceptable to see the priestess in the Catholic Church ... walking alone, without a woman, without children ... and perpetuating the darkness and bad teaching? ... Smiling ? ... Or the Mafia ? ... or Drug Traffic ? ... or Women doing sex for money ... like probably the only system of survival ?

     No. Is not a good sight. It is a Bad Sight.

     I, Giovanni like a messenger say ... I am here to say ... "The GAME IS OVER".

     ... And this is not the end of the World. And this is not the end of Economy ... Is the end of the Obstacles and those who love to place Obstacles. That's all.

     The End of some Game ... and the Beginning of a Higher sense of Life ... the Heaven sense ...

     Of course ... life will be different ...

    The very message from Lord Jesus is ...

Your life will be 100 years longer! ... or more ...

     What you plan to do ? ... Get married? ... Have more sex? ... Traveling the World ? ... Visit Heaven? ...

     I, Giovanni will tell you want I plan to do. I will do what I did not!

     Because I am not married and have no children, I will have. Because I love America, I will live there for a While.

     And because I never learn German, Arabic, Chinese ... I will learn too. Well, I know some German.

     May be I learn to be a Good Chef not only of Italian but also French Cuisine as well Chinese Cuisine.

     ... I will travel ... but with stable houses ...

    What you will do ... if after 2012 ... you will live 100 years more ? ...

    Ask yourself ...

    Of course I will teach what I know ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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