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Thursday, 23 December 2010 14:12

Last moments of the John F. Kennedy assassination ...



    In the day of Resurrection as well of the Will of God.

    It is official. I love United States of America. I never ever will deny my love for them and there are no circumstances I can deny ... that love me for them. You can kill me for this. You can love for this.

   Love is feeling that expect no return. You love ... and if the others you love return your love ... happiness is sure.

   Like I comment I love depth the United States, their people, their institutions, their government, laws as well their story ... that probably I know more than many, specially in the days of Independence, or before as well the racism against Black people ... in the days close to the death of President Kennedy.

  I can tell you many mystical aspects about the death of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

  But I cannot told you all or solve all your answer in a day ... I will tell you to-day ... like a gift ... who kill our Beloved President, John F. Kennedy.

  I was really young. I was a baby when this happens because I was born in May 1963, and President Kennedy die in November 1963.

 Well, There are an author called "Taylor Cadwell" who write several novels like "The Romance of Atlantis" and "The Captain and the Kings".

 In the Novel, The Captain and the Kings are figure out a story about a man that arrive to United States from Ireland.

 He become rich, and after a while he join to a Group of People who are "invisible" for the people, and this group are those who "really rule United States" ... and they are in a position Higher than the Government of United States and they rule United States like a "Private Property".

 Honestly they choose who will be the President of United States.

 It is like a game in the Game. A Higher game in the game.

 Well, now this people was the ones who choose George W. Bush to be "placed" in the White House and this is in direct opposition to the Will of the People of United States, because the people choose "Al Gore".

 They choose Mr. W ... simply because he is more "stupid" (sorry for the word) and "manipulable". This is very recent matter. I, Giovanni was there at the moments when United States know not who will be the President and for me was a surprise. Of course, they risk not about Al Gore ... they prefer the "puppet" Mr. W.

 I prefer comment not about Iraq attach ... because I did previously in my personal Website.

 Now, the point. Who Kill JFK? ... Well, This people, this group ... organize the assassination of JFK, and of course I will tell you why.

 They organize to kill ... John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

 They kill for a simple reason ... President Kennedy was elected and he pretend to do his own Will, instead to respect the Will of the Group who choose him, to the President of United States.

 Of course the same group, kill also him Brother Robert F. Kennedy as well Martin Luther King.

 I want to give also the very point.

 The very point was the War between the United States against USSR.

 Of course that group prefer WAR ... And why? ... They prefer the war because

War is business.

 War is business because War means Traffic of Arms and you can consider a F-12 an arm. War means traffic of drugs because people will deny reality is so "offensive" and prefer drugs, instead to challenge reality and change it.

 War is a business because they at first step "destroy" and in a second step "re-construct" ... and so the bad guys become good guys ... not for me.

 This people don't care about who go to the war ... Of course they will not. If they begin a war, of course they will send their army ... and will invite the "allied" to send their armies ...

  They are the real enemy ... and they are nothing but 2,000 people actually expanded ... worldwide and called

"The Elite".

   They place JFK to be a warrior ... and honestly something happen ... like Vietnam ... but they pretend a better war, a better business.

   Of course also this people ... rules the Television and Pornography and Movies ... because it is information and must be precise ... to keep people at home ... paying taxes ... so they can organize better plans, better wars ... or better virus, like AIDS.

   Of course also they choose "President Obama" at the White House.

   They (like Devil) play the role of Good-Policeman and Bad-Policeman ... and we are the victims ... but this story will end.

   There are a still bigger game that is Multi-Dimensional ... and is the Will of God ... and

The Will of God is that the Earth experiment ... Must End.

   Of course expect "Peace on Earth" ... shortly.

In the name of the Family of Light, I had spoken this very day.

Giovanni A. Orlando

PS: I hope you appreciate this GIFT ... because it is a Gift of Love ... in the name of the Truth.



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