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Monday, 29 November 2010 12:18

Wikileaks logo at Wikileaks.org ...

Greeting in this very day of the Will of God,

    Because I feel that most of you are looking to know my opinion about the Wikileaks release ... I am adding my words ...

    Well, I will start with a personal question: What do you will do if you discover that holding in an US Hotel (in any place, L.A., N.Y, Las Vegas) ... the US Government will discover your sexual performance?

   In other words ... what you will do ... if you discover that they spy on you? ... And not only the sexual behavior, but also mail, email, faxes, phone calls ... etc. What you will do ?

   I, Giovanni say, "I don't care. Spy me" ... I know me ... Go on ...

   Probably most of you will be alarmed ... probably most of you will prefer to purchase a camper or prefer to make sex in a car.  (I , Giovanni don't approve. Better a bed) ... Just to avoid that someone may spy you.

   Have you ever see like a "very stupid" TV program called "The Big Brother" (or "Il Grande Fratello" or "El Gran Hermano) ... teach you to get spied ... without hesitation? ...

   This program ... teach you "Hey ... Look how fine is to appear on TV. Make Sex on TV". In Italy a man become famous just to make sex with a girl on "Il Grande Fratello" ... What stupidity ...

   I, Giovanni say "I don't want you put your noise in my bed. Stay away."

   But they have my friends ... They have a file on each one of us.

   Do you remember the Bill Clinton drama ? ... However, this is a script in a more big movie just to place Mr. W in the White House and so Mr. W Bush father, George Bush ... became still more Super Rich.

   I will tell you something ... "I don't care about the information on Wikileaks ... I don't care". But, let me add a word. That decisions ... listed there ... and I honestly don't browse yet ... will includes information about "The Death of US Soldiers" ... The Death of our Brothers and Sisters, Our Children and ... us".

   They don't care about us. Or do you think they have a Heart? ... No.

   Now, if they spy me ... why I cannot spy you ? ... If you organize plots to put down a government or an economy like the Argentina economy, I don't know if is included ... but they did ... just like an experiment.

   Do you think they will be worried about Argentina's families? ... No, my friends. They will say ... These are South Americans, the other Africans.

   I, Giovanni don't need to read Wikileaks ... I know that information ... of course without all the details ... and this is the reason because I always will prefer "Life" and those who adore Life ... not Death.

   I will say you. "Don't play attention". Play attention on your own business and the business of your own family.

   If you will ask me, "Giovanni ... Do you think is good or bad, Wikileaks release? " ... I will say is Good. Because is the Truth, and the Truth is sacred.

   What I will let you note ... my friends, is that "All them ... are telling us on the TV" ... This information will be forgotten soon ...

   Now, I Giovanni will correct you. "Your days are counted ... I cannot give you details"

   I, Giovanni say to politicians ... "Look on your own Heart ... if you had one. Unfortunately you cannot purchase a new one. They are not for sale, like the Whisky on the parties, or the Women that go to the parties, or the drugs used on the parties, or the cars, or the arms used to protect your parties ... No. The Heart a New Heart is not available. Sorry. Be responsible for your acts and your words ... And Wikileaks includes most of your words."

    If someone will ask me, "Giovanni what do you think about Julian Assange?" ... "Why happens this ?" ...

    I will be clear. From a Metaphysics or New Age point of New ... Julian Assange is one of the 144,000. Simple and plain.

    He will be protected and he is protected.

    Please figure out the panorama ... as follows, "If you driving in your car and got an accident ... " It is has been planed by the Universe ? ... I say, Yes!

   But, I say also ... "May be you win the Lottery ... tomorrow morning". If you got an accident with your car, and no one die, it may be a necessity ... A necessity? ... Yes, a necessity that you learn to drive better.

Please take care,

In the name of the Lord, I had spoken,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Please do nothing against your Politicians. Do NOTHING against them. They are actors. I am an actor, you are an actor ... everyone is an actor ... playing roles in a Big Movie. Do you want to know the movie title? ... "Planetary Consciousness"  ... that is the title and is for real. This belong to another still Big Movie called "The Human Experience". Blessed you are. You are an angel ... Awake please! ... There are a party waiting for us ... and both will be there, politicians and no politicians.

PPS. Never ever take your hand against one of your brother or sisters, neither animals, plants or stones. Everything is sacred!

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