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Friday, 03 December 2010 15:09

(Click to browse the book at Books.Google.com) ...

Greetings ... in this very White Venus-day of Purity and Immortality ...

    Well, and it is honestly WHITE ... because the SNOW ... in all Europe, the Continuous Rain in South America ... and everywhere.

    Like you know I wrote the book above ... Do you read it? ... Probably No. Do you browse? ... Probably No.

    At the end of that book I told you know I am ... I prefer give you NO details ... explained in the book, but I wrote a similar book, around 2,000 years ago.

    In that book,

  • I comment about the Bad Weather in
  • Chapter 17... It is going to get colder! by Kryon.
  • ... In that book, I comment about the Troubles in Politics in
  • Chapter 20. Soon those who hold the reins of power will be completed removed.


  • I also told you that ... by the next Venus passage, 06-06-12 (June, 06, 2012) ... all the masculine energy in power will crash ...

       Let me be clear ... and repeat these words ... pronounced by Kryon ...

The Effect of the Venus Transit and Its Potential

What a change this has the potential to make! Let me tell you, there will be those who will go crazy with this new potential. It doesn't fit them and it doesn't fit what they consider to be their reality. I'll make two statements, and both of them will be of the kind called "unbelievable." (1) Masculine-heavy governments won't be able to exist on the planet. (2) No masculine-heavy religion will be able to exist on this planet. Neither one can be supported, and they won't make sense to a changing consciousness. They'll fall into the ashes of civilization. Remember that. I'll say it again before I'm done. This is the profound time we talked about that was coming. And this, by the way, is why the mountain behind you comes alive [Mt. Shasta]. You see, it's all related. I'll get to that. One cannot exist without the other; one has been waiting for the other.

     You can listen the entire speech at:


     Friends, like you know I love you and feel great appreciation for each of you, but let me clear:

If you don't believe in my words, You cannot speak with me.

    Now, because I don't know what is the case, of course I will continue ... but like I comment time ago to a man at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA. ... "If you don't believe in the Lord, you cannot speak with me" and I am still very serious.

    I don't write the book to become rich ...

    I write it for you ... for you my friends ...

    But, I cannot release it for free ... or give more than I am actually I AM giving. Simply, because I AM Giving you ALL I HAVE.

    Of course, I expect you browse ... or read ... or purchase.

    This is up to you ... your own choice. Don't say ... "I don't know" or "No one told me" ...

     I, Giovanni ... are telling unto you ... "Be aware" ... "Get informed" ... and "Pray the Lord".

In the name of the Truth, I had spoken,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. No word can be removed or added in my book. Blessed you are and I AM your fellowservant and companion in tribulation. Thanks!

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