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Friday, 15 January 2010 07:32

What is an Avatar? ...

An Avatar is not a small picture to be used in Websites. It is neither the name of a Japanese Cartoon. "Avatar" is a sacred word.

From the "Saint Germain on Alchemy" by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, we have:

Avatar . (Skt. avatāra 'descent', from avatarati 'he descends', from ava- 'away' + tarati 'he crosses over’. The incarnation of the Word; the descent or crossing-over of the Universal Christ from the plane of Spirit to the plane of Matter. The avatar of an age is the Christ, the incarnation of the Son of God (Vishnu), the Second Person of the Trinity. The avatar, with his divine complement, Shakti, or twin flame, "outpictures" and "outplays" in consciousness and in the four lower bodies the archetype pattern of the Father-Mother God for the evolution of souls in a two-thousand-year cycle. The principal avatars of an age are two in number—the masculine and feminine prototypes who embody and show by their example the path of initiation designated by the solar hierarchies responsible for the lifewaves moving toward the center of the Cosmic Christ  through the Open Door (the Teacher and Teaching) of that two-thousand-year dispensation. According, to mankind's karma, the evolutionary status quo of the children of God (their soul progress or lack of it in previous dispensations), and the requirements of the Logos, the Manus may designate numerous Christed ones—those endued with an extraor­dinary Light—to go forth as world teachers and wayshowers. The Christed ones demonstrate in a given epoch the Law of the Logos, stepped down through the Manu(s) and the avatar(s) until it is made flesh through their own Word and Work—to be ultimately victorious in its fulfillment in all souls of Light sent forth to conquer time and space in that era.


In my modest opinion, actually there are a high number of Avatar. They are the 144,000 of the Bible.

However, a King and a Queen will appears ... in the World, between these Christed Ones.





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