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Thursday, 09 December 2010 15:58

One of the most complex lessons to learn about New Age teachings is ... that God is Spirit and that different persons are different "pieces" of the same soul ... Kryon say, "There are hundred but thousand of multiple parts of the same soul" ... at both side of the veil.

Of course the woman look for her man and the man looks for him woman ... and between the thousand there are JUST ONE with the exact inverse Polarization ... A man has her Twin Flame that is a Woman and a she has her Twin Flame that is a man.

Honestly this statement may be proved scientifically. In plain words ... soon ... ask me not the day ... you will have to prove ... scientifically is your she is your Twin Flame ... or not. In the while ... please your Heart ... like an instrument.

Between 6 Billions will be around 6.000.000 or more ... Angels knows ... Lord of the Heavens knows ... Multi-dimensional enable people knows ... the exact number ... or can intuit it ... Between the 6 Billion will be around 6 Million of Twin Flames ... and these will be 3 Million of Male-Female Partners ...

In a Healed World ... each one lives in his own Twin Flame or her own Twin Flame in the case of the she. There are ... Believe me.

In Lemuria ... we attain that level. In Atlantis we attain that level ... until we fall ...

I know this for long time. In the Book, "I AM the Magic Presence" ... Saint Germain bless two different Twin Flames ... May be an Angel told you who is your Twin Flame ...

Understand this ... is complex ... I can tell you that I know that "Melchior" was "Peter the Apostle" ... and he was Master El Morya ... These are two parts ... two persons ... that probably never meet ... and they are part of the same soul.

Blessed you are!

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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